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Pirate from the East Slot Game

Pirate from the East slot is a NetEnt slot which spins off pirates and an asian theme to the otherwise traditional 5 reel slot game you are often used to. Are you ready for a swashbuckling looting adventure? If so, climb aboard the NetEnt slot game made for only the bravest scallywags of all the seven seas. Will you be the brave pirate destined to find all the loot a plunderer could need!

NetEnt Slot Readies the Cannons!

Lock and load on this pirate adventure, the treasure isn’t going to loot itself. The pirate ship cannons on this 5 reel slot game represent the paylines in the scurvy pirate slot game. In Pirates from the East slot game, there are 15 ways to win and claim the loot of a lifetime, with a maximum of upto 360,000 coins!

Pirates Go Wild!

The scarlet bandana seadog is your pirate wild symbol giving you wins x3 on the payline which you land for a fortune of fun. The sneaky scoundrel needs to be landed in accordance with other winning combinations to hit the big money! Hes rare and well hidden and only a true seadog can track him down!

Time to Scatter!

In Pirate from the East, the scatter symbol wins pay total bet x multiplier. However landing this lovely lass of scatter symbol can turn some crazy tides into your grungy grasps.

3x scatter symbols will land you a round of X amount of free spins upto a maximum of 28 free spin rounds PLUS a multiplier of upto 6! Boom! bet you a walk off the plank you were ready for that you lily livered land-lover!

For each spicy scatter symbol you land in you free spins bonus round will award you with another free spin, keep her going & going as were all here for spin to win!

Pirate from the East Symbols

  • The fortune filled treasure chest
  • Eastern extravagant pirate ship
  • Old trusty pistol and blade
  • Captains compass
  • The spilled sake
  • Red Ace
  • Purple King
  • Blue Queen
  • Brown Jack
  • Green Ten