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Major Millions Slot Game

Major Millions slot is powered by Microgaming. Major Millions is a casino jackpot slot where you will be in the chance to win a fabulous progressive jackpot. Although this game doesn’t offer you any free spins you can always benefit from a casino bonus that you will get as part of a sign up bonus. Major Millions slot has a total of 15 paylines that you can win on with a layout of 5 reels and 3 rows. If you prefer there is also a 3 reel version of the same jackpot slot. The coin value is fixed at the rate 0f 0.20 and coins per line are fixed at one coin. The only thing that you can change is how many lines you decide to play with. I would recommend that you play with the full 15 paylines as this is the only way that you will be in the chance to win the progressive jackpot. 

Major Millions Symbols 

As the title of this slot suggests Major Millions is an army themed slot game but don’t let that stop you from playing as this slot does not take itself very seriously. All the symbols are army inspired but the design of the symbols themselves make for this slot to be quite light hearted and fun. The symbols in this slot include medals, the major’s cap, a bomber aeroplane, a tank, a top secret envelope, some binoculars, a warship and a supply crate which is filled with what seems to be chocolate (hopefully!). 

The special symbols in this slot are also army themed. Although this game’s scatter symbol does not give you any free spins you will still be awarded in a different way. If you get at least 3 explosion scatter symbols you will be awarded with a cash prize. 

Major Millions slot also features a wild card. The wild symbol for this game is the logo for the slot itself. The wild gives you higher payouts when they are part of a paying line than if you were to win with just the normal symbols. 

Major Millions Jackpot 

The main reason that Major Millions is played is so that you could be in the chance to win the progressive jackpot. For you to be able to win this you will need to bet using the full 15 paylines. This is due to the fact that if you manage to win the 15th payline made up of entirely wild symbols you would have won the priogressive jackpot! So, if you are playing to win the progressive jackpot you are going to need to bet max on Major Millions. 

Major Millions Features 

Microgaming has added an autoplay feature to Major Millions. This means that you can let the reels spin by themselves while you tend to other matters. All you have to do is set how many times you want the reels to spin and they will take motion. Another great feature that Microgaming have added is the bet max button, which I highly recommend that you make use of as betting max is the only way that you will be within the chance to win the progressive jackpot. 

Major Millions Graphics and Sound 

The graphics used in this jackpot slot are quite light hearted which helps with the promotion of the army theme. Microgaming have decided to go with the more fun approach rather than making a serious and stern army themed jackpot slot. The sound used in this lot is very low and it mimics the chatter that you would hear in a basecamp to further give the army theme. 

Major Millions Conclusion

In conclusion, this lot is very light hearted and fun. For a fixed bet of 3 it is quite cheap, considering that the progressive jackpot usually goes up to a million and more. Major Millions is a great bang for your buck, with cheap bets, a good base game and a fun look and feel to it.