Vomiting Unicorns Casino Slot Game

Vomiting Unicorns Slot Review

Vomiting Unicorns is a slot game created by the game studio G Games.Vomiting Unicorns is a slot with a Fantasy and cartoon theme. This slot with a Fantasy and cartoon theme was released on 23 October 2019.

If you are familiar with slots with a Fantasy and cartoon theme you might have played popular slots in this genre like Hellcatraz slot.

If you have already played many slots with this theme you might be thinking why you should play Vomiting Unicorns slot because it might just be one of hundreds of slots in this same genre which can get kind of boring,but if you read our review you’ll get a convincing answer to why Vomiting Unicorns is a special slot when it comes to slots with a Fantasy and cartoon theme…

Vomiting Unicorns is a well rounded slot game made by G Games which as we know are well known for putting the g in igaming with the most innovative games on the market, capturing the imagination of a new generation through its real-money games.G Games is well known for catering to players who enjoy the thrill of massive jackpots, beautiful characters and fun gameplay. 

From Vomiting Unicorns to bouncing, bonus-loving bingo balls!like Aztec Gold Megaways.Ensuring that this game packs a serious punch for players to keep the fun flowing and the wins feeling BIG.Vomiting Unicorns fits incredibly well for players who are looking for a casual couple of rounds with an Fantasy and cartoon feel, and well caters to the saturday night spinsters, looking to test their luck in order to make some crazy profits!

Vomiting Unicorn Slot RTP and Payout

Vomiting Unicorns RTP95.30%
Number of Reels5
Vomiting Unicorns min bet$0.10
Vomiting Unicorns max bet$15
Vomiting Unicorns payout10000x
Vomiting Unicorns volatilityHigh
Vomiting Unicorns featuresJackpot spin feature,wish feature
StudioG Games
GenreFantasy and cartoon
Release Date23 October 2019

Let’s cut to the chase and answer one of the most important questions you might have which is what is the RTP of Vomiting Unicorns?Vomiting Unicorns has an RTP of 95.30%.

Many slot players have different reasons for playing slot games but in our experience most players most players play slot games because they want to know how much money they can win from a slot.So let us answer the question what is the maximum payout of Vomiting Unicorns.Vomiting Unicorns has a maximum payout of 10000x your bet on a single spin,which is a pretty cool payout if you ask us.

Vomiting Unicorns comes with 5 reels and is presented in a 5×4 layout.Vomiting Unicorns by G Games has been designed to have a High volatility.

In order to play Vomiting Unicorns by G Games you need to bet at least 0.1 per spin.You can also choose to bet a maximum of 15 per spin in Vomiting Unicorns.There are 30 paylines where you can form winning combinations in Vomiting Unicorns by G Games.

Vomiting Unicorn Slot  Features

Vomiting Unicorns has many cool features like Jackpot spin feature,wish feature.

Wish Feature

When you play Vomiting Unicorns the first thing that will catch your attention is the 5 different unicorn characters chilling just above the reels. Each unicorn occupies one reel and his his or her unique personality. 

You’ll notice that when you press the spin button at least 1 of the unicorns will think about a certain food. The unicorns only wish for the junk food symbols which are also the high value symbols while the low paying symbols are the fruit symbols.

If a symbol that the unicorn dreams about falls on his or her reel while he or she is dreaming about that particular symbol, that symbol flies straight into the unicorn’s mouth and the whole wheel becomes a sticky wild reel and the unicorn throws up!

If all the five unicorns end up doing this you can trigger the jackpot feature in Vomiting Unicorn.

Vomiting Unicorns slot
Vomiting Unicorns Slot

What is the jackpot in Vomiting Unicorn Slot?

When you trigger the jackpot feature you get handed a high level spin that can help you win one of 6 prizes. The minimum prize you’ll walk away with is worth 250x your bet and the maximum that you can win is a MASSIVE 10,000x!

It’s not easy to trigger the jackpot feature in Vomiting Unicorn slot though so you might need a combination of a bit of patience and luck.

The values of each of the six jackpot prizes are as follows:

  • Prize 1 250x your stake
  • Prize 2 500x your stake
  • Prize 3 1,000x your stake
  • Prize 4 2,500x your stake
  • Prize 5 5,000x your stake
  • Prize 6 10,000x your stake

You’ll notice that each prize is represented by a unique color. 

You will see that each of the jackpots are represented by a different color, and there is a light sequence moving around highlighting the different colors. It will stop at a random color and you will win the corresponding jackpot.

Free spins in Vomiting Unicorns

Vomiting Unicorns does not come with a free spins feature, and we have to admit that such a feature would have lifted the game and made it more balanced overall. Still, Gluck Games has made a decision to keep this simple, and therefore it’s all about the expanding wild reels and the jackpot feature we’ll take a look at next.