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Slotdice Slot Review

Slotdice is a slot game created by the game studio Dice lab.Slotdice is a slot with a special 3D theme. This slot with a special 3D theme was released on 23 January 2019. If you are familiar with slots with a special 3D theme you might have played popular slots in this genre like Jolly Dicers.

If you have already played many slots with this theme you might be thinking why you should play Slotdice slot because it might just be one of hunderds of slots in this same genre which can get kind of boring,but if you read our review you’ll get a convincing answer to why Slotdice is a special slot when it comes to slots with a special 3D theme…

SlotDice is an online slot released by Dice Lab Studios that resembles the dice game Yahtzee and pushes the envelope when it comes to uniqueness in slot games.

Slotdice features breathtaking realistic 3D animations, the best we have ever seen so far in any slot game.

When you press the spin button, you roll the dice and stand a chance to trigger 1 out of 4 different jackpot bonus games. The biggest jackpot helps you win a cool prize of 5000x your bet amount. SlotDice features a medium volatility and high RTP of 97.77%

SlotDice Free Spins

It can be hard to find slots that you can play with free spins. We found 5 casinos where you can play SlotDice with free spins . If you are looking to play SlotDice with free spins, we recommend you to check out the following EU casinos registered by the MGA. 

You can play SlotDice for free in the demo play without registering with any of these casinos. If you choose to play with real money you can get free spins in these casinos:


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SlotDice RTP, volatility and Other Details

Slotdice Slot RTP97.77%
Number of Reels6
Slotdice min bet0.01
Slotdice max bet100
Slotdice payout5000x
Slotdice volatilityMedium
Slotdice featuresunique
StudioDice lab
Genrespecial 3D
Release Date23 January 2019
Slot Dice has one of the highest RTP

Are you searching for the RTP of Slotdice?Slotdice has an RTP of 97.77% which is certainly above average compared to most online slots out there.

Apart from the RTP most serious slot players look at how much money they can win from any online slot game. If you are thinking how much money you could possibly win from Slotdice we have the answer for you. Slotdice has a maximum potential payout of 5000x from one bet!That is a pretty neat payout if you ask us.

This slot by Dice lab has 6 reels that are layed out in a 1×5 format.

In order to play Slotdice by Dice lab you need to bet at least 0.01 per spin.You can also choose to bet a maximum of 100 credits per spin in Slotdice.

Slotdice by Dice lab is played across 1 payline.

SlotDice Slot Features

SlotDice is quite unique in the sense that it combines the mechanics of a slot machine with a 3D dice game. We have not really seen anything like this before, and it’s always exciting to be able to try something new and fresh. The speed of the game is a bit slow on the lowest setting, but you can adjust this as you see fit.

We have mentioned below the ways you can win a spin on SlotDice:

Three of a Kind

If 3 of your dice have the same number or score, you collect a three of a kind. After you collect 25 three of a kind you win a prize that is based on your bet amount.

Crazy Straight

This is the first bonus game in Slotdice and features 10 levels. Once you reach level 10 you can get a jackpot of 1000x your bet amount. In order to trigger the crazy straight bonus game in Slotdice you need to get 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Once you trigger this bonus side game you start on level 1 with 2 dice. If you the total of your roll is higher than 2 you progress to the next level. In the next level(level 2) you need to score higher than 3,on the 4th level you need to score higher than 4.

Each level requires you to score 1 more point than the previous one. In the last level you need to score a 12 to get the jackpot of 1000x.

Hero Call

If you roll a Full House in the main game , you trigger the second bonus game in Slot Dice called the Hero Call bonus round. In order to get a full house spin 3 of your five dice need to have the same number and the remaining 2 dice have to have a different number from the first three but be of the same value (example 55522 or 33311).

In this bonus round you get only 1 dice and you must roll higher than 1 to jump to level 2. In ever subsequent level you get 1 extra dice and you need to score higher than the sum of the previous roll.

For example, if you rolled a 2 on level 1, you need to score at least 3 with the 2 dice. If you rolled a 5 with the two dice and progress to level 3, you need to roll higher than 7. If you scored 8 on level 3, you need to score higher than 15 with the 4 dice you will get in level 4.

There are 10 levels in this bonus round and if you hit the jackpot, you win 2000x!

Lucky Four

if you get a four of a kind in the main game you can trigger the lucky four bonus round. A four of a kind in DiceSlot is when 4 of your 5 dice have the same number, for example(11115 or 22223).

In this bonus round you start off with 10 dice and your goal is to have at least one of your dice to have a score of 4.

If you manage to do that you jump to the next level and the number of dice you have reduces by 1.

This round has 10 levels as well and if you win the 10th level you get a jackpot of 3000x your bet.

Golden One

If you roll 5 of a Kind in the base game, you’ll trigger the most lucrative bonus game in SlotDice called the Golden One bonus game. A five a kind roll is a roll where all your dice have the same number.

You start off the Golden One round with a set of 5 dice. Your goal is to ensure that at least one of your dice has a score of 1. When this happens that dice gets eliminated and you move on to the next level. There are 10 levels in the Golden One round and your goal is to eliminate all the five dice in the least amount of rolls.

The jackpot in this side game is a cool 5000x your bet amount.