Over 2.5 Goals Tips

The goal of football betting is obviously to make as much profit as possible in the best possible way. The over – under markets are very suitable for this. For example, you have the popular over 2.5 goals bets . This is not about the result of a match, but about the total number of goals scored.

Pros: The odds for under or over 2.5 goals bets are often much better than odds for the heavy favorite. The match (and your bet) remains exciting until the last moment and the odds of winning are greater than with a 1X2 bet.

In this over – under betting manual , we give you a clear explanation and the possibilities that this betting option offers you.

If you are beginner to Football betting check out our article on Football betting tips .

What is an Over 2.5 Goals Bet?

Unlike, for example, the more difficult Each Way bet, this betting option is not difficult to understand. The name says it all: it’s about betting on more than 2.5 goals in a match. It’s that simple. In other words: You predict that at least 3 goals will be scored.

It does not matter which team scores the goals for winning this bet. Whether it be 3-0 for the home team or 2-1 or a 2-2 draw, in all these cases you win the bet. The point is that at least 3 goals are scored . As long as that is the case, you win the bet.

It is also possible the other way around. You can also go for the Under 2.5 goals bet. In that case, your bet will win as long as no more than 2 goals are scored. You also win if there is no score in the match.

You can say that the 2.5 is the standard, but 1.5 and 3.5 are also common. In addition, the more / less bet is often also for corners, cards, etc.

Why is betting on Over 2.5 goals so popular?

The over – under bet is an excellent alternative if you are looking for something other than picking a winner.

In some matches, it doesn’t pay to bet on a 1X2 prediction (the bet where you predict a winner). Simply because the odds are too low, for example, or because the risk is too great. The Over 2.5 goals bets can then be a good alternative. Why?

You usually get a better odd than you get for betting on the favorite.

If the underdog scores, the favorite will have to score at least two more goals to win. The chance that your bet will succeed is high.

The bet remains active until the final whistle. You can also win with a late goal.

Even if the favorite is leading 2-0, there is a chance that they want to finish it with a third goal. While the opponent is aiming for 2-1 to get back into the game. A winning bet is within reach!

An advantage over the 1 X 2 option (home team win, draw, away team win) is that with an Over 2.5 bet only two outcomes are possible. So more chance of winning.

Sharp quotations. The profit that the bookmaker may make (the so-called ‘house edge’) if you lose your bet is minimal.

In short, if you do it well, an Over 2.5 bet will give you more guidance if you are looking for a value bet.

2.5 standard with Over Under betting

In general, you can say that the average number of goals per football match is usually between 2.5 and 2.75. That’s why bookmakers usually draw the line at over – under 2.5 goals . But also 0.5 or even 5.5 and everything in between occurs. However, most players go for the over – under 2.5 goals.

Incidentally, the range of lines differs per competition. For European football, 2.5 is the standard, but if you look at somewhat vague divisions elsewhere in the world, it can sometimes happen that the line is higher.

If more goals are scored on average in a specific competition, the line will be somewhat higher. Moreover, with small competitions you often only have one choice, while with the large competitions the range is more diverse.

The more – less bet (or the over – under betting ) is a simple bet where you predict whether more or less will be achieved than the set criterion.

Live over – under betting

The options available for In-Play betting are growing steadily. And the over 2.5 goals market is also available for most matches. Here too, the offer is greater for the major competitions than for the smaller competitions.

The nice thing about live over – under betting is that the options fluctuate. If it is soon 2-0 in a certain match, you will see that the over 2.5 goals option that was still possible at the start of the match is now no longer available. In such a case, the bookmaker may now offer an over 4.5 goals line.

With In-Play over – under betting, it is also interesting to compare the different bookmakers with each other . If you can’t find the line you are looking for, someone else will have it.

Over / Under goals in the first half

It is also possible to bet on the number of goals scored in the first half of a match. With this option you will find the over – under 1.5 goals more often than the regular 2.5.

You can find over – under betting options quite easily on the bookmakers’ sites. The bet is so established that they quickly show up at the match of your choice.

Tips and tricks about under betting

As far as the 2.5 goals bet is concerned, we can generally say that it is good to choose matches where the favorite team plays at home. The home supporters often push the winning hosts to a second or third goal.

But because you cannot assume that the home team will just score three goals, it is also advisable to see which away teams always score well (even if they are likely to lose), or have difficulty keeping the zero.

The other way around (for bets on less than 2.5 goals ), one of the best tips we can give you is to watch matches where neither team can afford to lose. The focus is then on the defense and the chance of a goal feast is considerably smaller.

A few more things to take with you:

  • As we said, bookmakers don’t make much profit from over-under bets . So that means it is a great option to include these types of bets in combination bets or accumulators. Select four or five matches and you usually get a good odds.
  • The Over 2.5 Goals market does not include the extra time! Just remember that – especially during cup games, this is often important to keep in mind.
  • Also always check the odds for the Asian Handicap Over 2.5 goal line. Sometimes they are a bit better.
  • It is a fact that the most goals are scored towards the end of a match. The last 20 minutes in particular often guarantee action. Do you feel at a stand of 1-1 that there is still something to come? Perhaps it is time to bet (live) on an over 2.5 goals bet.

Don’t forget your research

If a team really needs the 3 points, it will often attack. That means not only a possible goal for that side, but also for the opponent. A lot of attacks also often means that there are holes in the back. So opportunities for the other party! And then good for your over 2.5 goals bet…

With live betting, the more – less lines fluctuate according to the score. If that happens, you can no longer use the cash out option.

Do some research for better opportunities. Look at the mutual results, averages and the latest news about a club etc. It is a small effort to look on the internet and with the knowledge you have gathered you can make smarter choices.

If you think three or more goals will be scored in the match, go for the 2.5 goals bet. If you think two or less will be scored, go for the under 2.5 goals.