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Vampire Senpai Slot Game

Vampire Senpai is QuickSpins latest creation. This slot game is set to come out mid-July, making it the perfect summer slot to sink your teeth into. At first glance the title of this slot game might prove to be  a bit confusing but as you read on it will all make sense. Will we be being taught tricks of the trade by Dracula himself? Or will we be teaching a vampire how to behave and function in reality? All is to be discovered! 

Vampires are well-known mythical creatures. These creatures of the night have the ability to transform any creature that they sink their fangs into, into a vampire just like them. The most famous vampire of all time is Dracula. It is thanks to this character that vampires have earned the fame and recognition that they have. 

Senpai traditionally means teacher in Japanese but it has also evolved over time to mean someone whose attention you are trying to get, be it romantically or platonically. This has mainly happened due to the effects of manga. A similar word to senpai would be sensei, which also means master or teacher. 

What’s with the theme? 

Vampire Senpai is based on the chinese ‘Jiangshi’ who is also known as a chinese hopping vampire or hopping zombie.This figure traditionally appears with outstretched arms and a stiff posture. The traditional Jiangshi prey on humans to absorb their life force.  This means that Jiangshi is  a kind of reanimated corpse that is present throughout chinese culture. 

Although the undead theme may sound creepy at first QuickSpin have designed and curated this slot in a very user-friendly way. They have decided to go for an overall softer and cuter design to help make this slot game appeal to more audiences. This comedic tone on this traditionally dark theme of the undead together with the suspense and anticipation added in by QuickSpin make for a highly enjoyable slot game. 

The minimum bet for this chinese themed slot is that of  0.01 with the maximum bet being that of 100. The game is always set at a default bet of 1 so make sure to adjust how much you are betting to create the perfect bet per spin for you. This large range of betting options is going to prove to be highly effective as all the different kinds of slot players will be able to find the perfect bet for them. 

By basing a slot game off of this asian tale QuickSpin have a marvellous opportunity when it comes to creating new and innovative features and they sure did not miss their chance! This can be seen when you take a look at the wild symbols. These wild symbols are vampires and they have the ability to bite and turn and human symbols that they have next to when they appear on the reels. This makes for an infected wild and reels full of amazing wild symbols thus meaning more wins for you!

Wacky wilds!

So, let’s explain a little bit better. There are three different kinds of symbols in this slot game. The first grouping are the traditional playing card symbols written in typical asian font. These playing card symbols are the lowest playing symbols out of all the games. The next group of symbols that help make up this game are the human symbols. These symbols are a couple of different human characters which are the mid-tier payout symbols. Now, you also have various wild symbols. 

Vampire wild 

The first wild symbol worth mentioning is the Vampire Wild. Whenever these Vampire Wild lands adjacent to, under or over a human symbol anywhere on the reels then this human symbol will become infected by the Vampire Wild. This means that any human symbols that come anywhere near a vampire will surely be bitten and thus transformed into a new vampire wild. This keeps going until all of the humans that can get infected are. This means the more human symbols you happen to land next to each other the more will become infected and the more Vampire Wilds you get to benefit from! 

Mystery feature

The base game itself has  a mystery feature. In this mystery feature you will randomly generate 3-9 additional Talisman Wilds. Talisman Turning Wilds are another new innovation that are for sure going to help spice up this brand new slot game. These special tiles can appear at any time on the first four reels and the minimum you can get is three with the maximum being that of 9. We also have the Talisman Wild symbol. These symbols appear naturally on the reels when you are in the reanimated free spins section. 

What is so great about these Talisman Wilds is the fact that any symbol of this type landing anywhere on the reels during free spins mode will remain on the reels throughout the entire free spins session. This is not to be confused with the more traditional sticky wild though as this Talisman Wild is hyperactive and will jump around the reels at random at the beginning of each spin. The good thing is that you do need to run after this hyperactive child because as long as you are in free spins mode they cannot bounce away from you! 

Spin until you’re dizzy in free spins mode!

QuickSpin have also made sure to include a free spins feature where if you get at least 3 bonus scatter symbols anywhere across the reels you will be awarded with some juicy free spins. The more scatter symbols you get across the reels the more free spins you will get! If you get the minimum amount required, which is 3 you will receive 7 free spins. If you get 4 scatter symbols across the reels you will get 8 free spins and if you manage to acquire all 5 scatter symbols across the reels you will be awarded with 9 free spins. 

The power of the many wilds is great in this game as, not only do they do everything that a traditional wild symbol does but they also award you with an extra free spin each and every time either a Vampire Wild or a Talisman Wild land anywhere on the reels. They don’t even need to form a part of a winning line! If they happen to be anywhere on the reels you will get that extra free spin! 

If all of this has not gotten you all amped up for Vampire Senpai’s release then I don’t know what will! Don’t forget to mark down mid-July in your calendars as that is when any reels close to you will be blessed by this fantastic game!