Royale with Cheese Megaways Online Slot Casino Game

Royale with Cheese Megaways Slot Review

Royale with Cheese Megaways is an online slot released by iSoftbet on June 3 2021.

Moving into the Cartoon and American style of slot games Royale with Cheese Megaways is amongst one of the most popular and enjoyable slots which players can try their luck at, to earn a quick buck! If you are interested in a similar slot with a similar  theme then Tommy Guns Vendetta is surely going to be right up your street!

So, there is an abundance of slot games with a Cartoon and American twist to it, however we really enjoyed playing Royale with Cheese Megaways.Stick around for the rest of the review to find out why you should take a deep dive into Royale with Cheese Megaways yourself!

iSoftbet has been creating slot games since 2010.iSoftbet is based in The UK and is renowned for respecting players by providing them with the best performing game experiences,slot features and engagement tools. iSoftbet’s slots are driven by a curiosity to differentiate and this can be seen in their innovative slot mechanics..One of the most popular slot games by iSoftbet is Aztec Gold Megaways.

Royale with Cheese Megaways RTP and Payout

Royale with Cheese Megaways RTP95.90%
Number of Reels6
Royale with Cheese Megaways min bet$0.20
Royale with Cheese Megaways max bet$20
Royale with Cheese Megaways payout50000x
Royale with Cheese Megaways volatilityHigh
Royale with Cheese Megaways featuresCascading symbols, bonus trigger, free spins with multipliers, build your burger feature
GenreCartoon and American
Release DateJune 3 2021

One of the most important questions slot players have about any slot game is what is the RTP of a slot game they are interested in. Are you wondering what the RTP of Royale with Cheese Megaways? Royale with Cheese Megaways has an RTP of 95.90%.

The next important thing that most slot players would like to know is the maximum payout of any slot game. So if you are wondering what the maximum potential payout of Royale with Cheese Megaways is, we have the answer for you. Royale with Cheese Megaways has a maximum payout of 50000x.That’s a HUGE payout in our opinion.

You will see that Royale with Cheese Megaways contains 6 reels which are laid out in a 6×5 style on your game screen.

Royale with Cheese Megaways by iSoftbet has been designed to have a High volatility.In order to play Royale with Cheese Megaways by iSoftbet you need to bet at least $0.2 per spin.You can also choose to bet a maximum of $20 per spin in Royale with Cheese Megaways.

There are no paylines in this slot since it is a megaways slot. Instead you have up to 117649 ways to win where you can form winning combinations in Royale with Cheese Megaways by iSoftbet.

Royale With Cheese Free Spins

Do you want to play Royale With Cheese with free spins?

We found 5 casinos in the EU that are registered by the MGA. You can play Royale With Cheese slot for free in the demo play without registering with any of these casinos. If you choose to play with real money you can get free spins for Royale With Cheese and other slots without deposit in these casinos:

Royale with Cheese Megaways Features

Royale with Cheese Megaways has many cool features like Cascading symbols, bonus trigger, free spins with multipliers, build your burger feature.

Royale with Cheese Megaways Theme and Gameplay

Screenshot 239 1 Slot Free Spin Online Casino, Online Gambling & Slot Free Spins

Before we start talking about the features we think you should know about them and gameplay. The graphics in our opinion are a bit silly and outdated which is slightly off putting. Cluster Slide is also a funny, cartoon themed slot but the graphics are much better.

We like the attempt at instilling that 1950’s America vibe but honestly feel that a better job could have been in improving the immersiveness of the slot. The theme is great but the execution,not so much.

That being said, the sound effects are really funny! 

Cascading Symbols

Cascading symbols is a feature that is present in most Megaways slots today after NetEnt first came out with it in Gonzo’s Quest.If you have played Gonzos Quest you might be familiar with this feature. 

Every time you win on a spin, the winning symbols disappear or fall off the reels and the existing symbols fall down to the bottom to make room for new symbols that take the place of the symbols that disappear.

If you make a winning combination with these new symbols, the cascade continues until you can’t make any more winning combinations.

This means that you can win more from a single spin!

Bonus Trigger

If you get more than 5 consecutive cascades on the same spin you can trigger the bonus round, the bonus round is the free spins round. Each cascade leads you to step up one level until you can get 5 consecutive cascades and trigger the bonus.

The dialogue is really funny. If you get close to triggering the bonus round and don’t win on say the 4th or 5th cascade the chicken or someone with a clown’s voice laughs at you and says something like “haha better luck next time”. 

We really like this feature because it is generous. It’s hard to trigger free spins in many slots out there but in this one you can do so much more easily.

Build Your Burger

Screenshot 238 Slot Free Spin Online Casino, Online Gambling & Slot Free Spins

The Build your Burger Feature is a ‘Pick Me’ bonus round.

The purpose of this round is to build your configuration for the upcoming Free Spins round.

Each pick may award:

  • Increased starting multiplier
  • Increased minimum Megaways (1000, 2000, 10,000 or 117,649)
  • Symbols removed

The first pick is automatic. This will be a bun, and it will give you +1 Free Spin with a 1x multiplier. From this point onwards, pick squares to reveal ingredients. These ingredients will award different things, and picking the final bun will end the feature and take you to the Free Spins with your current configuration.

The Ingredients will award the following

  • Double Decker Bun – Doubles Spins and Multiplier
  • Chicken – +3 Spins
  • Beef – +3 Spins
  • Chilli – +2 Multiplier
  • Mystery Meat – +2 Multiplier
  • Chorizo – +1 Multiplier
  • Fried Egg – +1 Multiplier
  • Bacon – +1 Multiplier
  • More Bacon – +2 Multiplier
  • Even More Bacon – +3 Multiplier
  • Cheddar – 1000 Minimum Megaways
  • Swiss Cheese – 2000 Minimum Megaways
  • Blue Cheese – 10,000 Minimum Megaways
  • Super Golden Cheese – 117,649 Max Megaways
  • Onion Rings – +2 Free Spins
  • Jalapenos – +2 Free Spins
  • Mushrooms – +1 Free Spin
  • Tomato – +2 Free Spins
  • Onion +2 Free Spins
  • Pickles – +1 Free Spin
  • Lettuce – +1 Free Spin
  • Tomato Sauce – +1 Free Spin
  • BBQ Sauce – +1 Free Spin
  • Special Sauce – +1 Free Spin
  • Mayo – +1 Free Spin
  • Large Meal – 9/10 Symbols removed
  • Super Size Meal – 9/10/J/Q removed

This is quite possibly the longest list ever, but it shows you just how diverse the Free Spins round can be with all the different setups available.

Free Spins With Multipliers

The cool thing about Royale with Cheese Megaways is that you can trigger the free spins in not one but two ways!

The first way you can trigger free spins is through the bonus trigger feature and the second feature is by landing at least 3 scatters.

Once you do trigger the free spins and build your burger through the build your burger feature you are ready to get cracking!

During the free spins round, a progressive win multiplier enters the fray, increasing by 1 following each successful cascade. On a last note, when 3 scatters land on the top tracker, 5 more spins are awarded.

Royale with Cheese Megaways Slot Review Rating

If you are on the hunt for a BIG win slot then this slot is perfect for you because of the features we mentioned earlier. There aren’t a lot of slots out there that make it so easy for you to win free spins (well at least in theory) and offer not 1 but 2 ways to trigger free spins. 

If you get lucky during the build your burger feature you could close to landing a HUGE win that is close to the 50,000x payout.

That being said, the graphics are a bit silly and outdated and that is why we have decided to deduct some points and give Royale with Cheese slot  a 3.75 out 5 rating.