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Toshi Video Club Slot Review

Toshi Video Club is an online slot released by Hacksaw Gaming on 20 August 2021.Toshi Video Club is a slot game created by the game studio Hacksaw Gaming.Toshi Video Club is a slot with a Japanese theme. This slot with a Japanese theme was released on 20 August 2021. 

If you are familiar with slots with a Japanese theme you might have played popular slots in this genre like Candy Island Princess.If you have already played many slots with this theme you might be thinking why you should play Toshi Video Club slot because it might just be one of hundreds of slots in this same genre which can get kind of boring,but if you read our review you’ll get a convincing answer to why Toshi Video Club is a special slot when it comes to slots with a Japanese theme.

Hacksaw Gaming is a game studio based in Malta.Hacksaw Gaming is well known for making Xpander One of the popular slot games released by Hacksaw Gaming is Xpander.

Toshi Video Club Slot RTP and Payout

Toshi Video Club RTP96.17%
Number of Reels5
Toshi Video Club min bet$0.20
Toshi Video Club max bet$100
Toshi Video Club payout10000x
Toshi Video Club volatilityhigh
Toshi Video Club featuresFree Spins,Multipliers,buy free spins
StudioHacksaw Gaming
Release Date20 August 2021

Are you searching for the RTP of Toshi Video Club?Toshi Video Club has an RTP of 96.17% which is certainly above average compared to most online slots out there.Apart from the RTP most serious slot players look at how much money they can win from any online slot game.

 If you are thinking how much money you could possibly win from Toshi Video Club we have the answer for you. Toshi Video Club has a maximum potential payout of 10000x from one bet!That is a pretty neat payout if you ask us.

You will see that Toshi Video Club contains 5 reels which are laid out in a 5×5 style on your game screen.Toshi Video Club has a high volatility.The minimum bet amount per spin in Toshi Video Club is 0.2 and the maximum amount you can bet per spin is 100.

There are 15 paylines where you can form winning combinations in Toshi Video Club by Hacksaw Gaming.

Toshi Video Club Slot Features

Toshi Video Club has many cool features like Free Spins,Multipliers and buy free spins. But before we get into that we think you might enjoy a little about the gameplay and the graphics aof Toshi Video Club. That’s because in our opinion this is one of the standout features of this slot.

Toshi Video Club slot gameplay

If you are an Otaku like us you’re gonna love playing Toshi Video Club. The slot combines several elements of Japanese culture like the innocence, elegance and of every Otaku’s favorite, Manga!

The slot creates the feeling of not only reading a Manga but also playing it, if that makes any sense. As you can see from the banner on this page, you can tell it has a bit of inspiration from the popular manga and anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion with its shaded background.

This game screams Japanese artistic aesthetics at the top of its lungs and the music only adds to this feeling. The music has this post electronic punk feeling to it that you might find in many sci-fi animes out there.

The symbols and the sound effects also add to that effect. This is exactly why we recommend you to play this slot with the sound effects on.

Are you tired of playing a slew of the same looking slots, some of which have sound effects and graphics that look really outdated? You won’t find it here. The game mechanics are smooth and easy to play without annoying bell sounds and shoddy mechanics.

Now, if you have played other slots from Hacksaw Gaming you might be used to the high level of interactiveness that they create to hook you on to their games. This slot however, lacks that a little bit but not too annoyingly. We’ll be covering this part in the free spins section.

This game also features a tumble feature. This means that when you win on a spin, the winning combination of symbols disappear and new symbols drop down. The tumble continues as long as you can form winning symbols. 

This means that you can potentially win multiple times from a single spin.

However, in our test run we rarely formed winning combinations after 1 tumble. A bit disappointing.


Most slots combine multipliers with wilds. But in Toshi Video Club you have different wild and multiplier symbols. There are many kinds of multiplier symbols.You have the small Daruma symbol which gives you multipliers from 1x,2x and 5x, the medium Daruma symbol which gives you multiplier values of 10x,15x or 20x, the big Daruma symbol which gives you multiplier values of 25x,50x or 100x and finally the best one,the green Daruma symbol which multiplies your existing multiplier by 2x,3x,4x or 5x.

Toshi Video Club Slot Free Spins

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In order to trigger the free spins in Toshi VIdeo Club you need to land at least three free spin symbols. This is where you can rack up those BIG wins and get close to that 10,000x max payout. The multipliers keep racking racking up instead of resetting and wins are multiplied on each winning spin by the multiplier value.

Get at least three free spin symbols to trigger the free spin feature where you get 10

free spins. In this feature all multiplier symbols are added progressively in the logotype

for the remainder of the free spins. After each free spin, the win during the current spin

will be multiplied by the currently displayed multiplier

We tested this game three times and it was on our third test run that we found ourselves in a BIG winning streak. 

We racked up a multiplier of 95x and managed to win over 1757.5x from just one spin! As you can see from the picture below. In total we managed to win 2082x during the free spins in this test run.

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You can also buy the free spins in this slot for 120x your bet size using the buy bonus button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Where to play Toshi Video Club Slot for FREE and FREE spins for Toshi Video Club Slot

No matter wherever you are from you can play the Toshi Video Club slot from Hacksaw Gaming for absolutely free in the demo version in the casinos we have listed below. 

If you decide to play the Toshi Video Club slot with real money, these casinos are offering free spins for the Toshi Video Club slot once you register with their casinos. Registrations can be done without depositing a single cent in the casinos below:

Toshi Video Club Slot Review Rating

This is a tricky slot to rate. On the one hand we absolutely loved the player friendly, generous features in this slot, something that is pretty common in slots by Hacksaw Gaming. Although it has an amazing theme and gameplay we feel that Hacksaw could’ve added a bit more gamification in regards to theme. 

For instance,when we looked at that strange character resembling what looks like a Evangelion or an autobot we thought he might see something super creative like the level system in the Steam Tower slot.

We miss the heart/ life system in the free spins mode where the hearts represent your free spins kinda like lives left in a video game.

That being said, we obviously recommend this slot especially if you are looking for a chance to rack up a BIG win.

Toshi Video Club gets a solid 4.25 out 5 rating from us at slotfreespin.