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11 Champions Slot Game

11 Champions is the latest slot game created and curated by ELK Gaming. ELK Gaming have been around since 2013 and they strive to create new games that push the boundaries of the quality of games being provided and that are present in the online casino industry. They always strive to create and provide us with cohesive game concepts and inspiring themes that fit well together. They also work with statistical modelling to be able to refine and verify their games. This means that there is no foul play when it comes to the payouts and various other statistical nuances. 

As you may have guessed from the title, 11 Champions is a slot game who’s theme is that of football. Upon hearing the phrase 11 Champions the first thing that comes to mind is the UEFA 2011 Champions League which was played at Wembley Stadium in London. This specific Champions League had gone to Barcelona. We can assume that this slot game is going to center across this battle for the crown between all of these different teams. This means that the main theme of this, yet to be released, slot game is football. This slot game is better than watching a game live as with the slot game you get to get in on the action!

We do hope that ELK Gaming gives you the option to choose what team you wish to play as, rather than just giving you a random team to be on, or not give you a home team at all. We are expecting a lot of research to go into this game to be able to contain at least some of the popular players in that Champions League as well as some nod to the kits that the different teams would be wearing. 

With all this being said, knowing ELK Gaming, we are sure that they are going to knock this out of the park. We expect nothing less than superb graphics, a wonderfully executed theme and gameplay as well as some exciting bonus features.