WhiteLion Casino

Upon opening up WhiteLion Bets you are met with this sense of royalty that is evidently shown through the use of black and white colors throughout the website. The overall theme that this casino has is that of regalness. The login and sign up buttons are very clearly labeled and very prominent on the homepage. WhiteLion Bets is also available for viewing in ten different languages. 

Before you are met with all of the slot games that they offer you will see the links to the promotions, banking, support, about us, and VIP pages. The fact that these 5 links are the first thing you see help make for a more comprehensive and easy to follow casino experience. 

This casino supports two different game modes which are Fun Mode and Real Money mode. The difference between these two modes is whether or not you are betting real money whilst you are playing these slot games. 

If you just wish to try out fun mode without putting any of your money at stake you can just open the webpage, click on a slot you wish to try out, and get spinning. There is no log-in or accounts required or involved when it comes to playing in Fun Mode. On the other hand, if you wish to play in Real Money mode you will need to create an account and sign-in every time you wish to play. 

WhiteLion Slots

WhiteLion Bets has decided to differentiate all of the slot games that they offer by nine different sub-headings. The first one is available in the hot section where you can find all of the hot slots right now. 

An exciting section to have a look around in is the Bonus Games. These are all of the games where you have the chance to get something a little extra from the game providers. By this, I mean that whilst playing the game you are likely to receive some bonus funds! WhiteLion Bets has done us all a favor and grouped these amazing slot games into one coherent sub-heading so that we would not need to go looking for them ourselves. 

An exciting section that WhiteLion Bets has added to its collection is the Sports section. Here you can find all of the different sport-themed slot games. This is perfect if you are a very sporty person and wish to see similar themed slots or if you are someone who wishes to dip your toes into the world of slots coming from the world of sports betting. 

The fourth one is the live casino. This sub-heading will open up a small little menu for you where you will choose the provider that you wish to see games from. WhiteLion Casino’s live games are provided by Evolution, SuperSpade, TVBet, and Lucky Streak. This great variety of providers makes for a great variety of games. Here you can find a large variety of all of the different live games that WhiteLion Bets has on offer. 

Right after this section you are met with the Video Slots section. The same formatting applies to the Video Slots section as we had for the Live Casino Section. You are greeted with a little black-colored menu where you get to pick and choose what providers games you wish to see. If you do not know which provider you prefer, then you can simply press all games and you will be shown all of the video slots that WhiteLion Bets has on offer across all of the providers that they work with. 

The next section we should speak about is the card and table games section. This section is quite creative as not many casinos have created a separate section just for all of the table and card games that they have on offer. WhiteLion Bets have a total of sixty different card and table games that you can choose from! 

Once you click on the Classic Slots section of the website you will be met with all of the different classical slot games that WhiteLion Bets has on offer. What’s great is that you can search for the title of any game you wish. If you happen to have forgotten the title but you know who the provider is then no worries as you can also filter your search results by the provider or any other keywords that you may remember. 

If you want to see what is the latest amongst the online slot gaming community than the New Games section is perfect for you. As the name suggests, here you will be able to find all of the newly released slot games. This is the perfect section for you if you are someone who loves to stay up to date with any trends or if you are someone who just wishes to expand your horizons a bit. 

The very last section that we should speak about is the All Games A-Z section. Here is where you can see the full range of slot games that WhiteLion Bets offers. It does not matter what kind of slot game or who the provider is, if you are looking for something then you are sure to find it in this section. To help make things easier for you you can also look up any specific game or keywords that will then return you with matching results. 


If you want to take a look at all of the promotions that they have on offer before signing up with WhiteLion Bets you can take a look at the full list of bonuses that they offer from the Promotions page. Upon signing up, you will receive your very own Royal Welcome Offer. 

If you have already signed up but are looking for that special something you can take a look at the promotions page and see if anything suits your fancy. If you happen to see an offer that you have taken a liking to but wish to know more than you can click on the ‘ Read More’ link that will then take you to the full information webpage about that particular promotion. 

To be able to benefit from these offers you need to have an account and be signed in. Before you start playing make sure to take a look at the loyalty scheme that WhiteLion Bets has created.  

The more you play the bigger the rewards. You will receive 1 point for every €10 played. But, what do you get in exchange for all of these points? These amazing points will help you level up from the bottom rank of a Cob Lion all the way to being the King of the Jungle. 


When it comes to support, WhiteLion Bets has got your back. They offer live support that can be found on the top right-hand corner of the website. If you ever run into trouble all that you need to do is press on the live chat icon and you shall be taken to a live chat session. 

Before you get to speak to a representative you will be asked what your problem is so that your situation can be handled more efficiently and effectively. You do not need an account or be logged in to get some help. If you do not need live help but just wish to find out a bit more about what to do you can click on the Support section found at the very top of the webpage. 

The Help Center will open in a new window and here you shall find all of their frequently asked questions together with a phone number and their support email, support@whitelionbets.com, which you can use to be able to contact WhiteLion Bets about any problems or queries that you may have. If you prefer to not use e-mail you can contact WhiteLion Bets through the use of their online form you just need to type in your question and it will be sent to WhiteLion Casino. 


WhiteLion Bets is a safe Casino to spend your time and money at. They possess a master license by the Government of Curacao. Apart from this, they have also partnered with some of the safest paying methods out there such as Visa, Mastercard, and Neteller. Any games that they provide on their website have been tried and tested against any foul play when it comes to the randomizing of features within the slot game. 

If you ever find yourself needing help WhiteLion Bets has provided a comprehensive list of all of the symptoms of addiction together with some useful links and resources to help make sure that you take care and your well-being and of those around you.