Olympics 2020 field Hockey India vs Argentina Predictions, Odds and Betting Tips

India vs Argentina will be the 12th game in Group A of the Men’s field Hockey Tournament at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

The India vs Argentina match in the Men’s Field Hockey Tournament at the 2020 Olympics will take place on the 29 July 2021 at 0030 hrs GMT and 0600 hrs Indian Standard Time.

This will be the 4th game for each team and both teams will play 1 more game after that in the group stage.

We will be giving you our predictions for the India vs Argentina game by analyzing both teams and offer you some betting tips as well.

Let’s start off by previewing India first.

India Men’s Hockey Team Preview 

The Indian Men’s Hockey team holds the distinction of being the most successful team in the Olympics having won 8 gold medals.

Pakistan,Great Britain and Germany are tied at the second spot and they have won 3 gold medals each.

This goes to show India’s historic dominance in field hockey at the Olympics. India was particularly dominant in field hockey at the Olympics between 1928 and 1964 winning a gold medal in 7 out of the 8 Olympics during this time and a silver medal.

India won its last gold medal in the 1980 Summer Olympics and ever since then has struggled to win a medal, let alone reach the semi finals.

This is a strange fact considering India is currently ranked as the 4th best team in the world and the best team in Asia.

India Men’s Field Hockey Team Recent Performance

India has performed quite well in the international stage in recent years. In the 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup, India had the second best goal difference and the third highest number of goals during the group stage.

They reached the quarter finals and lost 2-1 to the Netherlands. They finished 6th overall which was their best performance since the 1994 Men’’s field hockey world cup where they finished 5th.

India finished 3rd in the last two Hockey World Leagues in 2015 and 2017 and in the 2020-21 season they finished 4th.

The Indian team has also won a silver medal in the last two Champions trophy in 2016 and 2018 where they lost to Australia which is currently considered to be the dominant force in the world of Men’s hockey.

India’s performance in the 2018 champions trophy was arguably one of the strongest in recent years considering they lost only to penalties in the final.

India is currently 2nd in Group A with 6 points, trailing Australia by 3 points in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Needless to say, India looks like it’s in great form and has what it takes to end their gold medal drought at the olympics.

Argentina Men’s National Field Hockey Team Preview

Argentina won their first gold medal at the Olympics in the men’s hockey tournament in the last Summer Olympics in 2016. This was a fantastic feat for the Argentines considering they beat powerhouses like Germany in the semi-finals who had won a gold medal in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics and Belgium which is one of the top teams in the world in recent times.

Argentina is currently ranked 7th in the world and is the best team in both North and South America. Ever since 1967, Argentina has always reached the finals in the Pan American games and has won a gold medal in 10 of the 14 Pan American Games. 

Argentina has also won the last 3 Pan American games in 2011,2015 and the last one that was played in 2019.

At the world stage however, Argentina has struggled in recent years.they crashed out in the quarter finals at the 2018 world cup and finished 7th out of 9 teams in the 2020-21 Men’s FIH Pro League.

Argentina is currently 4th in Group A in the 2020 Summer Olympics. They have won 1 game, drew 1 and lost 1. Goals have been hard to come by for Argentina. Argentina has scored just 5 goals in the 2020 Olympics so far which means that out of the 12 teams that are participating in the 2020 tournament, they have scored the 4th fewest goals.

Olympics 2020 Men’s field Hockey India vs Argentina Predictions

At the time of writing the average number of goals scored per game by any team is 2.65 goals per game.

India has managed to score 7 goals in 3 goals for an average of 2.33 goals per game while Argentina has managed to score only 5 goals in 3 games for an average of 1.66 goals per game.

This suggests that this won’t be a game that will see a lot of goals.If we tally up this average, we can see that the expected total number of goals for this game is 3.99 goals or approximately 4 goals.

India seem to be in better form and in our opinion, they seem more likely to win.

Olympics 2020 Men’s field Hockey India vs Argentina Odds

Bookmakers are yet to release the odds for the India vs Argentina hockey game. We will update this article with odds for this game as soon as we have more information.

Olympics 2020 Men’s field Hockey India vs Argentina Betting Tips

If you have read our guide on how to win at sports betting, you would learn about one of the most effective sports betting strategies that is dependent on odds.

If this game ends up having odds of 2.00 or more for both teams we recommend you to bet an equal amount of money on both teams to win. The reason for this is because this ensures that you make a small yet decent profit without losing all your money.

That being said, in field hockey, draws may occur. In this case you stand to lose all your money.

Some other betting tips we have for you involve placing parlay bets or combo bets. This increases your payout. Here are some betting tips we have for you for the India vs Argentina field hockey game:

  • Bet on India to win (if India has odds of at least 2.00)
  • Bet on India to win with a total of under 5.5 goals to be scored.

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