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Steam tower slot

Steam Tower is fascinating new online slot by NetEnt which merges 2 genres together. In Steam Tower slot NetEnt strings together strings together A fantasy adventure set in the Victorian Era in this unique online slot.

Steam Tower’s concept builds upon the classic “save the princess” trope but the features and immersiveness still makes the theme and story worth it.

In a lot of ways Steam Tower is simmilar to Steam Punk by Microgaming but with a lot more action, immersiveness, superior graphics and features.

Will you be able to Free the princess in Steamtower slot

Steam Tower slot comes in with five reels set along three rows and features 15 paylines that are fixed. You will notice that the main screen is neatly designed with our Victorian hero on standing on the lift with a grappling hook waiting expectedly for you to spin the reels so that he can scale the tower and get closer to his goal to free the princess.

The reels are set inside the tower itself which makes the design of this online slot unique. There are 16 levels for our hero to scale and we’ll talk about the mechanics below but before we do you should know about the high value symbols in Steamtower slot.

Symbols in Steam Tower Slot

The highest value symbols in Steam Tower are called the Steam Tower Wilds. Steam Tower Wilds consist of not 1 but 4 different kinds of high-value symbols in the base game.

These high value wild symbols are:

  • 1)A symbol representing a cross section of the top of the tower.
  • 2)The Princess symbol.
  • 3)The main protagonist that you see in the game.
  • 4)The Golden Eye of the Dragon in the Game (yes, you read that right, this game has dragons. Remember we mentioned it combines many themes and genres together?)

The Low value symbols in Steam Tower

The Low value symbols are based on played cards. The low value symbols in Steam Tower are:

  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King
  • Ace

Steam tower Slot Free Spins

The free spins round in Steam Tower slot is called “The Steam Tower Wild”. The free spins round is not your run of the mill, straight to the point, get your free spins and be happy with your winnings business.
It’s definitely a lot more, it builds a story,an experience and anticipation.

For starters you kick off the free spins round with stacked wilds which make it easier for you to create winning combinations.

You start the round with 10 free spins and start on the first floor of the tower.

Each time you get a grappling gun symbol you climb to the next floor. When you climb onto the next floor you get 2 extra free spins and increasing multipliers.

There are 16 floors in total. Once you reach the 16th floor and save the princess all your winnings in the round will be multiplied by 1000x!

Steam tower slot payout,RTP and other specifications

Do you want to cut right through the fluff and answer questions like “what is the RTP of Steam Tower slot?”. Well, we’ll save you some time then. Steam Tower slot has an impressive RTP of 97.04%. All other details have been summarized below:

Steam Tower Maximum Payout2000x
Steam Tower slot RTP97.04%
Minimum bet (€ or your currency equivalent)0.15
Maximum bet (€ or your currency equivalent)150
Steam Tower slot payout,RTP and other details…


NetEnt lives up to its reputation of crafting visually stimulating slots with immersive gameplay with SteamTower and this one comes with a refreshingly high RTP of 97.04%.

The free spins round is amazing and interactive and that’s what makes Steam Tower definitely worth it. The triggered stacked wilds also add to the excitement.

Play Steam Tower for free

You can play Steam Tower by NetEnt for free on any of the five casinos below.You don’t have to register with these casinos and you would be playing the demo version.

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