How and where to play Keno online

The formula for playing Keno online  is simply: “10 out of 20 out of 70”. From the numbers 1-70, 2-10 numbers are to be ticked for a keno tip. You can play Keno online in several online casinos. You can also use the offers on this page with welcome bonuses in online casinos to play keno online.

In addition to being able to determine the number of numbers chosen, while playing keno online the player can also freely choose the size of the bet between 1, 2, 5 and 10 credits per tip.

In contrast to the lottery , while playing keno online the player can determine the number of crosses himself. The minimum bet is 1 credit in your currency , the maximum win is 10000 times your bet. The more correct numbers were typed and the higher the stake, the greater the profit.The maximum you can bet is 10 credits per round and if you do you stand to win 100,000 credits in your currency!

When you play keno online you can win the maximum amount if you match 15 correct numbers with a stake of 1 credit but different keno games will have different rules. The stakes can even be won back if there are  zero correct numbers.

In the case of Keno types 9 and 10 (the player has placed 9 or 10 crosses, i.e. ticked numbers), the player receives double the stake as a “consolation prize”. Even the type 8 in this lottery gets back the stake if 8 numbers are typed into the void while playing keno online.

But even with just 1 credit you can win up to 10,000 credits.It is precisely for this reason that keno online was found to be particularly exciting.

Rules (“How do you play Keno?”)

The basis of the game of Keno online is typing  20 out of 80 numbers are often typed. 

With 10 tips and 20 numbers drawn out of 70, actually achieving 10 winning hits is difficult enough. The attraction of this game lies in the fact that the player can choose the type of his / her game himself.

There are types 2-10 when you play keno online . The respective type results from how many numbers are ticked. If you decide on 5 crosses you have chosen type 5. Nevertheless, the corresponding type must be confirmed again by another cross below the playing field. The game variant can be determined individually for each betting box.

Then you enter the amount of the stake. This type of bet then applies to all of the betting boxes on this betting slip.

It takes some time to get used to the prize categories. For example, if you have played type 7 with 7 selected numbers, you can win if you only hit 4 of the 20 numbers drawn. If there are fewer hits, you remain without profit. You get the maximum profit with 7 hits among the 20 drawn numbers.

The fixed odds, some of which are very high, are pleasant for the players. Overall, keno online can be played more variable than the lottery and offers the player at least certain possibilities to influence his or her individual game and risk level.

For the organizers of this variant of the lottery, the fixed odds mean a kind of planned risk, because the distributions are not linked to the income as with the lottery .

If so-called number combinations occur by chance, which correspond to the favorite numbers of many players, it can lead to very large payouts. But also here a fuse is built in. For example, winning class 10 for type 10 is limited to 5 million. If there are more than 5 winners, they have to share the 5 million. The same applies to prize class 9.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that with types 8-10 you win even with zero hits, as it is less likely to land no hits with these types than with the lower prize classes.

The story of the “game of the white dove”

Keno is without a doubt the oldest state-organized game of chance known to us, which is still played in a slightly different form to this day. The origins of this game have been passed down – Chinese scrolls of the Han Dynasty tell of a Chinese prince named Cheung Leung who died in 187 BC.

With the introduction of a game of chance, he wrested new funds from the unwilling citizens of his enemy-besieged city in order to organize the then successful defense.

This game, which must have been very similar to today’s keno lotto, quickly spread in what was then China. Since – as tradition has it – white pigeons transported the latest winning numbers from place to place, it was also called the “ game of the white pigeon” designated. 

The legend continues that China’s emperors used it to finance the Great Wall of China.

It is worth noting that this game was originally played with 120 Chinese characters. These characters are in an initial position in the Chinese didactic poem “A Thousand Classical Characters”, which is also used as a numerical character system.

Only when the game spilled over to the USA at the beginning of the 19th century – probably as a souvenir from Chinese workers who were mainly used as cheap labor for building railways – did today’s game form with only 80 characters. 

Despite the US gambling ban, keno continued to be played in the China neighborhoods of cities on the American west coast until the 1930s. Here it became known as the “Chinese Lottery”.

Until the end of the 19th century, this keno formula was only played within the Chinese community. It only began to penetrate mainstream American culture when the Chinese characters were replaced by Arabic numerals.

But gambling was largely prohibited in the United States until 1931. Even with the approval of various forms of gaming in the state of Nevada, the number-based lottery game remained prohibited.

 By changing the name “chinese lottery” to “horse race keno” the lottery ban was circumvented. Since bingo also became legal, this game of chance was built based on it and the name was later shortened to the well-known ” Keno “.

If the drawing of the numbers in the USA in Keno is not determined with the computer as in the German system, it is traditionally carried out with the help of a drum. This contains 80 table tennis-sized balls with numbers from 1-80. 

This drum is nicknamed “goose” or “squirrel cage” in the USA, similar to a bingo machine. One after the other 20 balls fall out of the drum to which the players hope to find the corresponding matches with the numbers they have chosen. Keno online  is still one of the most popular games of chance in the US.

 In the meantime, the game of keno was considered to be a game of chance caught in the working class that had no place in the finer casinos. But today it has also found its way into renowned casinos, in which special lounges have been set up. It is possible to play it in many restaurants and bars. 

In the major casinos, it offers visitors a popular alternative to roulette, dice games and the one-armed bandits. In the last few years this has gambling over the internet has become widespread. The real game situation is simulated with graphic and sound effects and today you can play keno online in your favorite casinos.

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