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Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel Slot Game

Fruit Fiesta slot is a 3-reel progressive jackpot that is powered by Microgaming. Fruit Fiesta 3 reel is the cousin of another jackpot slot with the same name but with 5 reels. Fruit Fiesta 3 reel has a very simple overall premise, you play to win the jackpot. This game only features 3 paylines, with the classic 3×3 reel formatting. How many lines you play with depends on how many coins you bet. This casino jackpot game has a fixed value for a coin, which is 0.25. You can only be in the chance to win the jackpot if you bet 3 coins, making your total bet 0.75. This is quite a cheap and old-school way of doing things. 

How can I win the Fiesta?

As I have mentioned before Fruit Fiesta 3 reel is a very classic game that, if you have been playing slot games for long enough, will sure trigger your sense of nostalgia. All the symbols used are the mainstream symbols that one would associate with slot games in the 70s. This jackpot slot features the lucky 7’s, bar symbols, a bell, and of course various types of fruit. Unfortunately, there are no special symbols in this slot game. This means no wild card, no free spins, no bonus game and no re spins feature. The only thing that you can do to win on Fruit Fiesta 3 reel is bet 3 coins and hope that you win the progressive jackpot

There is not much to say about this jackpot slot in terms of graphics and sound as it is very lacking in these two areas. The symbols used are very 2D and the fruit themselves seem to lack any kind of texture or reality to them. Fruit Fiesta 3 reels lack any kind of sound or music thus make playing this jackpot slot quite boring and repetitive.