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Cabin Crashers Slot Review

Cabin Crashers is an online slot released by Quickspin on August 10 2021.Have you ever played a slot with a Horror theme ? If you haven’t then you need to check out Cabin Crashers slot by Quickspin. If you have played slots with a Horror theme, then you’d find that Cabin Crashers is similar to Zombies at the Door slot.

However Cabin Crashers is special in its own way when it comes to slots with a Horror theme. Read our slot game review on Cabin Crashers slot to find out why.

Quickspin has been creating slot games since 2019.Quickspin is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is renowned for Wild Luchador.One of the most popular slot games by Quickspin is Wild Luchador.

Cabin Crashers Slot RTP and Payout

Cabin Crashers RTP96.19%
Number of Reels5
Cabin Crashers min bet$0.20
Cabin Crashers max bet$100
Cabin Crashers payout22144x
Cabin Crashers volatilityhigh
Cabin Crashers featuresWild Multiplier, free spins bonus picker
Release DateAugust 10 2021

Are you searching for the RTP of Cabin Crashers?Cabin Crashers has an RTP of 96.19% which is certainly above average compared to most online slots out there.

Apart from the RTP most serious slot players look at how much money they can win from any online slot game. If you are thinking how much money you could possibly win from Cabin Crashers we have the answer for you. Cabin Crashers has a maximum potential payout of 22144x from one bet!That is a pretty neat payout if you ask us.

You will see that Cabin Crashers contains 5 reels which are laid out in a 5×3 style on your game screen.The volatility of Cabin Crashers is high.The minimum bet amount per spin in Cabin Crashers is 0.2 and the maximum amount you can bet per spin is 100.Cabin Crashers by Quickspin is played across 20 paylines.

Cabin Crashers Slot Features

Cabin Crashers has many cool features like Wild Multiplier, free spins bonus picker but before we get into the features, let’s talk about the theme and gameplay.

Cabin Crashers Theme and Gameplay

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Cabin Crashers has a pretty cool theme. We put it under a horror genre but the quality of the sound,music and graphics creates a gameplay similar to that of a zombie shooter. The background has effects that are kind of faded and create the feeling of being in a post apocalyptic world kind of like the hit video game Fallout 3 but in the Southern United States.

It kinda feels like a zombie video game taking place in a Bayou in Louisiana to be more accurate. 

Multiplier Wilds

In the base game the wilds have multipliers of 2x to 5x. When they pop up on your screen they symbol is shot and the zombie in that symbol dies revealing your multiplier prize.

Free Spins Bonus Picker

When you land 3 Scatters during the base game you’ll trigger the free spins in Cabin Crashers. You then get to choose one of 4 graves. These graves will have the number of free spins you get and the multiplier value that will be applied during the free spins. The higher number free spins graves have lower multiplier values and lower volatility.

However, they also come with lower maximum potential payouts. 

You can skip straight to the free spins round by purchasing free spins while playing the game. You can do this by clicking on the bullet button on the left of your game screen which has “bonus” written on it.

It costs 75x your bet amount to purchase the free spins.

It can be quite confusing in regards to which free spins option you should pick. We made a table below that could help you out:

Free Spin TypeNumber of spinsMax MultiplierRTPMax PayoutVolatility
Grave 1122x to 3x96.18%5111xlow
Grave 1 (buy bonus)122x to 3x96.49%5111xlow
Grave 293x to 4x96.18%6843xmedium
Grave 2 (buy bonus)93x to 4x96.50%6843xmedium
Grave 364x to 5x96.19%9822xhigh
Grave 3 (buy bonus)64x to 5x96.52%9822xhigh
Grave 46 to 202x to 5x96.18%22144xvery high
Grave 4 (buy bonus)6 to 202x to 5x96.50%22144xvery high

Grave 4 is a high risk high reward option. You can get anywhere from 6 to 20 free spins and a multiplier of 2x to 5x and the volatility is very high. If you have a high risk appetite then this might be a good option for you.

The RTP is higher when you buy the free spins using the buy bonus features.

Cabin Crashers Slot Rating

We have decided to give Cabin Crashers a 3.75 out 5 rating. We believe this is a pretty good slot but it could’ve been way more fun if Quickspin added more features to make the story and the slot more interesting to play.

Even though there are plenty of zombie themed slots out there, Quickspin did a pretty good job in terms of creatively combining the feeling of zombie pop culture. For instance, the cabin and the main character gives you the feeling like it was inspired from Woody Harelson’s character, Tallahassee in the 2009 movie Zombieland.

The repeated subtle fading of the background gives you the feeling like you are playing Fallout 3. They could’ve built on this feeling with a good storyline and gamified it to add levels to the game.

The features aren’t innovative either.

But in spite of these drawbacks it still is a pretty fun slot to play, at least for a couple of spins.

We like the fact that the free spins are cheap to purchase at just 75x compared to a lot of slots where you have to shell out a minimum of 100x to even 200x your bet amount to purchase free spins.

Where to play Cabin Crashers Slot for FREE and FREE spins for Cabin Crashers Slot

No matter wherever you are from you can play the Cabin Crashers slot from Pragmatic Play for absolutely free in the demo version in the casinos we have listed below. 

If you decide to play the Cabin Crashers slot with real money, these casinos are offering 100 free spins for the Cabin Crashers slot once you register with their casinos. Registrations can be done without depositing a single cent in the casinos below: