Russia vs Turkey 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Predictions and Betting Tips

Russia vs Turkey will be the second game in pool C of the 2021 Men’s European Volleyball Championship.The Russia vs Turkey Men’s volleyball game at the 2021 European Volleyball Championship will take place on September 2, 2021 at 5:00 PM Central European Summer Time at the Hakametsä Arena in Tampere,Finland.

We will be giving you our predictions for the Russia vs Turkey Men’s volleyball pool C game by analyzing both teams and offer you some betting tips as well.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the Poland’s men’s volleyball team:

Russia Men’s Volleyball Team Preview

Russia is ranked as the 3rd best team by FIVB. It is also the 2nd ranked team in the world.

Russia was a dominant force in the world of volleyball as the USSR and although they weren’t as successful as the USSR, Russia still has managed to do compete and even win trophies.

Russia has always reached the semi finals of the Olympics since 1996 and in the 7 Olympics held between 1996 and 2020, Russia has won a medal in 5 of them with 1 of them being a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics.

Russia won a silver medal in the 2020 Olympics and even managed to beat the strongest team in the world Brazil not once but twice. Keep in mind that Brazil has held the number 1 spot in FIVB rankings since these rankings were released in 2006.

Russia also won the FIVB men’s volleyball World cup in 2011 and reached the semi finals in the next one in 2015. Russia has the distinction of being the most successful country in the Men’s European Championships with 12 trophies. The second most successful team,Italy, only has half won half that.

Most of Russia’s victories in the tournament came between 1951 and 1991 when they played as the USSR. Russia had to wait until 2013 to win it’s first European Championship since then and followed it up with another win in the 2017 Eurovolley championship.

Russia also won the first two FIVB Volleyball Men’s Nations League championships in 2018 and 2019.

After their silver medal winning performance in the 2020 Olympics this year, Russia is considered to be one of the favorites to win the 2021 European Championships.

Russia Volleyball team : Key Players

Artem Volvich is one of the best middle blockers in the world. He is one of the most experienced members in the squad as well as the second oldest. Volvich won the best middle blocker award in the 2016 Olympics as well as the 2019  FIVB Club World Championship.

But Volovich has a protege as well in 26 year old Ivan Iakovlev. Lakovlev won the best middle blocker award in the 2020 Olympics as well as the 2019 FIVB Nations league.

Russia’s oldest and most experienced player is Maksim Mikhaylov. The 33 year old won the best opposite spiker award in the 2020 Olympics and he was also their highest scorer. He was also the MVP in the 2018 FIVB Nations League.

Russia also has one of the best outside spiker as well in Egor Kliuka. Kliuka also won the best outside spiker award in the 2020 Olympics.

Turkey Men’s Volleyball Team Preview

Although Turkey’s women’s volleyball team is one of the best teams in the world, Turkey’s men’s volleyball team is pretty mediocre. This team is ranked as the 21st by FIVB and 10th in Europe. Turkey has never qualified for the Olympics.or the world championship.

Turkey has never qualified past the pool stage on the European Championships either and failed to qualify for the tournament in 2015.

Bookmakers are giving Turkey a 1 in 40 chance of winning the 2021 European Championship while Russia has been given odds of 1 in 5.

Russia vs Turkey 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Predictions

It’s highly unlikely that Turkey will win this game. There is a massive gap in quality between these two teams. Although the odds aren’t odds aren’t out for this game yet, don’t be surprised if you see ridiculously high odds being offered for Turkey because of this reason.

We expect Russia to beat Turkey very easily and finish off the game in the first 3 sets and win the game with a score of 3-0.

Russia vs Turkey 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Betting Tips

If you have read our article on how to win at sports betting, you would understand why we recommend you not to put a simple match winner bet on the favorite like Russia in games like this. The short answer is that it simply would not be profitable to do so.

What we recommend you to do instead in games like this is to place combo bets. Here is a list of bets you can combine for combo bet in the Poland vs Portugal game in the CEV 2021:

  • Russia will win.
  • Russia handicap -6.5, Russia to win. The reason for this is that Russia will demolish Turkey by huge margins.
  • Russia to win first set
  • Russia to win second set
  • Russia to win third set
  • Will a 4th set be played? Bet on no.
  • Exact score 3-0 to Russia.
  • Points total under 149.5. We think that if an option is available to bet under 129.5 points you should take it because this bet will give you better odds and a higher payout.

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