Are you looking to play some free slots on slots 777 casino? Do you want a quick review of slots 777 and some cool free spins,welcome bonuses and how you can win money with free slots?

Before we write our review of slots 777 we want to let you in on a secret that you might know of…

You can play more free slots in other casinos

Yes you read that right! Don’t get us wrong, slots 777 casino is a pretty reputable casino where you can play free slots. But they have a very limited number of games compared to many other legal casinos.
At time of writing this article we painstakingly counted the number of slots on casino 777 that you can play with both on free demo mode and with real money. 

Casino 777 has approximately 1243 slots and free slots on their casino whereas the 5 casinos on this page that you see offers for have on average 2532to 3001 slots!

You can also play free slots on all these casinos!

Slots 777 is difficult for beginners

The navigability of slots 777 was a bit tricky for us experienced slot players and we believe that beginners would have a harder time than us.

For starters when you go on, the website usually automatically opens in german.It took us quite a bit of time to find the button where we could change the language to English.

When we scrolled down and clicked on the slots button we found only 47 free slots on slots 777.But when clicked on the “play now” button we were redirected to another page which we realized was the main casino.

But as soon as we reached this website a person on our team Tim was bamboozled.He met with a pop up that could not be closed. So another person checked it on his Laptop, but he could close the pop up easily.

We are puzzled by this fact and realize why Tim struggled.Tim has a medical condition which affects his eyesight and he uses his browser at 125% zoom instead of the standard 100% zoom that most of us are used to.

Now Tim, put his browser at 100%,closed the pop up and when he put it back to 125% a lot of the menu disappeared.

Tim did not face the same problem with other casinos. 

Navigating the slots section in 777 casino was a bit tricky.Although we liked the fact that the slots were arranged according to volatility in the menu the number of categories were few which would make it tricky for beginners to explore different genres of free slots.

We kept on scrolling through the website to count the number of slots and reached a count of only 1243.

Play free slots on Big5 casino and other casinos

Big 5 casinos in contrast has over 2531 free slots compared to the 1248 free slots in 777 casino. It was easier for us to count because we could see the number of slots per provider and explore different slots from different providers.

There were no annoying pop ups for sign ups making it perfect to play the slots for free in the demo version.

We believe that if you are looking to play free slots you should play them on Big5 and the other casinos offered on this page  instead of playing free slots in 777 casinos if you are a casual player or a beginner.

You can play free slots and still win real money

Yes, you read that right! It is completely possible to play free slots and win with money. The secrets are good offers for free spins and using those free spins on high payout slot games.

Usually in order to get free spins you have to register with casinos but these registrations.

That’s why we found these five casinos with good offers for free spins where you can register quickly and win money money with free spins after playing the slots for free.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the cool free spins offered on this page and play on these cool free slots!