The Newest Addition to Pragmatic Live Casino, Mega Wheel!

Pragmatic Play recently released their newest live casino game, Megawheel! It is a nicely interactive and simplistic game presented by a number of wonderfully enthusiastic hosts.

The game features a huge wheel with color coordinated numbers from 1-40 and the aim of the game is to bet on which number you feel the wheel will land upon in order to win the bet and earn some money.

Below are the numbers and payout possibilities according:

  • 1 = 1-99:1
  • 2 = 2-199:1
  • 5 = 5-249:1
  • 8 = 8-249:1
  • 10 = 10-249:1
  • 15 = 15-499:1
  • 20 = 20-499:1
  • 30 = 30-499:1
  • 40 = 40-499:1

Initially you will place a bet on the numbers above, you can place any combination of money on any combination of numbers, you can bet on a minimum of one number and a maximum of all the numbers.

The Mega Wheel Mega Multiplier 

So, this is where the game can get extra spicy, the mega multiplier. The mega multiplier essentially is an rng decided multiplier which chooses a number from the wheel and adds a multiplier to it, multiplying your bet by that amount before you get the win of the original numbers payout, should that number from the wheel be landed on.

The mega multiplier can range anything from 5x to 500x with some limitations to how big the multiplier can be on smaller numbers.

Strategies to Win on Mega Wheel

So first of all its important to mention that this is obviously a game of chance and their is no key strategy that will 100% always earn you money and big wins, this is the way casino goes, what will be mentioned below are merely my own experiences and how I have found some ways which have paid more often than not.

If the wheel is cold 

If the wheel is cold meaning no big numbers, mainly on the smaller side, I bet 20 on 1 as well as betting 15 on 2. 

If the wheel lands on 1, you will be paid out 40.

If the wheel lands on 2, you will be paid out 45.

So you get a relatively stable win when it lands on 1 or 2, this is a good way to climb, but obviously the wheel will not always land on 1 or 2, and essentially you are relying on mega multipliers to account for and accelerate you past the losses.

This strategy works out when you have a lower amount of money to not have such consistent losses in order to rack big wins.

If the wheel is hot

If the wheel is hitting big numbers, I have bet on 10-40 or all the double digits. This strategy costs a lot more as it procs less often but essentially it will sky rocket you if you hit regular numbers, let alone mega multipliers.

Take a look at a mega win below!

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