The definition of a football pool: ‘ a game in which participants predict the results of football matches’ . For every correctly predicted result (or part of the result) you will receive points. The participant with the most points wins the football pool. Often you can also score points by predicting the countries that will come far and by predicting the winning team.


If you finish in the top of the general rankings, you have a chance of winning great prizes. For example, in the past we have given away many football trips to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. We have also had quite a few game consoles delivered to lucky prize winners.

Our motto is therefore jokingly ‘winning is more important than participating’ . Are you curious about what you can win? View the prices of our current football pools on the sportsbooks and casinos on this page!


With us you can easily and quickly create your own pool . How does it work? After you have registered with a casino or sportsbook on this page, choose ‘own pools’ and ‘create a new pool’. You come up with a nice name for your pool. You can then easily invite people to the sportsbook.

The Sportsbook keeps track of the points so that you and your group participants can see their own ranking. There is also a general ranking of all thousands of participants in the football pool. As a participant, you automatically participate.

Thousands of private pools have already been created via our site. For example, many companies, families and clubs of friends organize their own European Championship or World Cup pool with their own pool during the European Championship or World Cup.


Organizing or making your own pool during the European Football Championship or World Cup is very popular. You then play against your friends, family and / or colleagues. People like to fill in a European Championship group or World Cup group with friends, family or colleagues.

 Not only does it make watching the football event more exciting, but the rivalry and bullying back and forth (“you really don’t understand football”) make getting involved with many football fans a must.

Why are those pools so popular? It is sometimes said ‘The Netherlands has 17 million national coaches’. This suggests that what every Dutchman thinks he knows who should be drafted in the Dutch national team and what system should be played. 

It is precisely that feeling that you can show during a European Championship or World Cup or any other championship that you are the connoisseur and predict the matches best, which makes filling in a pool so popular.


Sometimes it is quite difficult to predict a match, for example if you don’t know the teams well. Then our information button that appears with every match offers a solution. This provides you with useful information on which to base your prediction. 

You can see statistics such as the results of the last meetings between the teams and the top 3 predicted results of the participants in the group. But there are many more tips to fill in your pool as well as possible.


Before the internet existed, massive football pools were already filled in. At that time, this was still mostly done on paper and at some offices still. There you will get the matches printed on paper with a staple in it.


Of course nowadays most football matches are completed via the internet. You create an account quickly and easily and you can start filling in your predictions in no time. An additional advantage of a pool via the internet is that you can easily invite colleagues, friends and family. No fewer than 98,600 people participated in our 2018 online World Cup pool and 10,100 groups were organized. And then of course you have other large football pool sites such as b-Bets.com with a similar number of participants.


Often a stake is also required from the participants, which then disappears into the winning prize pool. The stake is then usually divided among the top 3 of the ranking. For example, the winner will receive 50% of the pot and the number 2 and 3 will receive 30 and 20% respectively. And as the winner of the group you can of course walk proudly through the corridors and enter the canteen for months to come. The rivalry that arises between the participants in a group during a European Football Championship or World Cup is therefore often fierce.x