What is strip blackjack?

Are you wondering where you can play strip Blackjack online? Well you are in the right place my friend.In this article we will be talking about not 1 but 2 types of strip Blackjack games,where you can play them online and how you can make money from them.

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Vegas strip Blackjack

Now we’ll be honest, there are no actual girls stripping in Vegas strip Blackjack but If you are looking to make money by playing strip Blackjack online then the first game is for you because you can play this game with the bonuses on our page in legal online casinos.

The other strip Blackjack actually involves gorgeous dealers stripping down for you but we’ll get to that later. So now let’s talk about the first type of strip Blackjack, Vegas strip Blackjack.

Vegas Strip Blackjack is the most common type of blackjack and is named after the large number of casinos in Las Vegas. 

This game is offered in most of the real casinos and online casinos. Some of the rules may vary a bit, but the fundamental principles of the game are always the same. You may want to review the exact rules of the game at the casino where you are about to play.

In this game the objective of the game is the same as in the most popular versions of blackjack. You play the game against the dealer and your main objective is to beat the dealer, reaching a total hand value of 21 points or getting as close to that total as possible, without going over.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Rules

The game is played with four decks of cards. The dealer deals you a face-up card and then deals himself a face-up card. The dealer then deals him a second card face up and deals himself a second card, but face down (hole card).

In the event that the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, the dealer will offer you insurance. The insurance bet will be worth half of your original bet. The dealer checks his hole card to see if he has a blackjack. If you have blackjack, then you lose your original bet and win the blackjack bet.

In the event that the dealer’s face-up card has a value of 10, the dealer will also check his hole card to see if he has a blackjack. But they won’t offer you insurance and if the dealer has blackjack, you will lose your bet.

When the dealer does not have a blackjack, the game continues and it is your turn to make a move. It is allowed to double down with any pair of cards and it is also allowed to double up after splitting.

Splitting is allowed up to three times (so you can have a maximum of four hands in total), but aces can only be split once and only one card can be dealt in each hand after splitting. A split ace hand and a 10 value card count as 21, but it does not count as natural blackjack.

Dealer Rules on the Vegas Strip Blackjack

The dealer must hold all hands for a value of 17 (17 soft and 17 hard). In the event the dealer bids, you will win the hand, even if you have a low hand total. If the dealer does not bust, then his hand is compared to the dealer’s hand in order to see who got a total from the hand that is closer to 21. In the case where both hands have an equal total, then that Round is declared as a tie and your original bet is returned.

Strategy Chart on the Vegas Strip Blackjack

Ok let’s move on to the most important part,making money!🤑
Making money from Blackjack online is fairly easy. You don’t have to be like the “Rainman” and spend ages counting cards, you can use basic strategy!
If you are an experienced player you just skip to the strategy chart we have made which is also available as a pdf strategy chart.

If you are a beginner, well here is what basic strategy in Blackjack is in a nutshell. It is a set of moves based on probability that gets you a potentially better outcome by slightly tilting the odds in your favor.
Although this is not enough, it is a start until you become good at card counting.
You look up to see the dealer’s card in the chart and make a decision to stand,hit or double based on it.

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Vegas Strip Blackjack

Card counting for Vegas strip Blackjack 

Now let’s move on to card counting. If you are a complete beginner just keep these few points in mind until you learn more about card counting.

If the dealer’s up card is a 4, 5 or 6, you should only ask for one more card so that he does not bust and press the Bank to ask for more cards with the risk of exceeding the figure of 21.

If you have 17 points or more without including an Ace, it is preferable to stop asking for cards.

When receiving a pair and if the version of Blackjack allows it, the bet must be divided into two hands to increase the chances of winning.

Why play Vegas strip Blackjack

When you first visit an online casino, you quickly discover that there are several types of blackjack. The most common and perhaps the most popular variant is the classic Vegas Strip Blackjack. This version of the game is well known for its exceptionally low house edge and uses the standard set of rules, which has become synonymous with the word blackjack around the world.

Strip Blackjack (with actual stripping)

Ok, now if you clicked on this article hoping to play blackjack online with girls stripping then this part is for you.

Yes, there are Blackjack games out there online where you’ll watch beautiful girls strip till they are naked. The game is like any other standard Blackjack game but in strip Blackjack the dealer starts stripping her clothes after you win a few bets.

Usually there is a bar on your screen that keeps filling up according to the size you bet and the size you won.If you bet more and win, the bar keeps filling faster and the clothes keep coming off faster.

Now we will be honest,legal online casinos don’t have these games. You can find this type of strip Blackjack online in non licensed casinos and we have to warn you about spending your money there because they might cheat you off your money if you try to withdraw it.

There are websites like racyrivals where you can play strip blackjack for free and then pay a small fee of something like $5 to play with other naked dealers.You won’t be playing with actual money and you won’t be winning anything but hey, what man can resist the urge to watch beautiful women strip down to their titties?

So there you have it, everything you need to know about strip Blackjack,where you can play it and how you can make money from it.

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