Sweden vs Netherlands 2021 Women’s European Volleyball Championship Quarter finals Predictions and Betting Tips

Sweden vs Netherlands will be the first match in the quarter finals of the 2021 Women’s European Volleyball Championship.The Sweden vs Netherlands women’s volleyball game at the 2021 European Volleyball Championship will take place on August 31, 2021 at 5:30 PM Central European Summer Time at the Kolodruma Sport Hall in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We will be giving you our predictions for the Sweden vs Netherlands women’s volleyball knockout round game by analyzing both teams and offer you some betting tips as well.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the Sweden women’s volleyball team.

Sweden Women’s Volleyball Team Preview

Sweden are the dark horses in this tournament. This team is playing in the European Championships for the first time since 1983. Sweden’s best finish in the tournament was a 12th place finish way back in 1983.

This team was ranked 51st by FIVB before the tournament began and now they are ranked 43rd. Sweden has never qualified for the Olympics, the FIVB World Cup or the FIVB world championships either.

Sweden qualified for the quarter finals after defeating Bulgaria in the round of 16. Bulgaria is a much better team who were even considered one of the favorites to win the championship. Bulgaria are ranked as the 9th best team in Europe and 15th best team in the world.

This was arguably one of the biggest upsets in the tournament.

Sweden qualified for the knockout stage by finishing 4th out 6 in Pool D and had the worst sets won to sets lost ratio at 0.545 and the worst points won to points lost ratio at 0.911.

Sweden won against Bulgaria by very fine margins. They lost the first set by a 13 point margin.Won the next 2 sets by a 4 and 3 point margin respectively, then lost the 4th set by a 9 point margin. But won the last set by just 2 points to win the game 3-2.

What is the reason for Sweden’s success though?
There are two reasons for this in our opinion. Sweden has a very young squad and the second reason is their best player in the tournament, Isabelle Haak. 

Haak is a 22 year old opposite hitter and she was simply amazing. Haak is currently the top scorer in the tournament and has scored the highest points per set at 7.48 which is much higher than one of the best spikers in the world, Tijana Boskovic.

Haak also leads in terms of kill spikes with an average of 6.38 kill spikes per game. She is also in the top 5 servers list averaging 0.52 aces per set.

Netherlands Women’s Volleyball Team

We have covered the Netherlands team before in our match predictions and previews for the 2021 Women’s Euro Volley tournament.

The Netherlands are one of the favorites to win the 2021 championships and we have listed some of the reasons why:

  1. They have been an emerging elite team since 2015.
  2. The Netherlands were runners up in the tournament in 2015.
  3. They qualified for their first ever olympics in 2016 and reached the semi finals.
  4. They finished runners up in the 2017 European championships.
  5. This team reached its first ever semi finals in the world championship.
  6. They finished above strong teams like Russia, Italy and Serbia in the 2021 
  7. Ranked as the 9th best women’s volleyball team in the world and the 5th best in Europe.

The Netherlands also performed quite well in the tournament and qualified for the round of 16 knockout round by finishing runners up to a strong Turkish team in pool D. Of the 16 teams that qualified for the knockout round, Netherlands had the third highest sets won to sets lost ratio.

The Netherlands only defeat in the pool stage came at the hands of the best team in Europe, Turkey.

The Netherlands reached the quarter finals by defeating Germany 3-1. The Netherlands were expected to trash Germany 3-0 considering the massive gap in quality between these two teams. However, the Netherlands were surprised by the performance of the Germans and the game was won with very tight margins.

The Netherlands won the first set by 3 points,lost the second set by 2,won the third by a decent 6 point margin and won the 4th with only a 2 point margin to set up a quarter final match with Sweden.

Netherlands women’s volleyball team key players

The Netherlands doesn’t have super stars in its roster but it does have top quality, reliable players and most importantly good team chemistry.

The Dutch team is one of the youngest in the tournament. 24 year old Juliet Lohuis is currently the 4th best blocker in the tournament with a 0.89 kill block per set average.Lohuis also ranks as the 6th best server in the tournament.

23 year old Eline Timmerman also features in the top 10 blockers in the tournament. She is currently ranked as the 9th best blocker with an average of 0.74 kill blocks per set.

25 year old Britt Bongaerts is currently the 8th best setter in the tournament with a 45.24% efficiency. 

Sweden vs Netherlands Quarterfinals Women’s Volleyball European Championship 2021 Odds

Bookmakers are giving the following odds for the quarter final game between Sweden vs Netherlands in the 2021 Women’s Volleyball European Championship:

  • Sweden 7.00
  • Netherlands 1.06

Based on these odds we can see that the Netherlands are the clear favorites to win. If we convert the odds into percentages, the Netherlands has a 94.3% chance of winning.

Sweden vs Netherlands Game Predictions in the Women’s Volleyball European Championship 2021

Based on these odds and the analysis of these teams it looks pretty clear that the Netherlands should easily win. However, Sweden should not be underestimated. They could take the game into the 4th or even the 5th set.

The Netherlands should have easily won against Germany but they won the game with very fine margins.

The Netherlands blockers would have to put in a very good shift against Sweden’s Haak who is surprisingly the best hitter in the tournament.

We predict that the game will be decided in the 4th set or even the fifth set with the Netherlands winning 3-1 or 3-2. In our opinion a 3-1 win for the Netherlands is the more likely outcome based on the stats.

Sweden vs Netherlands quarter finals Women’s Volleyball European Championship 2021 Betting tips

We don’t recommend you to place a simple match winner bet on the Netherlands because they payout is very low.

If you want a chance to get a better payout we recommend you to place a combo bet. We have explained the benefits of combo bets and when to place them in our article on how to win at sports betting.

Here are some bets we recommend that you can combine into a combo bet:

  • Netherlands to win 
  • Will a 4th set be played? Yes 
  • First set handicap -6.5 Netherlands. Sweden wins 
  • First set total points over 42.5

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