Mercy of the Gods Slot Game

Mercy of the Gods slot is a jackpot slot which is powered by NetEnt. This casino jackpot game features 20 different paylines spread out across 5 reels and 3 rows. The minimum amount that you can bet with this slot is that of 0.01 with the maximum being that of 0.50. This jackpot slot features many different features that help make Mercy of the Gods unique. 

Mercy of the Gods Symbols 

Mercy of the Gods is an egyptian themed slot. It features the playing card symbols from J to A. These are the lower paying symbols. Mercy of the Gods also features egypitan themed symbols, such as tutankhamun, scarab, horus falcons and a female explorer who will give you higher payouts for any winning lines they will create. 

Mercy of the Gods features a special game mode called the Eye of Horus free spins. You will be taken to this game mode if you get at least 3 scatter symbols across the reels. The more scatter symbols you get on the reels mean the more free spins that you will be awarded with. If you get 3 scatters you will be awarded with 5 free spins, if you get 4 scatters you will achieve 8 free spins and if you are lucky enough to get a scatter symbol on each reel you will be awarded with 12 free spins. 

Mercy of the Gods also features both the classic wild as well as something they call Gift of Life respins, which can be achieved with the wild symbol. How this game mode works is that when you get a wild anywhere on the reels, a magical green force will take over the outskirts of the reels and keep your wilds on the reels. This means that if you get a wild at the top row this wild will move down the three rows and keep being active until it is out of sight. 

Another power that Mercy of Gods have given to the wild symbols is the Gift of Double Wilds. When you are granted with this gift your wild symbols will take up all of the reel that they are found on. This means that you will get even more paylines with higher payouts. 

Mercy of the Gods Jackpot 

Mercy of the Gods features 3 different jackpots. These jackpots are titled the minor jackpot, major jackpot and the mega jackpot. The minor and the major jackpots are fixed while the mega jackpot is a progressive one. 

To be within the chance to win one of these three jackpots you need to collect 3 gold coins which will be held with the egyptian cat found on the right hand side of the reels. Once you have collected three you will be taken to the Gift of Wealth bonus jackpot game

Here the three coins that you collected will be placed anywhere randomly on the reels and you are given three spins to get as many coins on the reels as you can. Whenever you manage to land a gold coin anywhere your total spins are set back to 3. The aim of the game is to collect rows full of coins. If you collect any 1 row you will be awarded with the minor jackpot, if you bag 2 rows full of gold coins you will get the major jackpot. If you manage to fill up the entire reels with gold coins you will win the mega progressive jackpot. 

Mercy of the Gods Features 

NetEnt have added an auto spin feature to the Mercy of the Gods slot. All that you need to do is tell the reels how many times you need them to spin. This feature is great because you can tend to other things that need doing without ever missing the chance of winning the mega progressive jackpot! Mercy of the Gods is also designed perfectly for mobile so this means that regardless of what device you like to use when you bet, you can always play Mercy of the Gods. 

Mercy of the Gods Graphics and Sound 

The Graphics for Mercy of the Gods are highly ornamental and elegant. Since this slot is egyptian inspired it only makes sense that various important symbols from egyptian culture are used throughout this game. Apart from the reels and the symbols themselves looking marvellous NetEnt have also paid an immense amount of detail to the background that is ever present behind the reels. When it comes to the sound used NetEnt could not have made a better choice as the music used fits in perfectly with the theme and it is not too tiring to listen to as you are spinning for the jackpot. 

Mercy of the Gods Conclusion 

In conclusion, Mercy of the Gods is an eloquently designed Egyptian slot that is perfect for all of those gamers who don’t like to bet too much but want to be within the chance to win big. With winning the mega progressive jackpot made so easy and a base game as beautiful as this Mercy of the Gods is amongst the best of jackpot slots.