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Lightning horseman Slot Game

So this game isn’t exactly new, however, what it is, is pretty cool. Lightning Horseman Slot Game has almost got some kind of crappy arcade game, tacky yet still charming kinda feel to it, possibly like a pinball machine. You know, slightly tacky at points, can obviously be seen that somebody just went for flashy kinda stuff to make things look cool. Lightning Horseman is the spin of between sleepy hollow and something to do with lightning which im sure if it wasn’t 10am on a monday morning, I would be able to find the words for, however it is 10am on a monday morning and yes, once again, this review may be slightly scuffed.

Lightning Horseman Slot Overview

It was a dark, gloomy night where in the distance, pitter pattering becomes crisper and clearer, closer and closer. Galloping through the darkest depths of the forest, knifes cut through a pitch black sky, bringing vision to all the fog and mist covering the distance in a cold, eerie blanket of grey.

A glimpse, a brief moment of vision as the fog clears and a corridor opens, your visions draw to the top of the hill. A pumpkin head, with eyes lit up burning into your soul. The horseman cackles as the steed rears and a bolt of lightning strikes as they vanish from your sight.

Lightning Box Games took a shot at creating a legend, Sleepy Hollow and transform it with their own take into an online slot game. The Lightning Horseman slot game ticks the box for authenticity to the once upon a time ghostly legend & Lightning Box Games classic arcade/slot style, design and soundtrack. I personally would be amongst the crowd which would say that they quite enjoyed it. I don’t feel that just because its 2020 and we have good graphics, that and old school style cant be attractive and that we must always go down this very generic Pixar & or hyper realism style, clean cut animated route. Lightning Box games are prepared to stand up and say, actually were going to do it like this. For me, that’s a winner and I admire them for it. This isn’t pity this is envy, they make something with their own style and it looks good, plays well and is honestly, in my opinion, somewhat charming.

Lightning Horseman Symbols and Rules

As expected, the horseman is the high-paying wild symbol in the slot. It gives you the chance to win big jackpots in the bonus rounds. Other high-paying symbols are a raven, man holding a lantern, lady in a red cape, a covered bridge, and the treasure chest. The base symbols include card symbols from Jack to Ace.

As for rules, all wins go from the left side to right on the reels. You will find a spin button and a coin amount button on the left bottom of the game interface. The controls are straightforward to ensure that users don’t find the game mind-boggling or confusing. Players can also enable the Autoplay feature and use advanced controls to make customization in the gameplay.

The horseman wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except for the scatter symbols, i.e., lightning bolt. The wild symbol appears in the stack of 3, which gives a better chance to the player to win the game.