Olympics 2020 Men’s Hockey Bronze Medal Game Germany vs India Predictions and Betting Tips

Germany vs India will be the penultimate game in the men’s hockey tournament at the 2020 Olympics. The Germany vs India game will take place on August 5, 2021 at 7 AM Indian Standard Time and at 3:30 AM Central European Summer Time.

We will be giving you our predictions for the Germany vs India game by analyzing both teams and offer you some betting tips as well.

Let’s start off by previewing India’s Men’s hockey team first.

India Men’s Hockey Team Preview 

India’s men’s hockey team dominated the olympics between 60’s and 80’s and has the distinction of winning the most gold medals in men’s hockey at the Olympics. However, since their last gold medal in 1980, India never managed to win a medal and this was their first semi-final at the Olympics.

Which goes on to show the strength of the current Indian hockey team. This team is also currently ranked as the 3rd best men’s hockey team in the world.

India’s men’s hockey team has demonstrated it is a team on the rise. This team had the  second best goal difference and the third highest number of goals during the group stage in the 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup.

Their 6th place finish in the 2018 World Cup was their best finish since the 1994 World cup where they finished 5th.

In the last FIH pro league in 2020-21, India finished a respectable fourth.

In the 2020 Olympics, qualified for the quarter finals by being the 2nd best team in their group. During the group stage this was the team with 3rd highest points, behind Australia and Belgium which are ranked as 1st and 2nd in FIH’s rankings.

They were knocked out by Belgium in the semi finals in a hard fought game, where they struck 2 goals in 1 minute to take the lead from Belgium after they conceded a goal in the 2nd minute. But Belgium managed to defeat India thanks to a hatrick from the leading goalscorer in the tournament,Alexander Hendrickx.

Germany Men’s Hockey Team Preview

After India, Germany is the team with the second highest number of gold medals in the men’s hockey tournament at the olympics. This team has won 4 gold medals in the men’s hockey tournament with 2 consecutive gold medals in the 2008 olympics and the 2012 olympics.

Germany has always won a model in the last 4 olympics with a bronze medal in 2004 and 2016 apart from their gold medals.

Germany qualified for the quarter finals as the 2nd best team in their group behind Belgium. Germany also had the 4th highest points in the group stage, scored the third highest number of goals, were 3rd in when it came to the fewest number of goals conceded and had the third highest goal difference.

Germany beat Argentina in the quarter finals 3:1 and then went lose to World number 1,Australia in the semi finals.

Germany is the 4th best men’s hockey team in the world according to the latest FIH rankings.

Olympics 2020 Men’s Hockey bronze medal game Germany vs India Odds

Here are the odds for the bronze medal game in the men’s hockey tournament in 2020 Olympics between Germany and India:

  • Germany 1.72
  • India 3.50
  • Draw 4.50

Based on these odds we can clearly see that Germany are the favorites for the Germany vs India game. This means that bookmakers believe there is a 58.1% probability that Germany will win and a 28.6% chance of victory for India.

Olympics 2020 Men’s Hockey Germany vs India Predictions

This is going to be a very hard game to predict because both these teams are very strong and have been in excellent form in the Olympics. We won’t be relying just on the odds to make our prediction for the Germany vs India game but also analyze the stats.

Goals scored Germany vs India

India has scored 20 goals in the 2020 Olympics so far which gives then an average of 2.57 goals per game. Germany has scored 23 goals, for an average of 3.42 goals per game.

Advantage Germany

Goals conceded Germany vs India

India conceded 16 goals in 7 games for an average of 2.27 goals conceded per game.

Germany in contrast has conceded 12 goals in 7 games for an average of 1.71 goals conceded per game.

Advantage Germany

Top Goalscorer Germany vs India

Germany’s Lukas Windfeder is the third highest goal scorer with 6 goals in the Olympics and he has scored against strong teams consistently and has scored in both knockout games. India’s top goal scorer Harmanpreet Singh. Singh has scored 5 goals and is tied with 5 other players who have scored the same number of goals.

Singh scored 1 goal in the knockouts compared to Windfeder’s 2 goals in the knockouts.

Advantage Germany

Hunger to win the Bronze Germany vs India

India’s last medal came 41 years ago in the 1980 Olympics where they won a gold. Expectations are high and this is the closest they have been to winning a medal in men’s hockey. With the support of 1 billion fans behind them and the goal to become the next generation of players that wants to recapture India’s dominance in the Olympics and the talent to beat the odds, team India clearly has more hunger to win.

Advantage India

We believe that both teams will go in hard but Germany will win 3-2. As fans of underdogs, we really hope India will end their medal drought and spring a surprise to win their first medal since 1980.

Olympics 2020 Men’s Hockey Germany vs India Betting Tips

If you have read our guide on how to win at sports betting, you would learn about one of the most effective sports betting strategies that is dependent on odds.

Since both teams don’t have odds of 2.0 or more we don’t recommend using the strategy of betting on both teams.

In order to make a good profit on this one, we recommend you to make combo bets to increase your profit:

  • Germany to win
  • Total goals scored under 5.5.
  • Both teams to score.

That being said, if you are planning to bet on India, we recommend you to stick with a simple match winner bet on India or a combo bet with India to win or match ends in draw.

Where to bet on the Germany vs India men’s hockey game during the 2020 Olympics

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