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Xpander Slot Review

Xpander is an online slot released by Hacksaw Gaming on July 16 2021. 

Xpander is a slot game created by the game studio Hacksaw Gaming.Xpander is a slot game with a unique theme that combines elements of a classic slot, a neon theme and of an 8-bit video that transports you back to the 1980’s . 

This slot with a unique theme was released on July 16 2021. If you are familiar with slots with a similar theme you might have played popular slots in this genre like Night Trax

There is an abundance of slot games with a classic twist to it, however we really enjoyed playing Xpander.Stick around for the rest of the review to find out why you should take a deep dive into Xpander yourself!

Xpander is a well rounded slot game made by Hacksaw Gaming which as we know are well known for being an innovative mobile-first games studio that was founded to rethink classic products in a conservative market by using technology and design with slot players always on their minds.

Hacksaw Gaming’s slots are built on a mobile-first approach, this is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen like Frutz. Ensuring that this game packs a serious punch for players to keep the fun flowing and the wins feeling BIG. Xpander fits incredibly well for players who are looking for a casual couple of rounds with an classic feel, and well caters to the Saturday night spinsters, looking to test their luck in order to make some crazy profits!

Xpander Slot RTP and Payout

Xpander RTP96.25%
Number of Reels7
Xpander min bet$0.20
Xpander max bet$500
Xpander payout10000x
Paylinescluster pay system
Xpander volatilityvery high
Xpander featuresMultipliers,double up,growing symbols,free spins,hopper
StudioHacksaw Gaming
Release DateJuly 16 2021

One of the most important questions slot players have about any slot game is what is the RTP of a slot game they are interested in. Are you wondering what is the RTP of Xpander? Xpander has an RTP of 96.25%.

Many slot players have different reasons for playing slot games but in our experience most players most players play slot games because they want to know how much money they can win from a slot.So let us answer the question what is the maximum payout of Xpander.Xpander has a maximum payout of 10000x your bet on a single spin,which is a pretty cool payout if you ask us.

You will see that Xpander contains 7 reels which are laid out in a 7×7 style on your game screen.Xpander by Hacksaw Gaming has been designed to have a very high volatility.In order to play Xpander by Hacksaw Gaming you need to bet at least 0.2 per spin.You can also choose to bet a maximum of 500 per spin in Xpander.

The Xpander slot does not have any paylines. Instead, you have a cluster pay system where you can win on a spin when 5 similar symbols fall next to each other.

Xpander Slot Features

Xpander has many cool features like Multipliers,double up,growing symbols,free spins,hopper. But before we get into these features we think you’ll love to read about the theme and gameplay in Xpander.

Xpander slot theme and gameplay

The Xpander slot has a really cool theme that combines elements of a neon themed slot, a classic slot, an 8-bit video and combines it beautifully to give you a nostalgic experience. The background has a cool 80’s style cyberpunk/neon feel and the music and sound effects combine well with it.

The music is super cool and we recommend you to play this game with the sound on. On big wins the music kicks into gear and you feel like you are listening to something similar from Daft Punk.

When you play the game you also get the feeling that you are in a gaming arcade in the 80’s with it’s 8-bit style symbols but with graphics and technology from 2021!


The Hopper feature in Xpander consists of an x2 multiplier symbol that is located on top of the regular symbols. It starts off 1×1 in size and moves to a new position between free or paid spins. If it sits on top of a symbol which is part of a winning cluster, the payout of the cluster is multiplied by the Hopper’s current value.

Double Up

The Double up is a special symbol in this slot that increases the value of the multiplier. The multiplier starts off as 2x and then thanks to this symbol doubles exponentially until you reach a 128x multiplier. You can land multiple double up symbols on the same spin.

Grow Symbol

The grow symbol is probably one of the coolest in this kickass slot. So what it essentially does is it grows the size of the multiplier in terms of how many symbols this multiplier covers. It looks like an x.

If you collect three of these in a spin, it gets collected in the x bar on your screen and the multiplier symbol grows. If you get more than 3 of these symbols, the extra x symbol will be stored in the bar.

You then get an automatic extra spin with the multiplier, the accumulated x symbols and the size of the multiplier where you can accumulate more as long as you have a winning streak.

Once the streak ends, you start off again with a 2x multiplier in the standard size.


Xpander has a tumble feature which means that the winning symbols fall off of your reels as new symbols fall to take its place. The tumble continues until there are no more winning combos which means that you can potentially win more from just one spin!

Free Spins in Xpander Slot

Slot Free Spin Online Casino, Online Gambling & Slot Free Spins

When you land at least 3 free spin symbols in the base game you can trigger the free spins round in Xpander. There is a 1 in 121 chance of triggering this feature. You start off with only 5 free spins but if you get 1Up symbols you get extra lives or free spins. This is a common theme in many Hacksaw Gaming slots which in our opinion gamifies the experience and makes it more fun to play.

In our test runs we got at least 3 extra free spins during the 4 times we tested the free spins round. So at least in our opinion, there is a decent chance the 5 free spins may look like a small number but there is a good chance to get more.

Here is something you’d like to hear about the free spins round, the multiplier and the grow symbols keep accumulating unlike the base game! So there is a good chance you’ll hit the 128x multiplier covering a 4×4 area!

If you do the match you’ll realize that if the multiplier symbol reaches its maximum area of coverage, it will cover almost ⅓ of the playing field. In other words, there is ⅓ chance that a winning combo could be multiplied!

Landing at least 3 free spin symbols in the base game awards the free spins feature. In this one, the multiplier value or size never reset, though both characteristics have the same limits – x128 and 4×4 dimension. When the round starts, players get 5 free spins, and landing 1UP symbols adds +1 free spin

Xpander Slot Review Rating

Hacksaw Gaming is one of, if not our favorite game studio. Their games are unique in terms of themes and features and have a fun and immersive gaming experience. Xpander is no exception to this rule. 

Amazing and unique theme, brilliant gameplay, kickass player friendly features that gives you a fair chance to rack up a big win, a high potential payout of 10,000x, a decent RTP in the 96 to 97% range, this slot has everything!

We give Xpander a 4.75 out 5 rating!

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