Choosing an Ideal Online Casino

What makes an ideal casino?

With a global internet revolution and over 18 billion websites, finding an ideal online casino is a huge task, an incredible amount of that traffic is online due to being players or casino operators looking to attract the players’ traffic. Given that we have to look at it from the point of view that people are unaware of what casinos exist and what they may or very well may not prefer. I like to think that there is an ideal casino for everyone to play on and enjoy.

An Ideal Online Casino needs to be Trusted

Trust factor should play a huge part in the checkpoints you should have while searching for an online casino to suit you. Generally, most casinos will have a trusted background and are worth not being worried over, however, you need to have these things checked. Does the casino have an active HTTPS SSL certificate? This ensures that third parties cannot get in between you and the casinos transaction or interfere with a game you are playing on. This is called a man-in-the-middle attack and they can hijack funds from your wins on the online casino. Making sure that you are finding an ideal online casino will have to have a secure socket layer (SSL), this is the padlock in the top left of the browser (where the URL is typed). It’s a very simple thing, but it’s very very needed to keep you and the online casino safe.

The ideal online casino will have to have safe and secure payment options for you to deposit and withdraw your funds and winnings online. Generally, online casinos have many options for payments, usually, they are a very big part of what can make a casino ideal.

Finding a payment option to suit you, using whatever preferred platform is a crucial key point to making your experience a lot smoother and more satisfying. Nobody wants to have to hassle for their winnings, so it’s important that you find what suits you and is easy for you.

Online support is a must in the trust factor, nowadays emailing in is a thing of that past for urgent matters and you should not accept any less than 24/7 live chat to help resolve your issues. OK, for the things which aren’t so important, like things that don’t affect you, feel free to email.

When it comes down to payments or tech support, you should settle for literally no less than having the access to somebody, ready and trained to deal with this situation that may be on your hands.

Check your prospected casino license, the most common licenses are Curacao or a Malta Licence there are many online casino licenses. These will often be displayed at the bottom of the online casino website, in the footer.
Sign up process and security settings are points to consider, how simple can you sign up to the casino, do you need to provide special answers for backup questions/a recovery email to save it all should something happen?

Can you copy-paste the password from the new password to confirm the password box? All things which are yes, slightly exaggerated, however definitely something which could tip the scales for a yes or no. Unless you’re a solid human, all for the anarchy of losing control of your account?

Remember, you should never be asked for your password for any reason during your visit to an ideal online casino. Phishing attacks are a major problem on the internet in general, let alone in an online casino, this is very easy access to your winnings which are meant for you.

Defending against phishing attacks is simple, you shouldn’t ever give out passwords or answers to security questions over email or chat. Secure forms will be sent for you to have the ability to put in your details to confirm the account, otherwise, keep them close and secret.

Trusted games, are the slot games/table games/live casino games made by a trusted provider? Generally, most casinos on the larger and more notably trustworthy side of things will often display the game providers logos that they offer games/services from, these can most likely be found in the footer of the website.

It tends to be that many casinos have a mixture of the most popular game providers and a few niche ones, yet, looking for your favorite slot games and checking up the provider will be a fast way to knowing who you do like and before have played a game from will be a good indicator of if the operator (online casino) is worth putting your time and money into.

Ideal Online Casino Fun factor

After all, you are looking for the ideal online casino to have fun, not for any other reason, so putting that priority up top is definitely a valid point. Casinos come in many different shapes, sizes, variations, languages, and kinds, so looking for one which ticks all the boxes should be less of a chore and more of an adventure!

From the games and providers which they offer all the way through to the branding and style of the online casino, these are the important parts to think about in the process of choosing your online ideal casino. I generally like to take a look through their free games to see what kind of games I can be expecting to play while active with the online casino.

Sometimes I like to place an accumulator bet on sports, do they have that option as well? Are you a fan of online poker? these are all things that you can find bundled up into one online casino.

The day of having several accounts widespread over 3 different casinos because they don’t have all the slot games or you cant play poker/ bet on sportsbook is a thing of the past.

Most of the more ideal online casinos will have a bit of variation, for example, some slots & table games, or maybe casinos and sportsbooks.

Interactivity with online casinos is now becoming more and more prominent in the online gambling world. Many online casinos will offer ways in which you can take part in events and challenges throughout your online gambling career with the chosen ideal casino.

These can be simple things such as points systems which allow you to save up and spend points on anything from free spins, deposit and cashback bonuses, all the way to in casino achievements like PlayStation has trophy systems, some casinos have their very own gamification.

These are all things that add to the feeling of an online casino, making everything more fun and enjoyable.

Ideal Online Casino Freespins, Bonus & offers

Finally, when looking for your new online ideal casino, we should probably take a look into how they’re going to treat you for joining them. Nearly all online casinos offer spectacular welcome bonuses and free spins when you sign up.

Some casinos will give you x amount of free spins or bonus money to play and test a few games even before you have made your first deposit!

Online casinos offer many promotions, lots of which can be due to special events, for example, Christmas will be a big one, where casinos will often give you multiple promotional bonuses to celebrate festivities properly!
These promos will happen lots, maybe because it’s a special day or public holiday, right through today is Wednesday, it’s the middle of the week, and we’re gifting you the opportunity to claim x free spins on our new or possibly old/classic game.

Promotions are a big part of what will keep you actively entertained at your newfound online casino. It is not hard to get these things right for the casino, but it does take the persistence of a proper brand to get you engaged in good fun content.

To Conclude

an extensive look into some parts which will make or break an online casino, we have compiled a list of our favorite ideal online casinos!

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