Best High Payout Viking Slots

This photo contains a list of 9 best high payout viking slots.
The first slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Troll Hunters by Play'NGo.You can win upto 20578x in this viking slot.
The second slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Vikings Video Slot by Netent.You can win upto 10000x in this viking slot.
The third slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Thunderstruck II by Microgaming.You can win upto 8100x in this viking slot.
The fourth slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Warlords - Crystals of Power by Netent.You can win upto 6666x in this viking slot.
The fifth slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Divine showdown by Play'nGo.You can win upto 5000x in this viking slot.
The sixth slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Viking Runecraft by PlayNGo.You can win upto 5000x in this viking slot.
The seveth slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  North Storm ™ by Rabcat.You can win upto 3387x in this viking slot.
The eight slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Beowulf by Pragmatic.You can win upto 2500x in this viking slot.
The ninth slot on this of the top 10 best viking slots is  Asgard™ by Pragmatic.You can win upto 500x in this viking slot.
A list of the top 10 best High Payout Viking Slots

Are you looking for some cool viking slots? We have scoured through a lot of viking themed slots out there and picked the best ones for you so you don’t have to!

Test these viking slots for yourself and use the free spin offers on our website if you like the games on this list. So without further ado, here is our list of the best viking themed slot games.

Troll Hunters by Play’NGo

Troll Hunters by Play’nGo is on top of our list the best viking slots and Nordic slots. For starters,according to Play’nGo you can expect to multiply your winnings by a massive 20578x from a single bet!

Troll Hunters is played on a 5×5 grid and has 1 payline but the interesting part of this game is the fact that all the vertical and horizontal rows are active. This means that if you get 3 matching symbols in any row either vertically or horizontally you win! 

This game features some sexy Viking femme fatales who help you win massive progressive multipliers too.

This comes with a cool bonus side game that awards you multiplier wins that can potentially help you reach that elusive goal of winning up to 20578x from one bet.

Bets start at just 0.20 credits and you can bet up to 100 credits in this medium volatility viking slot game. So make use of the offers for free spins for Troll Hunters and make a few spins to see if you win big in this vikingslot!

Vikings Video Slot by Netent

If you are an avid slot player you might be familiar with the amazing reputation of Netent and its penchant for making highly immersive slot games with cool 3D graphics. This time around, Netent has certainly done justice to the hit tv series Vikings.

The sounds are amazing and this game should definitely be played with the sound on.

This 5-reel, 3-row, 243 betways video slot has some amazing features. 

The first feature is called the “hotspot feature”.If one symbol lands in what NetEnt calls the “Hotspot”, all other Viking symbols on the reels turn into that symbol!  The kicker is that all your wins after that are scatter pays!

The next important feature in this viking slot is the shield wall feature. During your main game and the special round we will talk about after this one, you will see a “shield wall” form on your screen just like in the tv series with a cluster of shield symbols.

These symbols turn into a mystery symbol. We don’t want to give you any spoilers about the mystery symbol,so if you wanna find out give this one a few spins.

Now for the special round, the round where you will get to raid and win BIG! This round is called raid spins. If you manage to activate this round the game suddenly changes into a 7 reel game with 78,125 betways! 

Remember about the hotspot feature we talked about earlier? Guess what, during the raid spins round you get not 1 but 3 hot spots! It’s no wonder that NetEnt claims you can win up to 10,000x your original bet during this round!

So send a prayer to Odin, grab your Ax,sword,helmet and prepare for a raid in this vikingslot with high volatility!

Thunderstruck II by Microgaming

This has got to be one of the most intriguing vikingslot in our list of viking slots because of its high potential payout and low volatility.

Thunderstuck II has some really cool graphics,dramatic sound and awesome characters. The four characters you will encounter in this game are Thor,the all father Odin,the god of mischief and Odin’s problem child Loki and finally a sexy and mysterious shieldmaiden called Valkyrie.

Each character offers you different free spins,bonuses and other goodies. Thunderstruck II has a mouthwatering system of accumulating multipliers and wins. 

There are no paylines in this vikingslot with 5 reels,instead you have a cluster pay system with up to 243 ways to win. The low volatility of the game means that there is a good chance in our opinion that you will win small to medium sized bets and if you get lucky you could potentially win up to 8100x from a single bet according to Microgaming.

Minimum bets start at just 0.30 credits and the you can bet up to 15 credits per spin.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this viking slot by Microgaming and use the offers on this page to get some free spin!

Warlords – Crystals of Power by Netent

This is yet another impressive slot game by NetEnt full of cool characters. The first one is a Samurai, the second one is a Celtic warrior princess and the third one is a viking referred to as the “Barbarian”.

This game has some impressive 3D features, sticky wilds, battle side games where you get to pick your favorite character and see if they reward your faith with big wins and best of all, a re-spin feature that helps you to turn the chances in your favor!

Warlords comes with 5 reels and 30 paylines and you can choose how many betlines you want to bet on. The maximum payout on this high volatility slot is an impressive 6666x a single bet.

So sharpen your ax for this one folks!

Divine showdown by Play’nGo

Play’nGo gave a 10 out of 10 rating on its volatility scale to Divine showdown. That makes it one of the most volatile games out there and earns this vikingslot a rightful place in our list of viking slots!

The interesting fact about the Divine showdown slot game is the fact that it’s a crossover between several mythologies apart from Viking mythology. 

The main characters in this game are Thor,Athena who is Greek Godess of wisdom,Anubis who is the Egyptian god God of the afterlife and finally Wukong, the Monkey King,a legendary figure in Chinese mythology.

Each of these Gods gives you “power spins” and helps you win different perks when the power spins round is triggered. During the special rounds you can choose to collect your bonus wins or select your favorite character and do battle with the other Gods. 

If your God wins, he awards your with massive wins!

This high octane game has 20 paylines and 5 reels and offers wins up to 5000x from a single bet!

Minimum bets start at just 0.20 credits and if you like to bet big you can bet 100 credits per spin.

So check out the offers for free spins on Viking slots on this page,pray to the Gods and see if they help you win big!

Viking Runecraft by PlayNGo

Explore Viking magic and mystery with this fascinating vikingslot by Play’nGo. Runes are the letters used by the Vikings and Nordic people and they were also believed to hold magical powers.

In this game the runes will help you gain the favor of the Gods and help you win massive multipliers,free spins,bonus rounds and hopefully allow you to win up to a  massive 5000x!

The mechanics in Viking Runecraft are super cool and come in a cascading reel style set on a 7×7 pattern with symbols falling down to form winning combinations. Wins in Viking Runecraft occur when 5 or more symbols appear in a connected cluster either vertically or horizontally.

The game comes with 4 cool side games/features and the background changes and comes to life with some cool 3D effects. For instance, during one of these side games called “scorching of surtr”, three symbols light up in a blazing fire and the fire can spread to other symbols causing you to increase your wins.

Viking Runecraft scores a 8 out of 10 on Playn’Go’s volatility scale is classified as a viking slot with high volatility. So if you like slots with high volatility with big potential payouts you should definitely check out this game! 

Unlike other Viking slots by Play’nGo on our list,the minimum bet starts off at just 0.10 credits instead of 0.20 making it perfect for players on a tight budget and beginners who are just starting out playing slots.

North Storm ™ by Rabcat

If there is one word to describe North Storm that would be INTENSE. Oh boy, if you are looking for a vikingslot that personifies the viking way of life then this is the game you need to play. In our opinion this is the slot game that has the coolest and most immersive graphics and gameplay in our list of viking slots.

There are 20 free spins to be won in this vikingslot and multipliers that can reach reach upto 8x per free spin that can help you win up to 3387 from a single bet in this medium volatility slot game.

You can win up to 169,362 credits in this vikingslot with minimum bets starting at just 0.24 credits. North storm comes in a 5×3 grid layout and offers 25 fixed paylines.

So go ahead and uncover the hidden mysteries in the mountains of North Storm and see if you can win big and join Thor,Odin and all the other Viking Gods in Valhalla!

Beowulf by Pragmatic

This vikingslot is based on the legendry Gothic hero, Beowulf who first appeared in a written poem with the same title around the year 700 AD.

If you were looking for an rpg style viking slot then you gotta check this out. This 5 reel,4 row slot has some super cool features like a super respin features that help you to potentially increase your winnings and 20 free spins.

5 can scatters in this game not only help you to win an impressive 25x your total bet, but also trigger a free spin round of 20 free spins where you can potentially win up to 3387x.

What makes Beowulf especially enticing is the fact that the highest paying symbols can help you multiply your wins by a cool 2500x!

The maximum exposure in this game according to Pragmatic gaming is 500,000 coins with minimum bets at just 0.1 credit per line and 0.40 credits if you bet on all lines and you can place a maximum bet of 50 credits per free spin.

So check out the cool offers on this page and raid the high seas to find a lot of hidden treasures!

Asgard™ by Pragmatic

Although Asgard doesn’t offer much in terms of massive payouts this viking slot is definitely worth a few casual spins, especially for beginners and players who like to win often. We make this recommendation based on the low volatility of this game.

The graphics are cool and you get to play as Thor and meet some sexy mystery female Goddesses and Viking shieldmaidens. Minimum bets at just 0.10 credits per line and you can bet up to 125 credits across lines if you like making big bets.

So there you have it a list of the best viking slots out there. So put on your armor and helmet,board the ships,sail the high seas and spin the reels in these viking slots to see if the Gods favor you and help you win BIG! But before you do, make the best of use of the offers for free spins on this page!