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Foxpot Slot Game

Foxpot is an exciting online slot from a games studio based in Estonia called Foxium. Foxium releases it’s graphically immersive games in collaboration with Microgaming.

If you are looking for a fun slot that is entertaining and fun then you gotta check out Foxpot.

The main attraction of Foxpot slot is the wheel of fortune feature which can help you rack up big slot wins of 1000x along with multipliers of up to 10x.

Now if you manage to get that 1000x win along with a 10x multiplier in the wheel of fortune you can rack up a big slot win of 10000x!

Foxpot slot also has a respin features which can be purchased in-game for a small amount.

Use the respin feature when on the reel where you think a favorable symbol will get you a nice winning combination.

Foxpot has a gameplay that is fast, fun, and relaxing at the same time with an announcer who gives you a fun commentary in the background similar to the wheel of fortune games you find in live casinos and land based casinos which can make you feel like you are actually in Vegas and playing the wheel of fortune.

How does Foxpot slot work?

Foxpot attempts to replicate the experience of playing wheel of fortune and slots in a typical land-based casino. You’ll notice other slot machines arranged in rows in the background.

In Foxpot, only one payline is available to pay and you can form winning combinations with regular symbols once you get three of the same regular symbols.

Foxpot features wilds which can  help you form those three combinations because they can take the place of any regular symbol, so if you have 2 similar symbols and a wild, the wild will act as those 2 similar symbol and help you rack up a win for that spin.

Foxpot by Foxium features 4 reels and this is what makes the game design interesting because usually slots with 1 payline appear only in 3 reel slot not 4 reel slots like Foxpot.

The fourth reel in Foxpot is super special because it comes with multipliers that double or triple your wins!

If Lady Luck isn’t on your side however, the fourth reel will be blank and you just get a normal payout.

Foxpot RTP, payout, and other specifications in a nutshell:

Foxpot Slot RTP96.31%
Number of Reels4
Foxpot min bet0.25
Foxpot max bet25
Foxpot payout10000x
Foxpot volatilityMedium
Foxpot featuresNudges, Wheel of Fortune, Respins

Minimum bets start off at $0.25 per spin and you can bet up to a maximum of $25 per spin (or the equivalent amount in your currency)

Foxpot slot has an RTP of 96.31% which is not spectacular but still decent.

Foxpot by Foxium has a medium volatility.

Symbols in Foxpot Slot

As we mentioned earlier the wild symbol will replace all the regular symbols apart from the bonus symbol.

The wild is the highest payout symbol in the base game in Foxpot.If you get 3 wilds on your reels you win a cool 40x your bet.

The next high payout symbols in Foxpot slot are the “sevens” symbols.

There are three kinds of sevens symbols:

  1. A seven symbol with only one seven
  2. A seven symbol with 2 sevens
  3. A seven symbol with 3 sevens

The first 7 symbol is 10x when you form a winning combination.
The second 7 symbol (with 2 sevens on it) fetch you a win of 15x when you get a winning combination.
The third 7 symbols (the one with 3 sevens on it) fetches you a win of 25x when you get 3 of the same symbols on your reels.

A mix of different symbols also gets you a win of 3x your bet.

The other regular symbols are different fruits and offer payouts of 1x to 4x your bet.

Bonus game in Foxpot Slot

The main attraction of Foxpot is the bonus game called the wheel of fortune.

You trigger the bonus game when you land at least one bonus symbol on your reels.

The wheel of fortune features 3 rings.

If you trigger the bonus game with 1 bonus symbol only the outermost ring becomes active and this ring will get you cash prizes and jackpots of up to 1000x. The jackpots come in three sizes: a mini jackpot of 25x, a midi jackpot of 125x and finally the Foxpot jackpot of 1000x.

If you trigger the bonus game with 2 bonus symbols in the main game you get the outer ring and the middle ring active in the bonus game. The middle ring gets you multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x.

So if you get lucky and get a 10x in the middle ring of the wheel and a jackpot of 1000x on the outermost ring you could win 10000x in Foxpot.

Foxpot also features a nudge feature that may be activated during the bonus game as well as the base game.

Where can you play Foxpot with free spins

You can play Foxpot for free in most casinos without registration in the demo mode. If you want to play Foxpot with free spins and real money we recommend you to check out the casinos below because they offer a lot of free spins and bonuses to both new and regular players alike:

  1. 24Bettle Casino
  2. Big5 Casino
  3. Casino Sieger
  4. Rembrandt Casino
  5. b-Bets

Foxpot Slot Conclusion

We are impressed with Foxpot slot by Foxium.

The layout, the bonus game and the game mechanices are something refreshing.

We also like the atmosphere that the game seems to create with the background graphics,animations and the commentary from the announcer simulating that feel of playing slots in the Vegas Strip.

With Foxpot, Foxium seems to send out a clear message: Simple can be fun