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Joker Max Slot Game

Joker Max is powered by Kalamba Games. With this slot, Kalamba Games have tried to create this hybrid between a classic casino slot and an innovative video slot. This contemporary slot game has a total of 40 different paylines together with a very fresh layout. This new casino game’s reels are set up as a 6×4, meaning that there are 6 reels and 4 rows for you to play on. If you keep your eyes peeled you will also be able to benefit from a sign up bonus. The minimum bet on this ingenious slot game is 0.50 with the max bet being that of 7.48. Kalamba Games have taken the classic theme and stepped it up a notch. With the redesign and restructuring of the classic symbols and the added joker symbol, Kalamba Games have given this slot game a twist. 

Joker Max Symbols

The base symbols for this slot game are the classic slot symbol such as fruits, a four leaf clover and a bell. These classic symbols are at the lower paying end of the spectrum with the joker symbol, which is also the wild, being the one that pays the highest.

As previously mentioned, the joker is the wild symbol in this game. Before you start spinning the reels you will be faced with a decision. You will need to choose how much you want your wild to be worth. This means that you get to pick your multiplier. This picking and choosing of your multiplier is known as your hyper bet level. Along with picking the multiplier you also get to pick how many free spins you will receive once you get at least 3 bonus symbols across the reels. 

Joker Max Jackpot 

Joker Max features 4 amazing, local, progressive jackpots that you are in the chance to win. These four jackpots are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. With the bronze being the smallest jackpot and the platinum having the largest payout. Keep your eyes peeled for the red Jackpot coin as this is the symbol that has the power to award you one of those four juicy jackpots. To get the bronze jackpot you will need to get at least seven of the jackpot symbols anywhere across the reels. The more jackpot symbols you manage to get the bigger jackpot you will win. As previously mentioned, if you get 7 symbols you will get the bronze jackpot. If you get 9 jackpot symbols you will receive the silver jackpot. Spinning yourself 12 jackpot symbols means that you win the gold jackpot. If you are trying to go for the big, platinum jackpot, you will need to be blessed and get 14 jackpot symbols across the whole playing area. 

Joker Max Features 

Kalamba Games have made sure to make this hybrid slot game accessible for everyone across all devices. Joker Max is available to play across all mobile devices including android, IOS and Ipads. This means that you can take this fantastic game anywhere you go. The more you play the bigger your chances of winning big. 

Another great feature that Kalamba Games have added is the autoplay feature. This can be found on the right hand side of the spins button. Here you have the option to make the reels spin by themselves. All that you need to do is set your number of spins, your total amount of wins and total amount of losses and the game will do the rest for you. This feature is perfect as it means that you do not need to be glued to your screen to be able to win big. Just let the reels do all the work while you get to play. 

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Joker Max Graphics and Sound 

Joker Max’s reels are set on a nice, diamond shaped background. The reels are encased in gold making the main focus of this slot game the reels themselves. At the top of the reels you can also see the four different jackpots slowly ticking upwards as you spin the reels. The graphics for this slot game are very crisp and clearly defined. Kalamba Games have provided us with an amazing redesign of all the classic symbols. The art style used to create this slot could not have been better as everything seamlessly fits together like pieces of a puzzle. 

As for the sounds used Kalamba Games have picked out the perfect soundscape to go with this particular slot. The main background tune that you hear as you are playing the reels is a mellow yet upbeat tune that goes with the overall design of the reels. They have made sure to add the touch of hearing the reels spinning, ever so faintly, as a nod to the classic slot machines. Once you are in free spins mode the background music turns into this more fast-paced and heart-pumping beat that adds to the excitement of getting free spins. 

Joker Max Conclusion 

In conclusion, Joker Max is the perfect hybrid slot and the epitome of innovation. If you are someone who likes to play a bit higher demanding games but still wish to stick to your roots when it comes to overall design and feel then Joker Max is the perfect game for you. With the many amazing features and the four progressive jackpots you are sure to have the time of your life on this slot game.