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MAX QUEST: Wrath of Ra Slot Game

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra by Betsoft marks a pleasant deviation from tradition to give players a breathtaking venture to ancient Egypt. The slot’s uniqueness lies in a contemporary role-playing design that is given with exceptional graphics and landscape.

This revolutionary shooter slot acquaints you to Professor Finnley Ogarian, a prominent archaeologist, accompanied by a team of treasure hunters who dare to challenge the wrath of the Mighty sun god Ra in the hope of claiming the mightiest of bounties of the immense riches of ancient Egypt.

Meet the strong-willed group of adventurers and venture through the ancient Egyptian world.
Dare to enter the realm of the animated ancient god and face the onslaught of his undead militia.

Personal View & design 

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra has transformed the world of casino gaming for a vast amount of reasons aside from the obvious visual transformations. One can easily recognize the sheer amount of work that has gone into developing and perfecting this masterpiece of a shooter slot.
The other thing that stands out when playing this game is that it combines a lot of genres and tries it’s best to not let any demographic fall through the cracks. This spans from arcade lovers to high definition gamers, from shooter enthusiasts to adventure fans, just to name a few. 

The other thing this shooter slot also perfects is social gaming which is not commonly endeavored. 

Max Quest “Symbols”

The mythology of the ancient Egyptian world is famously known to be one of a variety of creatures, especially in an ancient temple.
You will be expected to fight a healthy range of creatures from strange-looking beasts to the Mighty gods of Ancient Egypt.
The full range of symbols include Scarab Hatchlings, Crypt Watchers, Tahawny Warriors, Wrapped Spiritguards, Wrapped Guards and Minions, Golden and Shadow Scarabs, Emerald and Crimson Bataantas, Fire Enemies, and the gods: Ra, the god of the sun, Osiris, god of another world, Anubis, the god of death.


Your bets will take the form a bullet, and it won’t stop until it reaches a character.
In a digression from tradition, you will have five different types of weapons which can be loosely compared to different play modes in a slot. These weapons hold different strengths and prizes when it comes to killing enemies.

  • The shotgun is limited to a single target and can inflict serious damage.
  • The grenade can bring up to five enemies to their knees.
  • The machine gun and laser rifle can ricochet for more kill potential.
  • A plasma rifle comes with the greatest firepower.

Another way of getting special weapons is through kills and weapon crates which can be purchased. The chests you pick up also vary depending on the weapon used to achieve it.

  • Plasma rifle wins you up to 1,000 coins.
  • The laser and machine guns can bring prices worth 500 coins.
  • The Risen Fire Mummy and the Risen Fire Scarab offer 5,000 and 1,000 coins respectively.

As an additional twist, some of your enemies can also rise again which is categorized as the Risen Fire Enemies feature. On top of that, these foes also are harder to destroy but not to worry as the rewards are proportionately sweeter when they are defeated.

Max Quest Leaderboard

As one would expect with an online shooter game, there is also a leaderboard associated with Max Quest. Those who rank high will earn cash prizes, in-game improvements to just name a few! Also, players will earn experience points which increases their level and also counts for the players ranking within the leaderboard. If that wasn’t enough, 2% of all stakes in each game go towards a prize pool to be awarded to players depending on rank.

While common in competitive video games, this game does not involve any particular skill or strategy and still will function on the slot principle of a Random number Generator, which is the software that randomizes all outcomes for slots.

While the gamification in this game is extremely futuristic, the mechanism will be identical to the one behind all other online slots. You won’t even require any additional gadgets to play Max Quest: your desktop or mobile will be all you need!