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Million Coins Respin Slot Game

Million Coins Respin slot is a jackpot slot created by iSoftBet. Although this casino jackpot does not feature any free spins there is something new and exciting to be discovered. Million Coins Respin has a total of 20 fixed paylines with the classic layout of 5 reels paired with 3 rows. 

You can decide how many coins per payline you would like to bet. The minimum number of coins is one with the maximum number of coins per active payline being that of 5. You can also adjust the value that your coins have. The minimum value that you can give to a coin is that of 0.01 with the maximum being that of 0.10. 

Million Coins Respin Symbols 

Million Coins Respins is a retro themed slot which takes us back to the ground slot machines. Million Coins Respin features classic symbols such as the bar symbol, the classic red cherries, the lucky seven as well as a special flaming 7. No scatter symbols are featured in this casino slot as iSoftBet have tried to keep to the roots of slots with their design. Million Coins Respin does, however, feature a wild symbol. This means that you have a higher chance of a payout. 

Million Coins Respin Jackpot 

The only non-classic symbols present throughout this slot are the 10, 0 and 00. If you get any of these 3 symbols, in any order, across any of the 20 active paylines, you will get that amount as a jackpot. To be able to win the million jackpot you would need to get all the symbols that mean a symbol on the reels, but, you will also need to bet the maximum amount as that is the only way that you will win the million. 

Million Coins Respin Features 

An innovative feature that iSoftBet have created just for Million Coins Respin is the fact that you have the power to respin any given reel at any given time. Be careful though as this respin of a reel comes with a price and the price is dependent on your likelihood of winning big. Even though you have this option of  a respin this does not mean that you are guaranteed to win, no matter how much you would have paid for that particular respin. 

iSoftBet have made sure to also include an auto-spin feature within this game. This means that you can let the reels do all the work for you while you hope and pray that you will be the lucky winner of the grand jackpot in Million Coins Respin. Million Coins Respin can also be played on any device, including mobile and tablet as iSoftBet have made sure to make this jackpot slot compatible with all devices. 

Million Coins Respin Graphics and Sound 

The graphics for Million Coins Respin are what make this slot game exciting in the first place. The layout of the reels is expertly thought out with all the buttons and settings needed easily accessible making for  a very user-friendly experience. As for the sound of this old-timey slot, iSoftBet have opted to use quite a modern soundtrack which adds a little something to this lot and helps bring into the 21st century. 

Million Coins Respin Conclusion

In conclusion, Million Coins Respin is a very good retro themed game that has all the wonderful classics that we have grown used to. It is this particular respins feature on every reel that helps set this special jackpot slot apart from the million of simple and retro slots out there.