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HammerFall Slot Review 

Hammerfall is an online slot released by Play’nGo on 6 May 2021.Hammerfall is a slot game created by the game studio Play’nGo. Hammerfall is a slot with a Medieval and Music theme. This slot with a Medieval and Music theme was released on 6 May 2021. If you are familiar with slots with a Medieval and Music theme you might have played popular slots in this genre like Golden Castle Titanways.

If you have already played many slots with this theme you might be thinking why you should play Hammerfall slot because it might just be one of hundreds of slots in this same genre which can get kind of boring,but if you read our review you’ll get a convincing answer to why Hammerfall is a special slot when it comes to slots with a Medieval and Music theme..

Hammerfall is a well rounded slot game made by Play’nGo which as we know are well known being one of the few studios well known for being one of the first studios to create slots for mobiles and for producing the most number of slots that have decent graphics and fun to play like The Green Knight. Ensuring that this game packs a serious punch for players to keep the fun flowing and the wins feeling BIG.Hammerfall fits incredibly well for players who are looking for a casual couple of rounds with an Medieval and Music feel, and well caters to the saturday night spinsters, looking to test their luck in order to make some crazy profits!

Hammerfall Slot RTP and Payout

Hammerfall RTP96.20%
Number of Reels7
Hammerfall min bet$0.20
Hammerfall max bet$100
Hammerfall payout30,000x
PaylinesCluster Pay
Hammerfall volatilityHigh
Hammerfall featuresAvalanche,Hammer charge,song features,super tiles,lightning wilds,destruction features
GenreMedieval and Music
Release Date6 May 2021

Are you searching for the RTP of Hammerfall ?Hammerfall has an RTP of 96.20% which is certainly above average compared to most online slots out there.Apart from the RTP most serious slot players look at how much money they can win from any online slot game.

 If you are thinking how much money you could possibly win from Hammerfall we have the answer for you. Hammerfall has a maximum potential payout of 30,000x from one bet!

That is a pretty neat payout if you ask us.This slot by Play’nGo has 7 reels that are laid out in a 7×7 format.

The volatility of Hammerfall is High.Play’nGo has set a minimum bet amount of $0.20 per spin and you can choose to bet up to $100  on every spin.Hammerfall by Play’nGo doesn’t feature any paylines and instead features a cluster pay mechanism where 5 symbols need to land next to each other in any direction for you to form a winning combination.

The Best Casinos to Play Hammerfall Slot For Free And With With Free Spins

It can be hard to find slots that you can play with free spins. We found 5 casinos where you can play Hammerfall with free spins without a deposit. If you are looking to play Hammerfall with free spins, we recommend you to check out the following EU casinos registered by the MGA. 

You can play Hammerfall for free in the demo play without registering with any of these casinos. If you choose to play Hammerfall with real money you can get free spins without deposit in these casinos:


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Hammerfall Slot Features

One of the coolest features about Hammerfall is the atmosphere it sets for you. It combines a medieval theme and compliments it with music from the famous Swedish Power Metal band, Hammerfall.  These two themes work very well together in our opinion.

Apart from this amazing atmosphere,Hammerfall has many cool features like Avalanches,Hammer charge,song features,super tiles,lightning wilds,destruction features.

Avalanche feature

Every time you get a winning combo the winning combos get destroyed or fall of the reels and replaced with new symbols. The avalanche continues as long as you keep forming winning combos.

Song Feature 

Next to main reels you’ll find a Hammer meter. Whenever you get a winning combo, this meter starts filling up.

The meter empties out after every spin.

If you hit a hot streak and trigger a series of avalanches that allows you to collect 25 symbols in this meter,the meter fills up and triggers one of three song features.

These 3 song features are as follows:

  • And Yet I Smile : this song feature makes all the low paying symbols dissapear from your reels and gets you a chance to get some big slot wins.
  • Twilight Princess : If this song feature gets activated a large wild symbol that has 2×2 dimension will pop up on your screen.
  • Second to None : all different premium symbols will now become the same symbol.

Destruction feature

Sometimes when you don’t win on a spin this feature will get triggered and 1 of 4 types of features will be triggered. All of these features are unique but they have one thing in common, they destroy symbols in a dramatic fashion.

  • Never Forgive : 1 symbol is chosen which then attracts all similar symbols. These will destroy other symbols on their way.
  • Bring It : this feature removes all high paying symbols from the playing field or turns them into similar symbols.
  • Once Against the World : Any symbol will be selected and all adjacent symbols will disappear or become similar.
  • Chain of Command : this feature will remove a random series of symbols from the playing field or change this series into just similar symbols.

Hammerfall Free Spins

Hammerfall has no free spins round. You can, however, win 1 free spin. When 50 symbols are part of a cluster in 1 spin, the Hammer High feature is activated.

This in turn activates all 3 above modifiers in 1 free spin. After this feature you move on to the next world, where the destruction features occur..