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Willies Hot Chillies Slot Game

Willies Hot Chillies ™ is a brand new slot game created by NetEnt. NetEnt are widely known for their great utilization of video slots as well as their creativity and innovation when it comes to  game features. Willies Hot Chillies ™ is expected to be out in early 2020. One can only imagine what this slot game will be like with such an enticing name. It seems as though the main theme for this slot game shall be food, especially hot chilly. We can only assume that Willie is the owner of all of these hot chillies that might be present throughout the game. One can only imagine the kind of background and symbols that are being designed to help bring this one-of-a-kind slot game to life. Players would assume to see symbols such as ketchup, mustard, hot dog buns, a bowl of chilli and various other food related items decorating these reels. One would also hope that NetEnt makes sure to include a free spins feature as well as a wild symbol. The wild symbol might end up being the oh-so famous Willie who is the owner of all this chilly. We do know that these reels shall be 5×3 reels, this makes way for a high number of paylines for you to benefit from. One can only expect that NetEnt will over deliver with this slot game, as they usually do. With such an eccentric title and an extraordinary title, this slot game is sure to be the talk of the town once it comes out.