France vs Slovakia 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Predictions and Betting Tips

France vs Slovakia will be the second game in pool D of the 2021 Men’s European Volleyball Championship.The France vs Slovakia Men’s volleyball game at the 2021 European Volleyball Championship will take place on September 3, 2021 at 8:00 PM Central European Summer Time at the Saku Suurhall arena in Tallinn, Estonia.

We will be giving you our predictions for the France vs Slovakia Men’s volleyball pool D game by analyzing both teams and offer you some betting tips as well.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the France’s men’s volleyball team:

France Men’s Volleyball Team Preview

France is riding high after winning a medal at the Olympics and it’s not a bronze or silver, it’s a gold!

After a long period of mediocrity this team is starting to emerge not only as one of the best teams in Europe but also the world since 2014.

2014 marked the beginning of France’s rise as a powerhouse in the world of volleyball when they reached their second ever semi final in the world championships.

They would build on this success by winning their first ever European Championship in 2015 and winning their first ever world league championship.

In 2016, France qualified for its first Olympics since 2004 and reached the semi finals of the world league.

In 2017 they racked up another victory in the world league. In 2018 they finished second in the first ever Nations League. In 2019 they won and reached the semi finals of the last European Championship.

In 2021 France finished third in the Nations League, finishing as the 2nd best European team.

If there is one team that could give Poland a run for its money in the 2021 Volleyball European Championships, it’s France.

But a team is only as good as its most important parts, the players.

France Men’s Volleyball Team Key Players

First up we have 23 year old middle blocker Barthélémy Chinenyeze.Chinenyeze received the best middle blocker award in the 2020 Olympics and the 2019 French League. He was also the MVP of the 2019 French League.

Jenia Grebennikov won the best libero award in the 2018 FIVB World Club Championships, the 2018 Nations League and the 2020 summer Olympics.

The French are led by 31 year old setter Benjamin Toniutti. Toniutti won the best setter award in the last European Championship in 2019.

Earvin N’Gapeth is arguably one of the best players for France.The 31 year old was the MVP in the 2020 Olympics and shared the best outside spiker award with the Russian,Egor Kliuka.

25 year old Jean Patry is France’s go to opposite spiker. Patry had the highest spiker efficiency at 42.06% in the Olympics and was the third highest scorer in the tournament as well as the MVP during the 2020 CEV qualifiers for the summer olympics.

Slovakia Men’s Volleyball Team Preview

Slovakia is ranked as the 16th best team in Europe and the 36th in the world. Bookmakers aren’t giving Slovakia a good chance of winning the 2021 European championship. Slovakia currently has odds of 100 to 1. To put things into perspective, this means that 16 other teams have better odds than them to win in a tournament that consists of 24 teams.

Slovakia has never qualified for the Olympics, the world championships, or the nations league. This team finished 19th out of 24 in the 2019 European Championship.

France vs Slovakia 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Odds

Bookmakers are offering the following odds for the France vs Slovakia game in  2021 Men’s European Volleyball Championship:

  • France 1.02
  • Slovakia 10.00

From these odds we can see that France are the clear favorites. In fact when we convert these match odds into percentages we can see that bookmakers believe France has a 98% of chance of winning the game.

France vs Slovakia 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Predictions

It seems overwhelmingly obvious that France will win this game.This is a vastly better team compared to Slovakia. We predict this game should be a walk in the park for France and France will win the game 3-0.

France vs Slovakia 2021 Men’s Volleyball European Championship Betting Tips

We do not recommend you to place a simple match winner bet on France. Yes, this seems like the obvious bet to make but consider this, you won’t make much money out of it because of the ridiculously low payout for France. 

To put things into perspective, for every $1 you bet you win just 2 cents. If you were to bet $100 you would make a profit of just $2. That’s a miserable payout of just 0.02x. 

In situations like this we recommend you to make combo bets as they are more profitable and increase your payout. We have discussed this in more detail in our article on how to win at sports betting.

Here are some betting options you can choose to make your own combo bet:

  • France to win
  • Total points under 131.5
  • France to win 3-0
  • France to win first set
  • France to win second set
  • France to third set
  • Will there be a fourth set?no

Best Bookmakers for the France vs Slovakia Men’s Volleyball game

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