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Tiki Wins Slot Game

Tiki Wins is an up and coming slot game created by Booming Games. Booming Games always come up with the latest and greatest ways of creating slot games so we can expect more amazingness from their end. As the name suggests, Tiki Wins might have a Hawaiian theme to it, with the famous tikis playing a main role in this lot game. Tiki, in maori mythology, is the first man who was created by Tūmatauenga. To commemorate this birth of human-kind a statue has been created to act as a marker. The tiki statue is now synonymous with Hawaii thanks to the media and our better understanding of Hawaiian culture. It is believed that the Tiki is the guardian of the space that it occupies. This means that the tiki present in Tiki Wins shall be guarding your reels and hopefully, blessing you with some well-deserved winnings! This slot game is scheduled to hit the world of slots sometime in late 2020. So keep your eyes peeled for this new game! 

Booming Games have made sure to make this slot game accessible across all different devices so that no matter what you play on or where you are in the world you can have access to enjoy this slot game. Another feature that we hope to include in their creation of this slot game is a bonus game as it would further help to differentiate Tiki Wins from other similarly themed slots out there. We can only assume that a free spins feature as well as a wild symbol will be included but this is all up to Booming Games and we just have to wait and see!