Reactoonz 2 slot and offers for free spins on Reactoonz 2 slot game

Reactoonz 2 Slot Game

Reactoonz 2 may be the sequel that has been most anticipated by online slots enthusiasts.

The original Reactoonz slot dates back to 2017, but is still one of the most popular grid style slots.

We don’t think that is surprising: Reactoonz is also one of our favorite slots and we rated it in our review with a big 4 out of 5 stars and we still stand behind it.

The unique gameplay of the cluster pays on a grid, the mischievous figures, the surprising twists and the beautiful “Gargantoon” apotheosis meant continuous enjoyment.

The good news is that the gorgeous mega-sized game, the Gargantoon, is still in the game.

And there is more good news: you can also win big money on Reactoonz 2: no less than 5,083 x the total bet.

Unfortunately, much of what was so great about the original has disappeared.

Play’n GO consists of a very talented and creative group of designers, but here they really miss the mark.

Reactoonz 2 is much of the same, yet different

Graphically, everything is mostly left as it is: the symbols are all the same and the overall style and design have been tinkered with as little as possible.

Reactoonz 2 is all about filling two meters: a meter that provides extra wilds and the main meter, which unlocks the Gargantoon (and possibly an x2 multiplier).

Very cool is that the game gets more and more exciting as you progress. The chain reactions not only provide more and more winning combinations, but also extra energy and excitement. At a certain point you just feel that it is going to happen: that Gargantoon is coming!

By the way, it takes a while before you understand exactly what is happening now. This was already the case with the first and it has now only become more complicated.

Is that really bad? Certainly not. Much of the fun with these types of slots is figuring out exactly how everything works.

How does the Reactoonz 2 slot work?

Reactoonz 2 is a cluster pays slot played on a 7 x 7 matrix.

Winning combinations are created with clusters of five or more of the same symbols. These combinations disappear to make way for new symbols. And so chain reactions arise and you need them to fill the aforementioned meters. More about that later.

You can bet from $ 0.20 per spin to a maximum of $ 100 per spin.

The theoretical payout percentage is 96.20%. That is, if you have found an online casino that has opted for the highest Return to Player. There are also betting sites that use lower RTPs, so always check the game rules first. You don’t want to be a thief of your own wallet, right?

The roguish Reactoonz males are the high symbols and the purple ones are the most valuable A cluster of 15 or more of these purple friends will earn you no less than 500 x the total bet.

The other high Reactoonz do a maximum of between 60 x and 200 x the total bet.

And then we have the one-eyed, somewhat dull Reactoonz. These don’t pay that much, but they do play a crucial role in the game.

Then there are wilds and so-called uncharged wilds. The wilds replace all other symbols, the uncharged wilds must first be activated by standing next to a winning combination.


Each spin, one of the lower symbols is a special symbol. These leave a wild symbol after a winning combination and they also fill the Fluctometer.

A full Fluctometer gives 1, 2 or 3 extra wilds.

Fill the Quantumeter and hunt for the Gargantoon

Every time a winning combination with a wild in it is made, the Quantum meter is filled.

Fill it far enough and you win:

Level 1: four extra wilds

Level 2: a wild of 2 x 2 symbols

Level 3: yes, there is tie: the 3 x 3 Gargantoon wild!

Level 4: a Gargantoon wild with a x2 multiplier

Wild pair Explosion

If there are two normal wilds on the screen and no winning combinations can be made, the Wild Pair Explosion follows.

The wilds detonate a number of symbols. These explosions do not pay out, but do fill the Quantum meter. Very tasty, even if you just failed to achieve that one level.

If the wilds are right next to each other, the entire screen is cleared and that gives a huge boost to the Quantumeter!

Reactoonz 2 Slot conclusion

Reactoonz 2 is a somewhat disappointing successor to the original Reactoonz slot .

Although much has remained the same in terms of design, the endlessly rippling gameplay is particularly noticeable in a negative sense.

Sometimes you spend so many spins, to really get nowhere.

And then those cool booster features from the original have also disappeared.

While not a big upgrade on the original Reactoonz slot we still recommend you to make a few spins at Reactoonz 2.

What is the payout, volatility and RTP of Reactoonz 2 slot?

Reactoonz 2 Payout5083x
Reactoonz 2 RTP96.20%
Minimum bet0.20
Maximum bet100
Reactoonz 2 RTP,payout and other details

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