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Cash Splash 5 Reel Slot Game

Cash Splash 5 Reel is powered by Microgaming. This game is a casino jackpot slot where you play to win big! In this jackpot game the aim is to get three cash splash symbols so that you can win the jackpot. This game has a maximum of 15 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of paylines that you have to win are directly correlated to how many coins you bet. The minimum amount of coins you can bet with is 1 with the highest being 15. You can only win the jackpot if payline 15 is won using only cash splash symbols. This means that if you want to be in the chance to win the casino jackpot you need to bet 15 coins. The coins themselves have a fixed value of 0.20. 

The theme of this game is very retro as it makes use of all the classic casino symbols. The symbols used are the high cards, the bars, the lucky 7, some dollar bills, a scatter and of course the cash splash logo. The lowest paying symbols are the high cards, with the middle tier paying symbols being the bars and 7s and the highest paying symbol being the cash splash logo. The best way to win, apart from the cash splash logo, is by getting a dollar bill and it gives you the highest payout. As mentioned above, if you want to win the jackpot you have to bet 15 coins, to unlock the 15 paylines, and you have to win line 15 with a cash splash logo. This game also offers the feature of a quickspin where the reels spin quicker so that you get to enjoy more time winning. 

The graphics of this game leave something to be desired. Everything is explained very nicely and clearly once you open up the setting but as for the actual game graphics it just feels like Microgaming missed a mark as they tried to get us to relive an old classic but they did not do anything to peak the interest of the modern player as well. The soundscape for this jackpot slot is another thumbs down in my book as it lacks background music and the only sound used throughout this entire slot is that of the reels moving, which is quite stale.