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Danger Zone Slot Game

Danger Zone is the newest slot that has been created by Booming Games. These reels are set out in a 6×4 layout. There are 6 reels in total combined with rows of 4. You have 25 different pay lines to help you win. The betting range for this slot game is impeccable as the lowest bet that you can place is that of 0.25 with the maximum bet being that of 250. This phenomenal betting range helps attract all the different kinds of players. If you are someone who prefers to bet small and safe or if you are someone who likes to go hard or go home this slot game is perfect for you! 

The theme of this slot game is the classic gold mining theme. Take a look at the reels that have gone underground and mine for your winnings. Nothing ever comes easy in this world, especially looking for gold, but Booming Games have managed to make this nearly impossible task enjoyable. Danger Zone features the classic playing card symbols together with the major gemstone symbols. The playing card symbols are the low-tier paying symbols on this slot game while the major symbols have a higher payout. 

Danger Zone Symbols

Danger Zone features a special scatter symbol that is represented by a skull and bones. If you get at least three of this scatter symbol anywhere across the reels you will be rewarded with 8 free spins. It is important to know that free spins can not be retriggered whilst you are already in free spins mode. 

Danger Zone does also feature not one, but two very special wild symbols that will make this gameplay the most exciting yet. Let us first take a look at the Bursting Major Dynamite Feature. In this feature, you will see that when you have a TNT symbol anywhere on the reels it has the power to infect any neighboring symbols and turn them all into the same major symbol. This means that you will be getting even higher payouts. 

Another feature that works a similar way is the Bursting Wild Dynamite. This also has the power to turn any neighboring symbols into different symbols but this feature turns those infected symbols into wild cards rather than a major symbol.  This feature can only be triggered whilst you are in free spins mode. Both the Bursting Wild Dynamite and the Bursting Major Dynamite features have the ability to turn up to 8 symbols across the reels. 

Danger Zone Features

Booming Games have made sure to include some well sought after features when it comes to easing the players’ overall experience. They have made sure to include the auto spin feature. This can be found once you open up the little menu found on the site of the spin button. Here you have the option to choose how many times you want the reels to spin and let the game do the rest. Another feature that Booming Games has included is the quick spin feature where you can have the reels spin quickly. They have also decided to include a bet max button. This is added to make the players’ life easier by just clicking on this button and you will automatically place the highest wager possible. Another important factor in the success of this slot game is the fact that it is available both on a browser as well as on any and all mobile devices. This means that you can play while on the go. 

Danger Zone Graphics and Sound 

The graphics for this slot game are very crisp and clear. Everything is very easily legible and everything is well thought out to fit the theme. The redesign of the classic playing card to look like rocks is brilliant as it helps give these somewhat overused symbols a new breath of life. What is also great about this slot is the fact that the scenery changes when you are playing in free spins mode. When you are playing the base game you have a traditional backdrop of a mining tunnel but once you enter free spins mode a load of bricks falls on top of the reels and you are now taken to a scene that is filled with melting gold. As for the sound, it is a very upbeat song that, at times might feel like it does not go with the theme, but it is still a very infectious beat to have playing in the background. 

Danger Zone Conclusion 

In conclusion, this slot game is quite amazing as it has a superb betting range that caters to all the different kinds of players. Although the time for this slot is not particularly innovative Danger Zone still manages to shine thanks to the way that this specific theme was executed. The addition of brilliant features that infect the neighbouring symbols is brilliant and helps make for an exciting base game.