Super Multitimes Progressive Slot Game

Super Multitimes Progressive is a classic slot powered by iSoftBet. Stay on the lookout for any casino bonus offered with this game. Super Multitimes Progressive is not only a classic slot but it also features some exciting extras, such as free spins.  Super Multitimes Progressive has a total of 5 paylines with a layout of 5 reels by 3 rows. The minimum bet playable on this classic slot is that of 0.01 with the maximum being that of 1.00. 

Super Multitimes Progressive Symbols 

Super Multitimes Progressive is a classic themed slot. This means that all the classic slot symbols make an appearance in this slot game. Super Multitimes Progressive features cherries, bells, the sevens and three variations of the BAR symbol. Apart from these classic symbols Super Multitimes Progressive also features a wild symbol which has the power to replace any symbol, except for the jackpot symbol, anywhere on the reels. This is not the only thing that the wild does though as, if a wild helps make up any winning line, your winnings will be multiplied by the multiplier shown on the wild symbol. 

Super Multitimes Progressive Jackpot 

What can be better than one jackpot? Four jackpots! 

Super Multitimes Progressive features four different kinds of jackpots. The first one, which is the lowest, is the ‘Jackpot’. To be able to win this one you will need to get 3 jackpot symbols which will award you with 8 free spins. Now, during free spins mode you will need to get another 8 jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels to win the ‘Jackpot’ and move on to the next level. 

The next level is the ‘Super Jackpot’. This can be won two ways. The first method is if you get 4 jackpot symbols anywhere across the reels, you are given 8 free spins, and within the free spins you manage to get another 8 jackpot symbols. The second method is you carry on from the previous ‘Jackpot’ free spins mode that you were in.  If you manage to win this ‘Super Jackpot’ you will be within the chance to win the ‘Multitimes Jackpot’.

To be able to win the ‘Multitimes Jackpot’ you either need to reach this point by making your way through both ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Super Jackpot’ and getting the necessary amount of jackpot symbols needed. Another way to win this ‘Multitimes Jackpot’ is by getting 5 jackpot symbols across the reels and you will be awarded with 8 free spins. Once you reach the ‘Multitimes Jackpot’ free spins you will get a shot at winning the ‘Super Multitimes Jackpot’ 

The only way to win  the ‘Super Multitimes Jackpot is by going through the ‘Multitimes Jackpot’ level. To be able to win the ‘Super Multitimes Jackpot’ you will need to get a total of 32 jackpot symbols whilst you are playing in ‘Multitimes Jackpot’ free spins mode. There is no shortcut to this one so you will need to get 5 jackpot symbols across the reels and another 32 jackpot symbols once you are in free spins mode. To even get a chance of getting anywhere close to the big progressive jackpot you will need to place the maximum bet. 

Super Multitimes Progressive Features 

iSoftBet has made sure to include an auto spin feature. This feature can be found on the right hand side of the normal play button. To be able to use this feature you will need to decide how many times you want the reels to spin and just set them in motion. It is that simple! An important thing to note is that no changes to your bets can be made during auto spins mode. 

Super Multitimes Progressive Graphics and Sound 

Super Multitimes Progressive graphics are quite reminiscent of the old ground slots. The sounds used in Super Multitimes Progressive further reinforce this classical slot game feel as the background chatter is that which you would hear at a casino can be heard, together with the clinking and machinery of the slot working its magic. 

Super Multitimes Progressive Conclusion 

Super Multitimes Progressive is an amazing slot where you get four different chances at being able to win a jackpot. Although at first glance this slot game may seem a bit complicated it is quite easy to understand once you have gotten the basics of it.