leprechauns magic slot game banner

Leprechaun’s Magic Slot Game

Well! here we are again, this time with a game called Leprechaun’s Magic. Ill be honest, I haven’t even opened the game at this point. I am literally going to write a review of it just by my general incredibly precise and somewhat psychic knowledge of the ever so expansive yet somehow repetitive online slot games. Just to clarify, I have no idea what this slot game is like, none at all.

Leprechaun’s Magic Design

I mean, what can we say, I made the banner myself and edited together the elements which I found on the web so, in theory, I have an idea of the design. Its Going to be a bit of a dull background set in a dull-ish(?) setting almost like its in the greenland of an Irish forest HOWEVER! It’s not all that dull, you’re going to be greeted by some of the sparkiest and brightest shining symbols to stand out from the flat background. Boom right? properly indulged by now, I bet that theirs a leprechauns hat as a symbol and most likely a pot of gold, presumably some gems.

So, let me actually take a look…

Ok, I wasn’t so far off. Ill be honest, sometimes I do spend a little bit too long testing these games, trying to land freespins or bonus rounds, so I guess with that being the aim of the gamers game, the game itself is a success.

The Luck of the Irish

So contrary to my blindfire design guessing game above, its not actually set in a grim forest, however it goes a bit dull upon landing 2 magic spins pots of gold…. yes, I did say pot of gold, you can also bet your bollocks to a barn dance that their was also a leprechaun’s hat as well. But the shocker of all of it was that they put a Leprechaun in the game as well, so you have a hat AND a leprechaun!?!?! What more could you want? I know, Genius. FYI it has clovers in it, 3 leaf ones? yes, they’re shamrocks, however a 4 leaf clover is typically considered lucky. I hope you find one!

Leprechaun’s Magic Slot was made by Red Tiger

Well… the title explained it, I don’t really think I need further that point.

Some other Slot Game Information

You have the standard click it yourself or make it do the clicking for you, with a certain amount of simplistic and also more futuristic advanced features which you can possibly have in an online slot games HUD. I don’t think I need to explain them, they exist in other games, you’ll work it out.

How Do I Really Feel?

Generally, its quite an OK, cute little game. I stated before sometimes if I spend more than I should do testing the game, that for me is at least some indication that I have in fact enjoyed the slot game. Red Tiger generally produce very good games with high quality bug-less code and charming designs. If you’re a fan of your classic simplistic slot game. This is for you.