Olympics 2020 Baseball Final USA vs Japan Predictions and Betting Tips

The final of the baseball tournament at the Olympics 2020 is finally here and it will be played between the US and Japan. This is the first time in 13 years that a baseball final at the Olympics is taking place.

The USA vs Japan baseball final at the 2020 Olympics will take place on August 7,2021 at 6 AM eastern and 7 PM Japan time.

At slotfreespin we will be giving you a rundown for this game final and give you our  predictions and betting tips for this USA vs Japan faceoff in the final.

USA Men’s Baseball Team Preview

This is the 2nd time Team USA has reached the final in a baseball tournament at the Olympics. The last time the US won a gold for baseball in the Olympics was way back in 2000. 

In Spite of the MLB placing preventing players from playing at the Olympics, team USA has done quite well.

Team USA played 2 games in the group stage.The first was against Israel where the US baseball team was the dominant throughout every inning and won the game 8-1. The next game was against the 2019 Premier12 runners up, South Korea. 

After trailing the Koreans by a run for 2 innings, team USA struck 2 in the 4th and the 5th to make it 4-1 in the 6th inning and go on to win the game 4-2.

This was an impressive performance considering the Korean baseball team is ranked above the US baseball team.

In round 2, team USA faced the best national baseball team in the world, Japan. This game was tight throughout until the US took a 6-5 lead at the end of the 5th inning. Team USA kept this lead until the 9th when Japan hit back with a run to make it 6-6 to take this ball game into extra innings.

The US hitters failed to get any runs but the Japanese hitters struck 1 which resulted in a well deserved victory for Samurai Japan.

Team USA bounced back in their round 2 repchange against the Dominican Republic taking a 2 to nothing lead at the end of the 1st and adding to that lead at the end of the 5th. The Dominicans struck back with a run in the 9th but it wasn’t enough and team USA won the game 3-1.

The US baseball team qualified for the semis where they faced South Korea for the second time at the 2020 Olympics. Team USA was dominant yet again, taking a 1-nil lead at the end of the 2nd and extending it to a 2 to nothing lead at the end of the 4th.

The Koreans managed to get a run in the 5th. Going into the 6th, the US led 2-1 but struck 5 runs to make it 7-1. 

The Koreans managed to get another run in the 7th but it wasn’t enough as team USA qualified for the final of the 2020 Baseball final at the Olympics.

Team USA has racked up 28 runs in 5 games for an average of 5.6 runs per game and conceded 13 runs for an average of 2.6 runs per game.

The US men’s national baseball team is currently ranked 4th by the WBSC.

Japan Baseball Team Preview

The Japan Baseball team is a juggernaut in the world of international baseball. They have qualified for every baseball tournament at the Olympics and have won a medal in each and every one of them. 

However, Samurai Japan is yet to win a gold at the Olympics and with the home crowd behind them there is a good chance that they’ll get it.

The Japan baseball team were champions of the Premier12 in 2019 with their only loss coming at the hands of the US baseball team.

The Japanese baseball team has played 4 games in the 2020 Olympics and is yet to lose a game. 

They had a shaky start in their opening game against the DR when they went down 2-1 at the end of the 7th only for the DR to add to that lead in the 9th. But Japan came from behind and struck 3 in the final inning to win the game 4-3.

Japan’s next opponent was Mexico and the Japanese were leading throughout the game against the hard hitters in the Mexican team. Japan won 7-4.

In the 2nd round, Japan defeated team USA in a closely contested game that was decided with an extra inning.

Japan has scored 23 runs in 4 games giving them an average of 5.6 runs per game and they have conceded 12 runs in 4 games for an average of 3 runs conceded per game.

Olympics 2020 Baseball Final USA vs Japan Odds

The odds for the USA vs Japan ball game at the finals of the baseball tournament in the 2020 Olympics are:

  • USA +170 (2.70)
  • Japan -257 (1.39)

When we convert these odds into probabilities we can see that the US baseball team has a 37% chance of winning while the Japan Baseball team has a 71.9% chance of winning according to the bookmakers.

Olympics 2020 Baseball Final USA vs Japan Predictions

We disagree with the odds of the bookmakers. We believe that team USA should have slightly better odds of winning. We think this game will go right down to the wire and will be decided by a margin of 1 or maybe 2 runs. 

Both teams will hit hard and score at least 4 runs in our opinion. We give the edge to Japan and expect Japan to win 5-4. That being said, don’t be surprised if the US wins.

Olympics 2020 Baseball Final USA vs Japan Betting Tips

A simple moneyline (match winner) bet on Japan won’t get you big returns for this game. We have discussed this in our article on Baseball Betting tips. But long story short, if this game does not have odds of +100 or more for both teams which means that a match winner bet won’t get you much money.

We do think that the odds don’t match up with team USA’s chances of winning so betting on them might be a good option and the returns for USA win is pretty sweet considering it could get you a 2.75x return on your bet.

Peo rsonally we recommend you to run with some parlay bets (also known as combo bets). This will increase your odds and as a result, increase your total winnings.

  • Japan to win
  • Total runs scored over 8.5
  • Japan to score over 4.5
  • USA to score over 4.5

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