Olympics 2020 baseball USA vs Israel Predictions and Betting Tips

Baseball is back at the Olympics after it was last played in the 2008 Olympics and so is the US Baseball team!

The Israel vs USA game will be the fourth ballgame in the Men’s Baseball tournament in 2020 Olympics.

The USA vs Israel baseball game will take place on the 30th of July at 6 AM EST /11 AM GMT

At slotfreespin we will be giving you the predictions and betting tips for this baseball game between the USA and Israel.

USA Men’s Baseball Team Preview

USA is currently ranked as the 4th best team in the world according to the WBSC world rankings.

Team USA has qualified for 5 out of 6 of the baseball tournaments at the summer olympics. The US baseball team has always reached the semi finals whenever it played in the olympics and has won 2 bronze medals and a gold medal in the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Team USA also won the 2017 World Baseball Classic and finished 4th out of 12 in the Premier12 tournament in 2019.

The US baseball team put in an amazing performance this year in the Olympic qualifiers where they played 5 games and won each and every game.

Team USA scored 37 in these 5 games for an average of 7.2 runs per game and conceded 14 runs for an average of 2.8 runs per game.

This team has a lot to prove and will be looking to hit some dingers and grab a gold after a 21 year wait.

But they will be facing a major problem, that problem being the restrictions the MLB has placed on the national team from recruiting MLB players. 

But this restriction shouldn’t hurt the team too much as they only stand to lose Luke Williams and right handed reliever Jimmie Sherfy.

Israel Baseball Team Preview

Israel’s Baseball team is ranked 24th by the WBSC. This is the first time this team has qualified for the olympics. The team did not enter the first World Baseball Classic Championships in 2006 and 2009, failed to qualify for the 2013 edition and reached the second round in the 2019 edition.

They qualified for their first ever European Baseball championship in 2019 and reached the semi-final. They were the best team in the afro/European qualifiers for the Olympics losing just one game that year in order to earn their place in their first ever Olympics.

They defeated better ranked teams like the Netherlands (ranked 9th), Czech Republic (16th) and Spain (21st) in the qualifiers and won 4 out of 5 games. During the qualifiers Israel scored 34 runs in 5 games for an average of 6.8 runs per game and conceded just 11 runs for an average of 2.2 runs per game.

Israel will face South Korea which is the 3rd best team in the world on the 29th of July.

USA vs Israel Men’s Baseball Odds

The odds for this game aren’t out just yet and Israel’s performance against South Korea will help bookmakers paint a more accurate picture of what to expect from Israel.

USA vs Israel Baseball Predictions

On paper it seems that team USA should easily beat Israel. We are pretty confident that the US baseball team will beat Israel but we’ll change our prediction if Israel manage to put up a strong performance against South Korea.

USA vs Israel Men’s Baseball Betting Tips

A simple match winner bet won’t get you big returns for this game. We have discussed this in our article on Baseball Betting tips. But long story short, if this game does not have odds of +100 or more for both teams which means that a match winner bet won’t get you much money.

We recommend you to put in some parlay bets considering the team USA has a penchant for scoring. This will increase your odds and as a result, increase your total winnings.

Best Bookmakers for USA vs Israel Baseball Game

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