Olympics 2020 Men’s Basketball final USA vs France Predictions and Betting Tips

The USA vs France game will be the final game in the Men’s Basketball tournament in the 2020 summer Olympics. We’ll be giving you a preview for this game and our predictions for the gold and silver winners in the USA vs France Men’s Basketball game.

The Men’s basketball final at the Olympics will take place on August 11.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

US Men’s National Basketball Team Preview

The US Men’s national basketball team is a juggernaut. This team is currently ranked as the best team in the world by FIBA and has won a medal in every men’s basketball tournament at the Olympics.

The US men’s national basketball team has been the defending champions since the 2008 Olympics and if they win this one, this will be their 4th consecutive gold in the Olympics. Out of the 18 men’s basketball tournaments at the Olympics that team USA has participated in, they have won a gold in 15 of them.

The US men’s national basketball team had a decent run at the 2020 Olympics apart from a defeat to France in their opening game. Team USA started strong with a 7 point lead at the end of the first quarter which the french reduced to a 1 point lead in the 2nd.

The French went on to win the third quarter with a massive 14 point gap and won the 4th with a 1 point gap. The US lost to France by 7 points overall.

But they shook off the dust and won against Iran by a 54 point margin and then defeated the Czech republic by a 35 point margin.

The US men’s basketball team finished the group stage as the team with the best point difference of +82,only Slovenia came close with a +61 point difference. Team USA also scored the second highest number of points at 315 points, that’s a massive 105 points per game.

Team USA also conceded the third fewest points after Australia and France respectively.

At the quarter finals they faced a formidable Spanish side. Spain’s men’s basketball team is ranked as the 2nd best team in the world by FIBA. The Spanish Olympic for 2020 had stars like 3x NBA all star, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio who was the MVP of the 2019 FIBA World cup and Willy Hernangómez who was in the NBA all rookie team in 2017.

Team Spain are also the defending champions of the Men’s Basketball World Cup.

But team USA obliterated Spain by a 14 point margin, winning the game 95-81.

At the Semis, the US men’s basketball team faced Australia which is the 3rd best team in the world. Australia has many players who play in the NBA like 2x NBA All star Joe Ingles and Patty Mills who won the NBA championship in 2014 with the Spurs.

Team USA dominated Austria in every quarter of the game except the 4th where both teams scored the same number of points. Team USA won that game with a 19 point margin.

Team USA looks sharp as it tries to aim for the gold at the Men’s basketball tournament at the 2020 olympics.

France Men’s National Basketball Team Preview

The french are ranked number 7 by FIBA but this team shouldn’t be underestimated. They sprung a surprise on team USA in the opening game by winning it with a 7 point margin.

Les Bleus  as they are affectionately known by their fans in France, finished 3rd in the last 2 FIBA world cups and eliminated team USA in the quarter finals of the last world cup in 2019.

The French have finished runners up , third and champions in 3 of the last 4 European Championships.

France has never won a gold medal at the Olympics so far but they have won 2 silvers. One of them came way back in 1936 while the other won in 2000.

The French have finished 3rd in the last 2 Men’s Basketball World Cups.

In the 2020 Olympics, they are undefeated and won their 2 other group games with a 20 and 15 point margin respectively.

Team France had the best defensive record in the group stage and conceded just 71.6 points per game on average compared to Team USA’s 77.7 points per game.

The French faced Italy in the quarters and beat them 84-75 to set up a semi final with a strong Slovenian side.

The Slovenians were the leading point scorers in the group stage scoring an average of 109.6 points per game. The Slovenians put up a strong fight against the French. The French trailed them by 2 points at the end of the first quarter and at the end of the half.

But Les Blues closed that gap at the end of the 3rd and took a 6 point lead. The Slovenians struck back in the 4th and won the final quarter by a 5 point lead but the French ended up winning by just 1 point as the game ended 90-89.

2021 Olympics Basketball: USA vs France: Head-to-head Record

Team USA and France have faced each other 7 times in the Olympics. Team USA dominated them in all of these games and won all of them. The last time these two faced off was in the opening game in the 2020 Olympics. Team USA lost by a 7 point margin. This was the first time the French beat the US team at the Olympics

2021 Olympics Basketball: USA vs France Odds

Based on the odds Bookmakers heavily favor Team USA to dominate France  this round and get their 4th consecutive gold at the Olympics. You’ll find yourself agreeing with when you check out the the odds for USA vs France below:

  • USA -834
  • France +580

2021 Olympics Basketball: USA vs France Predictions

Based on the historical stats,current stats and the odds we can easily predict that Team USA will win against France in the final of the 2020 Olympics.

Here are some of our other predictions for the USA vs France game in the final of the Men’s Basketball Tournament at 2020 Olympics:

  • France will score between 80 to 90 points based on their average throughout the knockout stages.
  • Team USA will score between 95 to 100, their average in the knockout stage was around 96.
  • We expect under 170 points to be scored for this based on the average scoring records of these teams. 

Basketball Tournament Betting Tips

If you have checked out our article on Basketball betting tips, you would know that this isn’t the best game to place a simple moneyline bet if you are looking to make some serious dough. 

If you haven’t we will give you a Tl:Dr version of it, games where the odds are less than +100 are just not worth it when it comes to moneyline bets.

This means that if you want to make things a little bit more interesting and get a bang for your buck, you need to shake things up with parlay bets. 

For the USA vs France game in the Olympics we will give you our personal betting strategy below. We are going with a parlay based on 4 events and setting ourselves a budget of $100.

  • USA wins, Moneyline bet. Odds -834
  • USA wins, -11.5 Spread. Odds -121
  • Under 177.5 points total in the game. Odds -121
  • France to score over 82.5 points.

If we combine these bets we get the following odds of +310. If you were to copy our strategies and manage to win, you stand a chance of making $410 from $100 or 4.10x your bet.

You can choose to make your own parlays and move things around based on your risk appetite. We are going with a strategy that is not too risky in our opinion.

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