USA vs Canada Women’s Soccer Predictions and Betting Tips

USA vs Canada Women’s Soccer Predictions and Betting Tips

USA vs Canada will be the first game in the semi-finals of the women’s soccer tournament at the 2020 Olympics. These two North American teams will face off against each other on August 2,2021 at 4 AM, EST. 

Who will win and get a chance to grab a gold at the final?Find out in our predictions for the USA women vs Canada women semi final game!

USA Women’s Soccer Team Performance

The US women’s soccer team is the best ranked team by FIFA. The lowest rank that team USA had so far is only 2nd. The US women’s soccer team’s dominance can also reflects in terms of trophies.

The USWNT has reached the semis of every world cup held since 1991 and never finished below 3rd. Team USA has won 4 out of the 8 world cup titles and has won the last two world cups held in 2015 and 2019.

Team USA is also a dominant force at the Olympics as well, winning a medal in every Olympics for the women’s soccer tournament until 2016 Olympics where they were eliminated at the quarter finals.

Until the 2016 Olympics, team USA won 4 gold medals and 1 silver. This is an impressive feat considering that 5 tournaments were held until 2016.

US Women’s National Soccer Team Recent Performances

This team was unbeaten in 44 games before its first game in the Olympics against Sweden. However Sweden ended this unbeaten run for the US women’s soccer team.

Team USA has looked rusty during the women’s soccer tournament at the 2020 Olympics. After losing 3-0 Sweden they redeemed themselves with a 6-1 demolition of New Zealand in their second game only to draw their next game Australia.

Team USA qualified for the quarter finals after finishing 2nd in their group where they faced a formidable opponent, the Netherlands women’s team. The Netherlands team has been a team on the rise since the 2010’s and they put up a good fight against the US women’s soccer team.

The Netherlands drew first blood at the 18th minute, Until the US equalized 10 minutes later. The US scored again 3 minutes and was leading in the second half until the Netherlands equalized in the 54th minute.

The game went into extra time and was decided on penalties.

So far in 2021, team USA has played 16 games and won 13 of them, drew 2 of them and lost one of them.

One of the draws and the only loss came during the group stage at the Olympics.  The team has 8 goals in three games so far which is an average of 2 goals per game. This is equates a drop of 34% approximately which is significantly lower than the average goals per game of 3.03 goals per game before the Olympics 

After their nervy performance against the Netherlands, the US women’s soccer team will be looking to go in hard against Canada and get one step closer to winning their 5th gold at the Olympics after a disappointing exit in the 2016 Olympics.

Canada Women’s Team Performance

Canada qualified for third consecutive semi finals in the Olympics after defeating Brazil in the quarter finals on penalties.

Canada’s Women’s soccer team is currently ranked 8th by FIFA. The Canadian Women’s soccer team did not qualify for the first three Olympics but they have done so in the last 3 olympics. In 2008 they reached the quarter finals, in 2012 and 2016 Canada won a bronze.

Canada has always qualified for the women’s FIFA world cup with the exception of the first world cup which was held in 1991. Canada’s best finish at the women’s FIFA world cup was a semi finals finish in the 2003 World Cup and a quarter finals world cup in the 2015 World Cup in Canada.

In the last world cup in 2019, Canada was knocked out by Sweden in the round of 16. 

Canada’s women’s soccer team hasn’t had a great season in 2021. They have played 12 games so far and have won 5 of them. Most of their games ended in draws. In fact before their victory in the second game in the Olympics, they drew 4 consecutive games, two of those games were 0-0 draws.

Their quarter final win against Brazil also ended 0-0 and was decided on penalties.

At the Olympics, Canada qualified for the round of 16 by finishing second in Group E with 1 win over Chile and 2 draws.

Although Canada scored very few games, Canada has done well defensively and conceded just 3 goals during the group stage. Only 3 teams conceded fewer goals than Canada during the group stage.

Canada has scored just 4 goals in the four games it has played so far in the Olympics putting their goal per game stat at exactly 1.

USA vs Canada Women Predictions 

The USA vs Canada game in the semi finals of the women’s soccer tournament at the Olympics won’t be an easy game to predict by a long shot. Both teams have looked rusty. There is a good chance that this game will end up in a draw and be either decided in extra time or on penalties.

We base this prediction off of Canada’s tendency for results that ends in draws. The US team also has shown tendencies to draw with 2 of their 4 games ending in draws. 

We think that it’s unlikely that Canada will score and the US will win 1-0 in extra time.

USA vs Canada’s Women’s Soccer Semi final Starting Lineups

Canada Women possible starting lineup:

Labbe; Chapman, Giles, Buchanan, Chapman; Scott, Fleming, Quinn; Sinclair, Beckie, Prince

USA Women possible starting lineup:

Naeher; O’Hara, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Dunn; Lavelle, Horan, Ertz; Rapinoe, Martens, Beerensteyn

USA vs Canada Women’s Soccer Odds

The bookmakers have not released the odds yet for the USA vs Canada game in the semi finals of the women’s soccer tournament in the 2020 Olympics. 

USA vs Canada Women’s Soccer Betting Tips

Since the odds of this game aren’t out yet, our strategy at this point will be slightly open ended.

Based on the trends we have seen so far we have three different strategies for this game…

Betting strategy 1- the standard strategy : If the odds for both teams are above +100 (2.0) or more we recommend you to place a bet of equal amount on both teams to win. This strategy will help you win while avoiding a loss assuming the game doesn’t end in a draw.
You can find out more about this strategy  in our article on Soccer betting tips.

Betting strategy 2 – Use the same strategy but instead of betting on both teams to win, place a bet on a draw and US victory. We are recommending this strategy because of the predictions we made.

Betting strategy 3: Avoid strategy 1 and 2 if the odds for are below +100 for both teams (and if the odds for a draw are below +100 if you are using strategy 2).

Now if you have to use strategy 3, a simple match winner bet won’t get you a lot of money because of the low odds. So if you want to make it money rain we recommend you to use parlay bets (also known as combo bets).

Here are some of the bets that you can make to build your parlay or combo bet:

  • A total of under 2.5 goals to be scored during the game (you can also place an under 1.5 goals to be scored to get a higher payout but that might be a bit too risky).
  • Only one team or no team to score. This is represented by the letters “NG”.
  • Canada to score under 1.5 goals.
  • USA to win

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