Bitkingz Casino Review

Bitkingz is a fun and friendly casino, which is new to the market and also brings a revived 8-bit esque style to players who have nostalgia for all of the super mario type classic games.

Bitkingz casino offers competitive bonuses, security and safety plus an exciting array of slot games, live casino and sports betting options. Keeping fun at the forefront of its priorities, Bitkingz could make a great new home for new and veteran casino enthusiasts!

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Bitkingz Style

Bitkingz Casino is a melting pot of style, combining an old school 8-bit video game style with a sleek graphical overhaul, making it retain the feel of 8-bit while still being clean, new eye candy.

Bitkingz features multiple characters and figures which are an ongoing trend in the casino and these characters are super appealing to anyone who will have picked up a Nintendo 64 or even hoped into runescape. All of the characters have unique casino related armor sets and quirks, pulling the theme together super well.

The casino’s font is even super stylized to the theme, keeping a very simplistic 8-bit retro game feel all over, making sure you’re fully immersed in the best casino kingdom that you’ve ever set foot in. The casino is easy to navigate thanks to some brilliant UX and design, making your quest for gold coins a walk in the park. 

Bitkingz Security

Bitkingz are very proud of their online security, boasting a proper SSL and some tech wizards to keep the kingdom robust and running smoothly, Bitkingz is really the online fortress that you want to be in. In a statement on Bitkingz about us page, they do stress how serious they are about keeping the player safe! Take a look below!

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Bitkingz Slot Games

Bitkingz is on top when it comes to sheer volume of games, boasting 4000+ games! This is a seriously big variety of games to have and believe us when we say they’re from the top providers also. All the big guns in casino gaming are packing into one slot empire at Bitkingz Casino. 

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Bitkingz Live Casino

If you’re looking for a Crazy Time on live casino (forgive the pun)? Look no further! Bitkingz has it covered. Bitkingz has a metric ton of live tables and gameshows for you to place a bet on. The selection of providers is vast and inside of that the amount of tables and different types of games is only growing, which is brilliant for the players who constantly need something new as you will never be short of live casino content while playing at the gambling kingdom.

Bitkingz VIP 

Bitkingz have a very interesting and particular VIP system which actually is themed around crypto where as you venture further into the casino, your quest to the Bitcoin Kingdom, inside of Crypto Land. It’s quite a unique VIP system so I would advise anyone wanting to join the kingdom to take a look into it, as anyone can get involved.

Bitkingz Sportsbook

Betting on sports has never been simpler and more vast, with a brilliant selection of sports to place money on and competitive odds. Bitkingz offers many opportunities and promotions to get yourself a head start into betting on sports. Bitkingz Casino also offers live sports betting as per very expected in 2021! The Bitkingz sportsbook also includes Esports for all of you avid video game lovers.

The current Esports games covered are:

  • Counter Strike
  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2
  • King of the hill
  • Starcraft
  • League of legends

And more to come…

Bitkingz Support

Wherever, whenever you need, Bitkingz live support will be ready and waiting to answer your beck and call. With a 24/7 live support full of friendly chat agents that are ready to provide you the answer to your questions, queries and problems in any way shape or form.

Bitkingz Promotions & Tournaments

If you are looking for a way to get a headstart into your casino career, Bitkingz has you covered with many options of different bonuses and promotions to get the fun rolling. With multiple tournaments being dished out for players to get competitive with, and ample rewards for the noble knights who take the throne as champions.

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To Conclude

Bitkingz is a funky online casino with a friendly array of bonuses and a large amount of games for you to play. The casino is secure and reputable, keeping safety as a top priority, making sure they always stay on top of the food chain while keeping you care-free. Bitkingz will be a brilliant place for anyone who is looking to join as it has a bit of something for everyone, slots, live casino, sportsbook, Esports and even tournaments should you want to get competitive.

The Bitkingz Kingdom awaits!