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Blazing Bull 2 Slot Review

Blazing Bull 2 is an online slot released by Kalamba on 30 June 2021.Have you ever played a slot with a nature theme ? If you haven’t then you need to check out Blazing Bull 2 slot by Kalamba. If you have played slots with a nature theme, then you’d find that Blazing Bull 2 is similar to Anaconda Eye Rapids slot. However Blazing Bull 2 is special in its own way when it comes to slots with a nature theme. Read our slot game review on Blazing Bull 2 slot to find out why…

However Blazing Bull 2 is special in its own way when it comes to slots with a nature theme. Read our slot game review on Blazing Bull 2 slot to find out why..

Kalamba has been creating slot games since 2016.Kalamba is based in Malta and is renowned for for being an international games studio consisting of passionate and experienced gamers that strive to create slots with awesome slots with unique and engaging mechanics, graphics and features. One of the most popular slot games by Kalamba is Agent 51.

Blazing Bull 2 RTP and Payout

Blazing Bull 2 RTP96.26-97.21%
Number of Reels6
Blazing Bull 2 min bet$0.50
Blazing Bull 2 max bet$60
Blazing Bull 2 payout50,000x
Paylines4096 win ways
Blazing Bull 2 volatilityvery high
Blazing Bull 2 featuresK-boost,K-split,multiplier wild free spins,buy free spins,
Release Date30 June 2021

Are you searching for the RTP of Blazing Bull 2?Blazing Bull 2 has an RTP of 96.26% to a whopping 97.21% which is certainly above average compared to most online slots out there.

Apart from the RTP most serious slot players look at how much money they can win from any online slot game. If you are thinking how much money you could possibly win from Blazing Bull 2 we have the answer for you. Blazing Bull 2 has a maximum potential payout of 50,000x from one bet!That is a pretty neat payout if you ask us.

You will see that Blazing Bull 2 contains 6 reels which are laid out in a 6×4 style on your game screen.Blazing Bull 2 by Kalamba has been designed to have a very high volatility.The minimum bet amount per spin in Blazing Bull 2 is $0.50 and the maximum amount you can bet per spin is $60.

There are 4096 win ways where you can form winning combinations in Blazing Bull 2 by Kalamba.

Blazing Bull 2 Slot Features

Blazing Bull 2 has many cool features like K-boost,K-split,multiplier wild free spins,buy free spins, collection meters

Free Spins in Blazing Bull 2

Blazing Bull 2 contains an interesting feature with 2 collection meters. These 2 meters fill up on every spin. Once a meter is full, an extra free spin is added to it. The maximum number of free spins that you can accumulate is 20.

There are 2 variations of free spins rounds depending on the symbols you trigger the free spins with. If you trigger the free spins with the wild multiplier bonus you trigger the multiplier bonus free spins, if you trigger the free spins round with the K-split bonus symbols you will trigger the K-split free spins.

K-split free spins

Once you trigger the free spins with 3 or more K-split bonus symbols in the base game, you can trigger this round. The number of free spins you get depends on the number of free spins in your k-split meter during the base game. The meter starts with 7 K-split free spins in the base game but you can accumulate up to 20 free spins.

If you get 3 of these symbols you get a 2x payout, 4 of these symbols get you a 5x payout,5 will get you a 10x payout and finally 6 k-split symbols will get you a 50x payout.

You can get additional free spins during the k-split free spins round. 2 bonus symbols will get you 2 extra free spins, 3 bonus symbols will get 5 extra spins + a 2x payout, 4 symbols will get you 8 extra spins and a 5x payout, 5 k-split symbols will get you a 10x payout and 10 free spins and 6 k-split symbols will get you a 50x payout + 15 extra spins.

During every spin in this round, 1 type of symbol is randomly selected by the game to split. This split essentially splits the symbol creating 3 extra symbols. These extra symbols can help you form more winning combos or increase your chances of forming winning combos.

After the free spins round is over, you return to the base game and the k-split meter starts at 7 again but the other free spins meter starts out in the same number it was before the free spins began.

Multiplier wild free spins

The multiplier wild free spins work basically like the k-split free spins in regards to how many free spins you’ll get, the payout of the symbols as well as what happens after the free spins are over. In this case, the k-split meter will have the same number of spins in the base game as it did when you triggered the multiplier wild free spins but the multiplier wild free spins meter resets back to 7.

If you pick the multiplier wild free spins, the wild symbols appear as 2x,3x,5x or 8x multiplier wilds. They also count as 2,3,5 and 8 way symbols respectively.

Buy Free Spins Bonus in Blazing Bull 2

You also have the option of skipping straight to free spins round by buying the free spins in Blazing bull 2. You can do this thanks to the HyperBonus feature. This feature can be seen in the bottom left corner of your game screen. 

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Once you click the buttons you have the following options:

  • 15 k-split free spins for 76.40x your bet amount.
  • 10 k-split free spins for 51x your bet amount.
  • 10 multiplier wild free spins for 34x your bet amount.
  • 7 multiplier wild free spins for 23.80x your bet amount.

In our experience that is a pretty good price compared to many other slot games where you need to spend 100x to 200x to purchase free spins.

Blazing Bull 2 Slot Review Conclusion and Rating

Blazing Bull 2 is what we at slotfreespin like to call a “value slot”. The reason for this is simple, the features are set up in a way that can slightly increase your chances of winning. Another reason we like to call Blazing Bull 2 a value slot is because buying the free spins is way cheaper compared to other slots.

In most slots the average cost to buy free spins is 100x to 200x your bet amount but here you purchase free spins less than 4th price starting at 23.80x to 76.40x.

We also liked the fact that both the free spins don’t reset after the free spins are over, only the free spins meter corresponding to the free spins round you played gets reset. That’s pretty fair and gives you the player a fighting chance to trigger the other free spins meter with the maximum number of spins.

Blazing Bulls doesn’t contain many fancy features but the ones that it does have are cool in terms of how generous they are with these features.

We are giving Blazing Bulls 2 a 4 out 5 in our slot review rating. We deducted a point because the theme isn’t anything new and because it lacks a bit of innovation in terms of extra special effects and additional features.

Where can you play Blazing Bulls 2 for free and how to get free spins for Blazing Bulls 2 slot?

Would you like to play Blazing Bulls 2 by Kalamba Gaming with free spins? Maybe you want to just play it in the demo mode for free before you play it with real money.

You can check out the offers on this page to play Blazing Bulls 2 with free spins or for free in any of the casinos on this page.

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