Switzerland vs Spain Euro 2021 Predictions and Betting Tips 

Switzerland vs Spain will be the first game in the quarter finals of Euro 2020. The Switzerland vs Spain match will take place on June 2 at 1800 hrs Central Eastern European Summer Time at the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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Switzerland Form, potential line up and Tactics

Coming into the European Championship in 2021. Switzerland topped their group in the qualifiers and conceded only 6 goals. Prior to their opening game in Euro 2020 against Wales, Switzerland won all of the 5 games that they played in 2021.

Switzerland qualified for the round of 16 by finishing third in Group A. Switzerland were tied with 2nd placed Wales but dropped to third place because Wales had a better goal difference.

In the round of 16 Switzerland faced France. France was the clear favorite to win not only this game but also Euro 2020 considering they won the 2018 world cup, reached the final of Euro 2016 and were ranked the 2nd best team in the world by FIFA.

In their game against France, Switzerland put up an amazing performance where they dominated the first half and led 1-0 and then conceded 3 goals in the second half. 

With a comfortable scoreline of 3-1, France seemed to predictably qualify for the quarterfinals. But Switzerland grabbed two goals in the last nine minutes thanks to goals from Seferovic and Gavarnovic which effectively drew the game.

France failed to break down Switzerland in extra time and Switzerland won the match on penalties.

This is the first time they have qualified for the quarter finals in the European Championship and the first time have done so in any major tournament since 1954.

Switzerland Tactics

The Swiz are known to be a very hardworking and organized people and this is reflected in their playing style.

The Switzerland Football team is renowned for their defensive solidity and positional discipline. This is reflected in the records they have set on the international stage.

Take the 2006 FIFA World Cup for example.  Switzerland set a FIFA World Cup record by being eliminated from the tournament despite not conceding a single goal. They were eliminated in the round of 16 after their game against Ukraine went into the penalties stage.

They would go on to top this record in the next world cup in 2010 where they didn’t concede a single goal until they faced Chile and set a World Cup record for consecutive minutes without conceding a goal.

As mentioned earlier Switzerland plays an organized style of football with a key emphasis on defensive solidity and positional discipline.

This is reflected in their preferred formation of 3-4-3  which in play looks more like a 5-4-1 with 2 wide midfielders joining the center backs and two of the attackers joining the 2 defensive midfielders in midfield. 

Remo Freuler and Granit Xhaka have started in every game as these two midfielders.

Although the Swiz are are known to concede very few goals, they have conceded 8 goals in their last 4 games in Euro 2020. That is the highest number of goals conceded by any team that has qualified to the quarter finals in Euro 2021.

Switzerland loves to attack with width and stretch the play. The build up attacks very patiently from the wide. The left and right center back tend to drift a little bit wide to start up plays and stretch the field while the 2 defensive midfielders keep the team compact and prevent the pressure from the opposing team.

Both the wing backs then proceed to stay close to the line while progressing forward and are key in joining the attack. They do this by swinging in deadly crosses from out wide or cutting inside as the forwards flood the box.

The front 3 looks more like a front 2 with a supporting attacking midfielder. Breel Embolo and Haris Seferović have started every game as the 2 strikers and they are supported by Xherdan Shaqiri who plays just behind them.

Although Switzerland may looking like it’s a team that does not  score very often and its style of play may not suit many neutrals but if Switzerland concede they can suddenly up the tempo bringing on young creative and attacking players like Denis Zakaria and the more experienced Remo Freuler.

Neutral fans might enjoy rooting for Switzerland because they have the third highest number of attempts on goals.

Switzerland key players

With 4 assists,Steven Zuber provided the most assists so far during the Euros which makes him the player with the highest number of assists in any team during Euro 2020.

He is a left midfielder and has excellent crossing ability from out wide.

Sebastian Freuler is a player to watch out for as well, especially if the game goes into extra time because of his amazing stamina. Freuler ranks 4th in terms of distance covered during Euro 2020 so far.

In terms of defence, Manuel Akanji is excellent at winning balls and protecting his goalkeeper. Akanji has the 3rd highest number of ball recoveries in Euro 2020.

Switzerland Predicted Line up For Switzerland vs Spain

We expect Switzerland’s line up to be largely unchanged for the Switzerland vs Spain match in the quarter finals in Euro 2020.


Spain Form, potential line up and Tactics

Coming into Euro 2020 Spain was experiencing a great run of form. They qualified for this season’s nations league finals scoring 13 goals and conceding just 3 goals. During the nations league, only Belgium scored more goals than Spain and only Italy conceded fewer goals than Spain.

Spain has also lost only 1 of the 13 games they played prior to the Euro 2020. However, during this time they also struggled to decisively win their games because they won 6 of those games and drew 6 of them.

This propensity for matches ending in a stalemate seemed to continue in Spain’s first 2 games during the group stage against Sweden and Poland which ended 0-0 and 1-1 respectively.

Spain was struggling to break down these two sides and they lacked clinical finishing up front with the few chances they created.

But La Roja kicked into action in their final group stage game scoring 5 goals which earned them a spot in the round of 16 as runners up of group E.

Spain emerged victorious in a very entertaining and close game In their round of 16 match against Croatia as well, a game that ended 5-3 in extra time.

But after their scintillating attacking display against Croatia, Spain now has scored the highest number of goals and has the second highest attempts on goal that hit the target.

Spain Tactics 

If there is one word to describe Spain’s tactics that word would be “fluid”. Spain is packed with talent across the field and it is difficult for teams to predict the way this team will pay. We will try our best to summarize Spain’s tactics during the European Championship.

  • Spain usually sets up in a 4-3-3 formation
  • Either both or of the forwards like to stay wide
  • Either both the full backs will join the attack from wide or one of them falls back to form a back 3.
  • Spain like to play to play a possession based style of football with more emphasis on directness
  • The forward is more of a “false 9”.
  • The players are very adaptable in regards to with they have to do on the pitch

Let’s first talk about how Spain likes to set up first. As we mentioned earlier, Spain likes to set up in a 4-3-3.

The three midfielders are very fluid in their roles though. You always have a defensive/ holding midfielder like Busquets or Thiago who can protect the defence from counter attacks, recover balls,progress the ball from the back as well as creating scintillating long balls for the forwards.

The other two midfielders are very fluid, they can push up and join the attacks,go wide or one of them can form a double pivot with the holding midfielder.

This makes it hard for the opposition to know exactly what Spain will do.

The right back and left back stay wide but are cautious. However, when building up an attack, one of them pushes up a bit further up to create space for passes. This is usually the left back. 

Unlike many teams we covered during Euro 2020, Spain’s forwards typically stay wide. But just like their team-mates across the field, one of them can cut inside, while the other stays wide. This creates space for one of the full backs to push ahead and whip in crosses.

If both the attackers stay wide, two of the 3 midfielders push up while the full backs stay a bit further back to provide defensive solidity.

Spain’s tactics are hard to cover exactly because of this reason, they can easily spread out in attack and just as effortlessly fall back into a compact shape in defence.

Another key aspect of Spain’s tactics is their propensity to press aggressively for the ball as soon as they lose possession.

Spain Predicted line up

We expect Spain’s line up to be largely unchanged. Although  Unai Simon’s error cost Spain a goal, he performed quite well as the game progressed. We decided to slot in De Gea in place of Unai Simon in goal but don’t be surprised if Unai Simon still starts because he has started every game in Euro 2020 instead of De Gea.


Switzerland vs Spain Euro 2020 Predictions

Euro 2020 has been full of surprises where the “weaker” teams beat significantly “stronger” teams. The Czech Republic who finished third in their group, beat the Netherlands who won each and every game and topped their group. 

Switzerland itself, beat the favorites France. So when you read these predictions you should assume that these games can go either way.

That being said here is what we expect during the Switzerland vs Spain game in the quarter finals of Euro 2020:

Switzerland will try to build attacks patiently and hit Spain on the counter. They will do their best to deny Spain any space.

We expect Switzerland to counter attack from the left with Zuber pushing very high. Spain will in turn expect this and try to create an overload on the left and quickly switch the ball to the right so that Ferran Torres has the space to attack from the right and exploit the space that Zuber leaves behind.

If Zuber is good at tracking back, Spain will try to outfox Switzerland with its fluidity and will try to keep possession of the ball.

If Switzerland concedes a goal, that’s when things will liven up. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is a closely contested game that could be decided in extra time.

We think that Switzerland are more than capable of scoring and so our prediction for the Switzerland vs Spain game is that Spain will win in extra time and the scoreline would be 3-2.

Switzerland vs Spain Euro 2020 Odds

Bookmakers are offering the following odds for the Switzerland vs Spain game in Euro 2020:

  • Switzerland 5.20
  • Draw 3.70
  • Spain 1.73

From these odds we can clearly see that Spain are favorites to win this quarterfinal game.

Bookmaker offers for Switzerland vs Spain and Euro 2020 

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Switzerland vs Spain Betting Tips

As we mentioned earlier in our Spain vs Switzerland prediction section of the article, we predict Spain to win 3-1. Because of the high odds for Spain we don’t advise you to bet on Spain  because you won’t get a big profit with a simple match bet.

The reason for this has been discussed in our articles on football betting systems and football betting tips where we discuss strategies that can help you to develop your own football betting system and make profitable football bets.

To cut a long story short, you should avoid placing match winner bets if the odds for your team are less than 2.0.

That being said handicap bets, over/under betting options can prove to be profitable bets not only for this Euro 2020 match between Spain and Switzerland but also most football games during the Euros with a clear favorite and underdog.

Here are some betting tips we have for you in Spain vs Switzerland game in Euro 2020:

  • Over 4.5 goals to be scored during the game. Odds 6.60
  • Handicap betting, Spain starts with 0 goals, Switzerland with 1, match ends in a draw. Odds 3.60
  • Spain wins the game with a 1 goal margin. Odds 3.50
  • Haris Seferovic scores, Spain wins. Odds 12.00

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