Book of Madness Respins of Amun Re Slot Game

Just to clarify, I will be copy pasting “Book of Madness Respins of Amun Re” throughout this whole article, so if title case and inappropriate and incorrect capital letters out of nowhere are a nightmare for you, just jump back out of this page. Book of Madness Respins of Amun Re, possibly the longest slot game name I have seen. Made up of 7 (ish) words, I know ones a name but let me be dramatic. It has 34 characters in it which is rather impressive, some might even say its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…. Just to be clear, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious has the exact same amount of characters as Book of Madness Respins of Amun Re, aka the longest know satire/nonsense word that you potentially didn’t think the oxford dictionary actually had published inside of it.

Book of Madness Respins of Amun Re Design and Feel

Im going to be dead honest, as per usual, so no change there. I like it. I actually do like it. I have next to no idea who came up with it inside the Gamomat studio, however they’ve got it going on. This is the polar opposite to fruit and gems slots, this is real innovative, irregular thinking. Somebody at the studio was thinking, right lets tie of an Egyptian theme with something relatively unrelated, throw a spanner in the works shall we team? Blood, Werewolf’s, Needles, More Blood, Mummified Nurse (“make her sexy”), MORE BLOOD, Blood in packets, Blood on the J Q K symbols, just fill it with blood. Bang, we’ve got it.

Why Do I Like It?

Im not sure, but it’s got a lot going on, I think plain and simplistic can be ok when its clean and catchy, however this is out of the box, it wont appeal to the masses & it definitely wont ever be classed as regular. Im not about that lifestyle, hats off to Gamomat. Its literally madness, madness and more madness. It does say it in the name & it achieves it in the game.

Statistics of Book of Madness Respins of Amun Re

I didn’t look at them, I was busy playing the game and having a bit of a giggle over the insanity, go play it as well. I’m dead serious. This the end of the review. FYI did you actually check about Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious being in the Oxford dictionary? If it is, i had no idea, I just made that up because google likes content and that came into my mind.