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Mr Alchemister Slot Review

Mr Alchemister is an online slot released by Lady Luck Games on August 10 2021.Mr Alchemister is a slot game created by the game studio Lady Luck Games.Mr Alchemister is a slot with a unique theme. 

This slot with a unique theme was released on August 10 2021. If you are familiar with slots with a unique theme you might have played popular slots in this genre like Slotdice.

If you have already played many slots with this theme you might be thinking why you should play Mr Alchemister slot because it might just be one of hundreds of slots in this same genre which can get kind of boring,but if you read our review you’ll get a convincing answer to why Mr Alchemister is a special slot when it comes to slots with a unique theme…

Mr Alchemister is a well rounded slot game made by Lady Luck Games which as we know are well known making casual gameplays in their slots with a focus on superpurb gameplay experience and sticky Valley of the Muses.Ensuring that this game packs a serious punch for players to keep the fun flowing and the wins feeling BIG.

Mr Alchemister fits incredibly well for players who are looking for a casual couple of rounds with an unique feel, and well caters to the saturday night spinsters, looking to test their luck in order to make some crazy profits!

Mr Alchemister Slot RTP and Payout

Mr Alchemister RTP95.60%
Number of Reels5
Mr Alchemister min bet$0.03
Mr Alchemister max bet$99
Mr Alchemister payout10000x
Mr Alchemister volatilitymedium
Mr Alchemister featuresPipes,Gamble
StudioLady Luck Games
Release DateAugust 10 2021

Are you searching for the RTP of Mr Alchemister?Mr Alchemister has an RTP of 95.60% which is certainly above average compared to most online slots out there.

The next important thing that most slot players would like to know is the maximum payout of any slot game. So if you are wondering what is the maximum potential payout of Mr Alchemister we have the answer for you. Mr Alchemister has a maximum payout of 10000x.That’s a pretty good payout in our opinion.

Mr Alchemister comes with 5 reels and is presented in a 5×5 layout.The volatility of Mr Alchemister is medium.Lady Luck Games has set a minimum bet amount of 0.03 per spin and you can choose to bet up to 99 on every spin.

There are 3 paylines where you can form winning combinations in Mr Alchemister by Lady Luck Games.

Mr Alchemister Slot FeaturesCScceGHWH26vs3uBGZApVuTHw4pUiRYh0S0ASWiGT0K e09UBfZKb8YV3oQ1aoQM MzApGCJZzYIoF0GFfaPUdM9ttTBtl03i1lLyrslVKaHyBNI u ODbilke2qFmO 23CvCdY8 Slot Free Spin Online Casino, Online Gambling & Slot Free Spins

Mr Alchemister doesn’t have a lot of features. But the 2 features that it has is exactly what makes it cool. These features are Pipes and Gamble. The mechanics in this slot is exactly what makes it unique. You won’t find any typical symbols in this slot, instead you have pipes.

So how does mr Alchemister slot work anyway? 

Well, basically there are 3 bet lines. You can see these three betlines in the panel just above the pipes. Your total bet amount is split equally in these 3 bet lines. When you spin the reels each random pipe spins and fits into a random position.

If the pipes connect properly and reach a multiplier in your screen, the bet amount for that bet line is multiplied by the multiplier.

So in our case we bet $1 per line and line 1 reached the 100x multiplier and we won $100 from a $3 dollar spin. 

Gamble feature in Mr Alchemister

Every time you win you get a chance to gamble your winnings and potentially increase your winnings from anywhere from 2x to 256x. This feature can be triggered by clicking the card game button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

We found this button to not be very obvious and visible and that’s why we pointed it on the image below. This can be very tricky especially when you choose the autospin function because the spins will continue after a win instead of stopping and giving you a chance to gamble.

That’s why we recommend you to play around with the autoplay settings and instruct the game to stop on any win if you want to gamble.

Slot Free Spin Online Casino, Online Gambling & Slot Free Spins

There are four rounds in the gamble round.

On the left you get to pick if the card will be black or red and if you guess correctly you increase your win by 2x.

There is a 50/50 probability here.

On the right you have to pick a suit of the card (diamonds,hearts,clubs or Spades). If you win you increase your winnings by 4x. There is a 25% chance of winning here.

Now in round two, you can either walk away or gamble again with your new winnings. If you win you repeat the process.

If you are adventurous enough you could win BIG. We have made the potential wins based on different scenarios. All these wins are based on a $1 bet on each line or a total bet size of $3.

Scenario 1: You win 100x in one bet line and choose to gamble with 2x payout

RoundWinWin x
Base game10033.33x
Round 1 gamble20066.67x
Round 2 gamble400133.33x
Round 3 gamble800266.67x
Round 4 gamble1600533.33x

Scenario 2: You win 100x in one bet line and choose to gamble with 4x payout

RoundWinWin x
Base game10033.33x
Round 1 gamble400133.33x
Round 2 gamble1600533.33x
Round 3 gamble32001066.67x
Round 4 gamble64002133.33x

Scenario 3: You win 100x in all the 3 bet lines and choose to gamble with 2x payout

RoundWinWin x
Base game300100x
Round 1 gamble600200x
Round 2 gamble1200400x
Round 3 gamble2400800x
Round 4 gamble48001600x

Scenario 4: You win 100x in all the 3 bet lines and choose to gamble with 4x payout

RoundWinWin x
Base game300100x
Round 1 gamble1200400x
Round 2 gamble48001600x
Round 3 gamble96003200x
Round 4 gamble192006400x

Free Spins in Mr Alchemister

Mr Alchemister doesn’t have a free spins feature unfortunately.

Mr Alchemister slot rating

This slot has a lot of pros and cons and we are going to split our rating depending on them. So starting off with one of the good things about the slot, ingenuity. There are plenty of slots with the same kind of themes and features and it can get quite boring to play those. But Mr Alchemister has a unique gameplay so we give it a 5/5 for ingenuity.

This ingenuity is exactly what makes it fun to play, so if you are looking for a slot that bucks the trend in terms of the fun factor, you gotta check Mr Alchemister out.

Moving on to the cons, if you are looking for a bang for your buck and get big wins, this one is not for you. There are plenty of other slots out there with features that can potentially work in your favor like Xpander or pretty much most Megaways slots.

Mr Alchemister also doesn’t have a free spins feature, so if you are a player who likes free spins you will be dissapointed.

If you are a risk averse player you are not going to like this one because you have to gamble your winnings to get those big slot wins.

We decided to give Mr Alchemist an average rating of 3 out 5 primarily because we don’t feel like it is a player friendly slot in terms of winning potential and it has very limited features. The developers could have done so much more to make it a kickass slot by adding more features because they did such an amazing job at creating a good base for it in terms of differentiating it from the loads of slots with the same features and themes.

That being said we do believe it is fun to play for a while and if you are looking for a unique slot with a good fun factor we highly recommend you to make a few spins on Mr Alchemister.