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Neon Reels Slot Game

Neon Reels slot is a jackpot slot that is powered by iSoftBet. Neon Reels offers a number of amazing extras, such as free spins as well as an amazing casino bonus.  Neon Reels has  a total of 25 payable lines, which all have the power to win you the jackpot. Before you start playing though, you should set your bets. Neon Reels is played using coins. You can adjust how much 1 coin is worth and the minimum that 1 coin can be worth is 0.01 with the maximum being 1.00. After you have set how much your coin is worth you need to decide how many coins you wish to bet per active payline. You can bet as low as 1 coin per payline or as high as 10 coins per payline. Once you have done all of this you also have the option to choose how many paylines you will be paying with, the minimum being 1 and the maximum being 25. 

Neon Reels Symbols 

The theme of Neon Reels is quite a futuristic one. In this slot game iSoftBet have taken all the classic symbols from slots, such as the cherries, the 7, the BAR symbols and some fruits, and designed them in a new and refreshing way.  Neon Reels features all the classic symbols that I have previously mentioned along with the playing card symbols from A-10. Although the symbols themselves are quite common throughout slot games, iSoftBet have worked wonders with the layout and design of these symbols. 

Neon Reels features a good amount of special symbols which help make this jackpot slot even more exciting. First up we have the scattered dice symbol. If you can get at least 3 scattered dice symbols you will achieve 10 free spins. The next symbol that we should talk about is the wild symbol. Apart from acting as any other wild symbol the Neon Reels wild also acts as a multiplier when it is present during free spins mode. 

Another very important symbol in Neon Spins is the diamond. When you get 2 diamonds in reel one the diamond has the power to freeze the entire first reel while the rest of the reels spin. This is called the Diamond Respin. Apart from the first reel, any wild symbols and any diamond symbols found anywhere on the reels are also frozen in place during Diamond Respins. 

Neon Reels Jackpot 

Neon Reels is a jackpot slot, but how do you win the jackpot? Well, you will need to look out for the hot jackpot symbol as this is the only symbol that gives you a chance at winning the big jackpot. To be able to win the jackpot you will need to get 5 hot jackpot symbols across any active payline. This can only be won when you are playing at max bet though. So, if you are playing the Neon Reels slot for the jackpot then you will have the highest chances of winning if you play at max bet together with having all 25 paylines active. 

Neon Reels Features 

One of the great features that iSoftBet have included in Neon Reels is the ‘max bet’ button. Since by playing the max bet is the only way that you have a chance at winning then this symbol is highly useful as all you have to do is press it and your bet will automatically be adjusted. Another feature that iSoftBet have includes is the autospin feature. All you have to do is decide how many times you would like the reels to spin and that’s it! 

If you are someone who frequently plays across many devices and not just your computer or laptop then you are in luck as iSoftBet have made Neon Reels available across all devices. 

Neon Reels Graphics and Sound 

The graphics for Neon reels are spectacular. The futuristic theme is very evident from the get go. The graphics are very clean and crisp. The redesign of the classic symbols into this futuristic theme are done amazingly as there seems to be nothing wrong with the graphics or any of the design elements. Same goes for the sound used. The music playing throughout the background of this slot game is the perfect cross between futuristic and classic. What’s even nicer about this slot is the cool animation that they have added once you enter free spins mode. Not only do they have this little animation where it seems like the reels are being moved but they have also opted to use more exciting and blood pumping music during free spins mode. 

Neon Reels Conclusion 

In conclusion, Neon Reels is a very brilliantly crafted futuristic slot with classical elements expertly crafted into it. The many bonus features included in the base game of Neon Reels makes this slot game very exciting but the added jackpot bonus makes for Neon Reels to be an amazing all-round slot game.